For the backstory on the Balenciaga Saga go here, here, here, and here. In short, they’re a Globo Homo corporation run by an aristocrat goy who won a buttgoy of the decade award from the ADL, and cut Kanye West for being an uppity goy. They also created a hyper-sexualized ad campaign with CSAM easter eggs littered all over the place.

But recently Balenciaga decided to sue the production corporation who they pretend was responsible for this photoshoot.

CBS News:

French fashion brand Balenciaga has filed a $25 million lawsuit against a production company it hired to produce one of two advertising campaigns that have drawn condemnation online. 

The ad in question ran on Instagram and showed a purse on top of a document-strewn desk. One document in the background was a partially visible page from a court ruling related to child pornography. Balenciaga on Monday confirmed the document was from a 2008 Supreme Court case, United States v. Williams, which held it is not unconstitutional to forbid the promotion of child pornography.

According to the company’s lawsuit, Balenciaga hired independent production company North Six and set designer Nicholas Des Jardins, both of New York, to create the ad for the company’s spring/summer 2023 collection. The North Six ad “included certain documents in the campaign photographs, including an excerpt from a court decision upholding a criminal prohibition against child pornography” without Balenciaga’s knowledge, claims the suit, filed late Friday in state court in Manhattan.

I don’t think that I need to even make the argument against this. I’ll remind you that there were multiple images of children holding teddy bears decked out in BDSM gear.

Anyone with eyes can see this, it’s front and center for these images that Balenciaga put up on their website for days, and was only taken down after a truly grassroots and organic backlash. But just in case you are even considering this excuse of theirs as even semi-plausible, people with experience in this kind of work have laughed at that.

I have had the opportunity to be seated on both sides of the creative table. I have been a physical producer, tasked with delivering on a project for a myriad of brand clients as well as an executive who has overseen production companies tasked to deliver content for the brand I oversaw. In all cases, the number of people who have to approve every minor detail before something like that goes live can be overwhelming.

I will say there have often times been too many cooks in the kitchen, but with those cooks not one thing has gotten by that would have any sort of legal implications because everything is checked and rechecked by legal and too many eyes to count. From inception of the idea, pre-production, production and post, there are easily hundreds of eyes on any one project especially at the level of a Balenciaga.

The claim that Balenciaga is the victim of the production company that they hired is so ridiculous that to even engage with the premise is to on some level legitimize it. And this is further backed up by their own statement which they finally released, to my knowledge just a few hours ago, on their Instagram page.

Lawsuit: Balenciaga has not decided to pursue litigation.

I try not to bold something so short, but in this case I had to. They claimed they were suing the production company so they could throw those headlines out there. In reality they have zero plans to sue North Star, and the absolute worst case scenario for them would be doing that and dragging this fight out longer while showing even more of their dirty laundry to the world. 

Under the YeGate/Balenciaga crossover piece I got a new commenter that I’d never seen before who goes by “Dark Research.” 

There’s a lot more easter eggs in the full photo of the kid standing on the couch with the BDSM bear. One, the placement of the sippy cup in the middle of the alcohol glasses refers to two things: One that she’s going to be served alcohol to get her drunk so she can be raped, and two, that that’s going to be her afterwards, in the middle of a group of adults as the entertainment. Two. The dog bed and the plates on the floor are for her, as she’s being dehumanized as part of the conditioning process. Three, that table is just tall enough for her to fit under…..

Notice the plates on the right side.


Now that the rug has been blown off this disgusting pedo groomer shit I’m a lot more open to questions like “why the fuck are there plates on the floor,” and “why the fuck is her sippy cup surrounded by alcoholic beverage holders”? As a matter of fact, why does she have a sippy cup anyway? Why is there a dog bed on the floor? Try counting up all the items in the image about that proudly say “Balenciaga” and then understand that they’d like you to believe that they’re suing the production corporation that they hired, but they aren’t.

Certainly gets that noggin joggin.

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  1. I’m no lawyer, but Balenciaga’s attempt to throw North Star under the bus seems perilously close to defamation to me.
    The smarter move for Balenciaga would have been to just take the L and try a campaign that isn’t Weimar tier degeneracy, but the clown show must go on.

  2. I’m so sick of diddlas and diddla excuses. Time to go back to the middle ages with these disgusting sickos.

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