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The sole white person in the large field of candidates in the race to become mayor of Chicago came out on top yesterday.

Paul Vallas, a perennial Democratic candidate, ran a single-issue campaign focusing on the Second City’s black violent crime problem and garnered 33.7% of the vote. His impressive performance rode a wave of strong support in white working class neighborhoods, but also some liberal and affluent ones. He will be facing Brandon Johnson, who came in second place with 20.3% of the vote, in an April runoff.

Lori Lightfoot, who has attracted international attention for her anti-white rhetoric and incompetence, became the first Chicago mayor in 40 years to not be re-elected.

This piece is written by Eric Striker, of the NJP. Similar to covering stories written by Justice Report, I find myself in a unique situation. Much of what we do here is translate from bullshitese to reality. I do this a lot with the ClownWorld series.

Occasionally there will be decent reporting or investigative journalism done by other sources, where they often leave out the kind of details that you get censored for. In that case I find myself easily able to add something to the story

When covering pieces written by our guys it becomes much harder, and I find it’s a challenge not to simply quote the entire piece. Instead, I suggest that you go and read that piece in its entirety. I have only one thing to add. 

Polls show that Vallas holds a comfortable lead over Johnson in a two-man match. It should be noted that Vallas also outperformed his polls.  Johnson’s main path to victory is to make overt racial appeals to unite the black vote and possibly other minorities in the highly balkanized city.

The media continues to run hostile pieces attacking Vallas for supporting stop and frisk, being anti-gay, being secretly a Republican, and more in hopes that this will block his prospects.  So far, this crusade has struggled to gain traction, as his white base and segments of supporters in the Spanish speaking population have made it clear that they don’t care.

It’s this last part that made me write this piece. Paul Vallas may well be secretly anti-pervert, or they may be making that up. He probably does support stop and frisk policies, and he’s certainly rhetorically very against crime. But the one thing that we can say is for sure false is that he is a Republican, and that’s a good thing.

The recent FTN with Christopher Cantwell was a very interesting listen. It was the best FTN in a while, in part because of the productive debate revolving around Cantwell’s insistence on promoting a strategy of primarying Republicans.

I think he made some good points, even if he does appear to suffer from a mild case of Fox News Brain. Primarying Republicans is not entirely the same thing as infiltrating Republicans, and could theoretically be productive. Unfortunately, they have to actually let you primary them, something which they may or may not allow, depending on the state, or certain personalities involved.

Library of Congress:

In 1912, the first year in which a presidential candidate, two-time President Theodore Roosevelt, tried to secure his nomination through primary elections, nine states elected delegates that supported Roosevelt. Incumbent William Howard Taft won only one primary election. Despite Roosevelt’s wholesale victory of the popular vote, Taft received the Republican nomination because only 42% of the delegates who attended the nominating convention had been selected through primary elections. The rest had been selected by party bosses who supported Taft and succeeded in granting him their party’s nomination.

Failing to win the Republican nomination, Roosevelt and his supporters formed the Progressive Party, or Bull Moose Party, with Roosevelt as its presidential candidate. Roosevelt failed to win the Presidency that year, but with the help of the Progressive party, our country’s primary system began to change. Fed up with corrupt party politics, Americans demanded and won reforms that reduced the power of party bosses. The introduction of the secret ballot had led the way in 1888. By the 1920s, almost every state had loosened the grip of political bosses and placed candidate selection more firmly in the hands of citizen voters.

Third party candidates are also not entirely without precedence.

Teddy Roosevelt

Here in Canada we have clearly rigged party leadership elections. The parties also select who will be running to represent them in the elections, and that’s that. It’s a totally fake system that you are entirely shut out from. There are also lots of existing parties, even if they all have the exact same policies. As a result, it’s a no brainer to start your own political party in Canada, even if that is easier said than done.

In the US, it’s complicated. But my point is not that primarying is good or bad. My point is: why only Republicans?

What annoyed me about Cantwell’s position is the implication that servatives are closer to a populist position than Muh DEMONrats. As Governor Mike DeWine has shown, they’re not. Hell, Utah’s Republican Governor, Spencer Cox, denied healthcare to White People and is pro-mass migration. South Dakota’s Governor Kristi Noem is a pure agent of the troon lobby. The list goes on

The purpose of the kosher-right is to get out in front of White People on racial issues, and all normal people on social issues, and make absolutely damn sure that you get nothing. The purpose of the kosher-left is to get out in front of anti-war activists, anti-zionists, and billionaire haters, and make absolutely damn sure that you get nothing. There is no difference in policy between Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi. 

Pursuing a strategy of primarying politicians is totally reasonable. I think that doing this even as just a stunt can be a great way to cause serious problems for existing politicians, and get free publicity. But there is no reason to confine yourself to one side of the kosher sandwich. As Paul Vallas has shown, you don’t need to have traditionally “left-wing” politics to primary Democrats in Chicago. You can run on a strong anti-crime and anti-pervert campaign where you are promising to bring back frankly racial stop and frisk policies. And you can do all that from within the Democrat Party and win. So why not do that? Why stick to Republicans?

I don’t make requests of the NJP, since I’m not a member and don’t live in the country. I just think it would be hilarious if they started primarying Democrats and Republicans in every single election they could, calling the Democrats a bunch of pro-war billionaire shills, and the Republicans a bunch of anti-White mass migration supporting child tranny enjoyers. At the very least, it would be good entertainment watching those whores squirm.

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  1. I watched that FTN, i didn’t think about it at the time but you’re idea of running both party is great. Jazzhand want to re-invite him hopefully they will come to this conclusion.

  2. Rumors are that Biden plans on involving this nigger monkey savage in his administration.

    1. Entirely plausible. In politics it’s normal to fail your way to the top.

      1. >Roosevelt’s Bull Moose Party

        American marketing never changes. If they were doing that today they’d run Jack Murphy as the head of the Bacon, Babes & Big Guns Party.

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