Remember that bodacious teacher who started calling himself Kayla Lemieux? Then remember that protest that was scheduled, and brought us the bad optics but lowkey hilarious “Fags Out,” guy?

Well it turns out we may all have been trolled. This Kayla Lemieux, whose real name I incorrectly reported as Stephen Hanna, may well be the Chad we all deserved.

I had this message forwarded to me, originally from Enjoy the Decline, and before that apparently from Pol.

“I’m a student at OTHS and I can guarantee you guys that he’s 100% trolling. This teacher is hated by the school staff for never embracing woke culture, plus, he used to say funny as hell “sexist” comments every now and then during classes.

He is about to be transferred to another province and they cannot fire him until then, so coming out as a bizarre “trans” was his ultimate Fuck You to the leftist Principal and school board, because even knowing he’s 100% lying, the school has no option but support him against angry parents.

It’s hilarious.”

Am I really about to stake my reputation on uncritically repeating something someone saw on Pol? 

I can’t find this Kayla Lemieux’s real name. Nor can I find any evidence corroborating this claim that he was a based Womxyn Criticizer, who was going against the anti-White Troons of Colour Agenda. 


Speaking of protests, The Daily Mail reported that across the street, several people held signs that spelled out “Inclusivity is no excuse for depravity.” One person held up a sign reading, “Teacher’s personal propaganda has no place in the classroom.” Cops were present at the protest that saw close to 100 people. They reportedly escorted vehicles out of the school parking lot.
At the protest, one male student shouted, “Thank you for speaking up for us. This is a school not a circus! We just want to learn!” Another student told the protesters, “It’s so crazy that nobody is doing anything.” One of the protest organizers slammed the human rights code for protecting “a man who dresses up as a woman who has size Z fetish fake boobs.” According to the publication, Lemieux was reportedly taken out of the school to the driveway of an adjacent YMCA childcare facility. She was apparently driven away from the scene.

The DailyMail assures us that at least one male student was assmad that beautiful Kayla and his beautiful knockers were allowed in his school. If that’s the case, it doesn’t look like he’s trolling anyone. But then again, am I really going to assume that something written in the DailyMail is automatically true?

Well that would be quite silly, wouldn’t it?


Love By Life:

A Canadian high school teacher has sparked controversy after pictures emerged of her wearing large breast prosthetics while teaching students.

Kayla Lemieux, a Manufacturing Technology teacher at Oakville Trafalgar High School in Ontario, has been pictured online taking classes while wearing the huge prosthetics, which stretch her clothing and stick out prominently.

Ms Lemieux, who began transitioning from being a male to a female a year ago, has gone viral online after students took photos and videos of the teacher, seemingly without her knowledge.

In response, the high school has doubled down and defended their employee, writing to parents and explaining why they support Ms Lemieux’s gender expression, Reduxx reports.

Well there you have it. According to Love by Life, Kayla Lemieux began transitioning a year ago. That would shoot down this claim of him trolling everyone, but they don’t provide any sources, and expect us to simply take their word for it. Should we repeat this claim as if it were the God’s Truth?

In the end I don’t know what’s going on here, but someone is lying. Either this Kayla Lemieux teacher has been trolling for a year now, or cuckservative onliners are making things up again. I can’t find any evidence to the claim that he’s a based teacher trolling the freaks, and I can’t find any evidence that he’s been transitioning for a year and is dead serious. I’ll try to get to the bottom of this, but in the meantime we’ll have to choose to believe one or the other.

Personally, I choose to believe he’s trolling everyone, because I think that might be the funniest thing of 2022 thus far.

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  1. I truly hope this man is trolling Woke World. That would be AWESOME!

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