Neo-Nazi leader Thomas Sewell has avoided time behind bars over a brutal attack on a Nine security guard.

Thomas Sowell smiling as he eyes a young black boy to curbstomp for the White race.

Neo Nazi Thomas Sowell? He’s gotten hardcore in recent years.
The 29-year-old leader of the European Australia Movement was convicted and sentenced to an 18-month community corrections order with 150 hours community service on Thursday in Melbourne Magistrates Court, where he was previously found guilty of recklessly causing injury and affray.

Oh Thomas Sewell, my mistake.

I wrote about his case when he got convicted. Someone then left a comment on our YouTube channel on a video that I uploaded involving him.

But yeah, looks like our boy is out of jail, and sentenced to some community service. Which is odd, because I could have sworn the reason he was in court was for servicing our community a little too hard.

Look, I’m not endorsing everything that Sewell has ever said, such as about the Boers. But this is undoubtedly good news.

Sewell, who represented himself in court, asserted the incident was not racially motivated, saying he would have acted the same way regardless of the guard’s race or culture in circumstances where he believed his colleague was under attack.

Again, please read my previous piece on this if you haven’t. Sewell and his cameraman, Jacob Hersant, obviously did not go down to Channel 9’s headquarters in Melbourne, Australia in order to get into a fight with a random security guard who they never met before. He shouldn’t have been prosecuted at all, which makes the light sentencing reasonable. It’s just schizophrenic from the judiciary.

Magistrate Stephen Ballek previously found Sewell was “itching for a fight” when he visited the Nine building in Melbourne with cameraman Jacob Hersant and demanded to speak to someone from A Current Affair on March 1, 2021.
Nine is the publisher of this website.
Sewell claimed a segment on the program showed his group to be terrorists and said he was not contacted for comment.
After staff declined to meet, Hersant began filming Sewell inside the foyer, prompting the security guard to put his hand on the lens and tell the pair to stop filming.

Also his throat, but I’m not going to rehash that again.

Good for Sewell, and good for the local Goys in aussieland for coming out and supporting him.

The magistrate took into account his work history, along with his fiancée being 36 weeks’ pregnant
a factor Sewell emphasised would lead to “undue suffering” through his sentence.
He also asked the court to consider his employer, saying he worked full-time as a labourer and apprentice.
One last thing I have to mention. 
It’s always strange writing about stories that haven’t happened yet. I hear this happens a lot in Australia.

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  1. I don’t know who this pinch-faced dweeb is, whose face reeks of neuroticism.
    But one thing for sure, we need MORE NEWS ON BLORMPH.
    I actually like Orange guy, why? Because he’s likeable and often pretty darn funny.
    Biden the Festering Pestilence? Definitely not.

    1. Anybody who still regards Orange Faggot as “likeable” at this stage is retarded beyond redemption.

      1. Could not agree more.

    2. This comment, by Whispnade, must be an example of deep Dark Web Uber Satire. It MUST be. I refuse to believe otherwise.

    3. are you a jew?

  2. I forgot to mention why..like..orange Ronald Blornut ?
    It should be obvious but it sure as heck doesn’t matter which media figurehead is in the dark house, marionette strings of truth seen clearly in my mind.

  3. just for completeness, please note Thomas Sewell was in “remand” jail in solitary confinement for 7 months prior to this case being tried i.e. when not convicted, so to say he avoided jail is not entirely true…

    1. Ah, good catch cheers.

    2. At least he’s not going back in.

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  5. It’s been disappointing seeing the typical kneejerk “he’s been let go because he’s a FED” speak from people I respect. Sometimes that may be the case, but how convenient for the Feds that they merely have to trump up false charges to discredit entire pro-white organizations. Sewell’s one of the few promising leaders with honor & integrity we have. Even fewer can handle journalos like he does.

    Pre-sentence video link below:
    *Warning contains scenes of extremely one-sided baldy-on-baldy violence

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