Yesterday I put out a call to arms for all Daily Rake Enjoyers in the Oakville area to show up and protest at Oakville Trafalgar High School. They were rightfully mad that this weird pervert who calls himself Kayle Lemieux was coming to school with his prosthetic titties that were the size of bowling balls.

I had a few people answer the call and show up to this event. It was… interesting.

The other side of this gentleman’s sign was praising the National Justice Party.

I have to admit, I’m a bit conflicted about this.

I suppose this is my fault for telling people to show up without giving more detailed instruction. That’s my bad, and something I need to fix for next time. Having said that, there are a few do’s and don’ts that I feel the need to lay down right now.

  1. I am not affiliated with the NJP. I’m a big supporter, but I don’t have any membership with the NJP, or even TRS, aide from being a paycuck on the forums. I can’t speak for them, and other than as a funny troll that I was sure was in perfect taste, I would never mention them in real life activism. Frankly, probably not even then.
  2. The fewer people you have, the more humour you need to use. I had two guys show up to this event, but they didn’t end up meeting each other because one of them got kicked out before the other guy even showed up. If you’re an army of one then there’s little point in having a sign that does anything other than make people laugh. Instead of “Fags Out,” “MonkeyPox Begone!”, “Pedophobes Unite!”, or “Check his browser history,” would have been more appropriate. That last one was an actual sign someone brought there, and I think that’s hilarious.
  3. The back of the sign should say, to advertise the site. But as always, don’t make your own sign without running it by me first of course.
  4. If you’re going to someone else’s event, you do have to meet them halfway. The PPC guys didn’t want /ourgoy/ to show up with his Fags Out! sign, so you kind of have to respect that. Similarly, I would have been a whole lot more aggressive at the Vancouver Monkeypox Fiesta, but it was Chris Elston’s event, so I held my tongue.

I don’t mean to be too critical, because I actually think this still image is hilarious, and I’ll be using it as a recurring meme in a myriad of pieces moving forward. I’d also like to congratulate the two readers who showed up. It takes a lot of guts to show up to real life events, but the reward is that it’s a lot of fun, and can be very productive.

I’ll also say that the PPC is basically a bunch of annoying cucks, who didn’t play this the right way. If someone had showed up to a protest I organized with a sign that went a little too far, I would handle the situation without this annoying “he’s a LiBUrAl pLAnT designed to make us look bad,” whinefest.

Of course, as is becoming more and more common these days, even this “bad optics,” sign did get some support as well as condemnation. Our goy, who I’m going to call Heinrich, sent me the following message.

I think that’s it. I had at least 10 people who drove by, rolled down their windows to voice support for my sign specifically. 4 were middle aged women and about 6 little old ladies in total.

Based grannies, you love to see it. I guess they’re too old to give a fuck about anything other than the health and safety of the young children. I keep telling everyone, those women might be a bit older, but a girl with a good head on her shoulders is an aphrodisiac that goes well beyond looking good in a bathing suit.

Anyway, after our first goy got kicked out we still had another man on the scene. He was able to give me some video of the event, as well as some updates.

This is a nice little establishing shot of the crowd, so you can get a feel for how many people were there. And it was certainly a lot, although school was just getting out.

There were no lefties, just some confused boomers who didn’t like the fags get out sign. I talked to some of them about it and explained that their willingness to meet these people In the middle is exactly what led us here.

Our second man on the scene, who we will call Joseph, then had an all too expected run in with BLMers, or maybe just a bunch of Blacks who showed up to be outrageously obnoxious.

Spent most the day talking to a girl then almost fought 2 cars full of blax.

He then sent me an audio message that I’m transcribing here.

There was two cars full of Blacks blocking the road so they could talk to each other side by side. And a White guy with a Fuck Trudeau flag drives behind them and starts honking so he can get by and they’re just talking all this shit to him. He gets out of the car, the White guy, so I drive up on the other side of their cars, so they’re sandwiched between me and the other guy and roll down the window and start chirping at them before driving off past them.

This is the kind of weird stuff that happens at real life events. Personally I live for it, but you do have to be prepared for people like this, whether they be BLMers, or antifa, to show up and start being incredibly obnoxious. And these people have an extreme sense of entitlement and security with respect to law enforcement. 

Toronto Sun:

Videos and photos of the teacher surfaced last week and since then, the Halton District School Board has stood by the teacher, at times refusing to answer questions.

“The HDSB recognizes the rights of students, staff, parents/guardians and community members to equitable treatment without discrimination based upon gender identity and gender expression,” the board has said.

Nothing in that statement should stop the board from telling this teacher that strapping on ridiculously-sized fake breasts and pulling a tight shirt overtop of them so that the nipples are showing is wrong and needs to stop. That is what sensible people would do.

Students, parents and the Ministry of Education have all complained to the Halton District School Board and they have rejected all comers and have now resorted to claiming this is a personnel matter and therefore something they will not comment on.

Lecce was right to ask the College of Teachers to address this issue but if the board continues to refuse to act, he and the Ford government will have to do something more to address this issue.

As always, the Ford government isn’t going to do anything about this, but it’s great to see this organic activism. What would make this better would be if we had people running for the school board in Oakville, or the Halton District, where we could turn this into getting one of our guys tucked into a nice six figure per year salary putting his foot down to stop this kind of thing.

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  1. And a pleasant and productive day was had by all — who needs Jerry Springer reruns?

  2. What I am about to write is total hearsay. I was flipping back and forth between podcasts last night – The Abo Petrol Huffing Report and Just Joe Radio – I think this was discussed on Randbot – the shop teacher in question was previously slagged and persecuted for being a Toxicly Masculine Male, and threatened with job loss, etc. So he decided to pull a spectacular Grand Troll stunt, and be so weirdly full on over the top tranny trannie as to mock this whole (((Woke))) BS. After all – what can the Jew Perv Obeyer Admin Skool Admin say NOW?

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