Originally posted on October 13th, 2023.

In the last installment of this series I promised to look at the constantly online schizo right. I also promised to make it brief, because I’m over giving these people the benefit of the doubt. Case in point, here we have the “Revolt Against the Non Fren World 2: 2 Drunk 2 Drive.” This fine young fellow is simply too genocidal side against the most anti-White group of people on the planet. He’s just THAT HARDCORE.

Weird Hasbara run telegram accounts keep pushing this narrative, and I think it’s time to pass that shit test. Yes, if you aren’t supporting the Palestinian Goyim, you’re a Jew. 

Oh but that just means that you’re a left wing marxist campus –

No, you’re a Jew. Prove to me that you aren’t a Jew.

B-b-b-but I want the total exterm-

No, you’re a Jew. Proving to me that you aren’t shouldn’t be hard. I’ve shown people my real name and face, you can as well. You’re so hardcore that you’re calling for the mass murder of all non-Whites. Surely, such a brave little guy could at least show his hooked nose online, right?

B-b-but bro, didn’t you see my meme that you’re a brown soyjack for –

Yeah, we’re not doing that. Prove to me that you aren’t a Jew.

I have no compulsion to defend myself from any accusation from (((anon))) telegram accounts that no one has ever heard of, yet have thousands of botted followers from Tel Aviv. They’re obviously taking the anti-White side in this conflict, and that’s that.

Woah, look at this marxist third world cuck.

I’ve written before about Mr. Hardcore, and I said what I needed to say. These people drape themselves in fascist paraphernalia, then attack me for siding with a group of non-Whites being genocided by Jews. First, Hitler himself worked on behalf of the Palestinians, allied with the Japanese, and the Wehrmacht had plenty of non-Whites in it. Second, no one on the internet is MoAr HarDCore than HitLeR. They’re either a constantly online fag, or a zionists trying to run an op that is obviously failing.

For the record, you needn’t worry about these HARDCORE RACE WARRIORS. They aren’t doing shit. After the AZOG battalion e-fangirls “doxxed” me – my information was already out there – I got literally one call from these people. Some fag with a high pitched voice said “I heard you’re talking about Azov.” I said “yeah,” and then he said nothing for a while so I hung up.

And that was that.

I’ve already shown what “muh left,” thinks of the genocide state of Israel. Simply put, they uncritically support it. 

Similar for the open borders “right”.

I don’t think “you’re a third world cuck” really deserves a rebuttal, but I’m not above chronicling the zio-shills attempting to scold normal people out of supporting the Goyim in the Middle East. Who better to represent this view than Shultide?

If you don’t know who Shultide is, consider yourself blessed, but also missing out on some of the most enjoyable takedowns I ever did. This anon used to go by “Read Linkola” on twatter, and then seethed at everyone who supported socialist healthcare and the right for Palestinians to not be genocided. 

Jaime, can we bring up that Linkola quote supporting the 911 hijackers again please?

The servants of Allah sacrificed their own lives and the lives of a few disciples of the Dollar. The aim of the servants of market economy is to murder the whole of Creation and mankind as soon as they can. The deep ecologist and protector of life, the guardian of the continuity of life, would certainly choose Allah when things get tough. Given the situation, the towers of the World Trade Center were the best target among all the buildings of the world, both symbolically and concretely. It was a magnificent, splendid choice.

His twitter avatar was this anime chick.

Don’tActuallyReadLinkola is probably a few different 90 IQ Jews in Israel each working 5 hours a week to shit up actual pro-White discourse with the most inane schizo takes imaginable. That would explain his constant slander of actual pro-White advocates.

[Thuletide] is also the guy that would fight against me tooth and nail for saying that Jews were behind the “migrant” invasion of Europe despite all the direct evidence for this, and Jews themselves telling you they were behind it. His argument? Because the migrants themselves want to go to Europe, therefore you can’t blame Jews. No, really, that was his argument. – Mike Peinovich

As well as his idiotic WEF-Doogin conspiratardism that he DEMANDS you take seriously. I checked on Xir’s telegram, and he appears to still be pushing this same line of attack. 

Something something Doogin Marxist China baaaad.

You hear that you fuckin’ neo-nazis? The people who don’t support Jews genociding Palestinians are “fat neo-nazi communists,” unlike Thuletide, who I have been informed is extremely Chad-like by my fellow comrades in Tel Aviv. The real problem is freemasonry, CFR, the UN, you obese retards. 

This is something of an aside, but the recent Dead Jew Baby meme reminds me of something else that the retarded schizo conspiracist Shultide said, which is that lampshadocaust fact-checking is ridiculous. Jaime, can we pull up that Ben Shapiro meme again please?

Bro, don’t be a lampshadocaust fact-checker. All slander used to justify mass murder is real when zionists do it.

Shultide and the rest of the (((fellow White nationalists))) have been hard at work scrounging for the rare “leftist” who actually supports Palestine. 

They’re joined in this behaviour by other subversives, such as Matt Walsh.

Matt Walsh amplified the absurd anti-White narrative pushed by BLM that Ahmoud “Armed Robbery” Arbery was just checking out a construction site. You know, just typical guy stuff. Can’t believe these neo-natzee Aryan Supremacists would take offense at that. They just want to kill Black Bodies of Colour. 

You know Matt Walsh is based because he hates those natzees almost as much as Shultide.

(((End Wokeness))), a Ben Shapiro (and Thuletide) favourite, makes sure almost get half way to the point with regards to advocating for White People, before deepthroating circumsized penis. They’re also pushing the “bro, we found like two BLM supporters who support Palestine. You can’t support them now, checkmate nazi-commies.”

Listen, Goy. It doesn’t matter that 99.9% of your enemies are supporting the genocidal state of Israel. It doesn’t matter that you can up that number to 100% for your enemies that actually have institutional power.

What matters is that I found two or three random BLM supporters who don’t think that Jews should be allowed to genocide the Goyim, so you have to support Israel now. That’s the pro-White position, Goy. I don’t make the rules. Stop being an anti-White Dooginist Eurasianist. Start supporting Jew nationalism! 

No, us servatives will not be taking any tangible action against BLM. However, we will be taking tangible action to genocide and racially cleanse the Palestinian Goyim on behalf of our Schlomo owners, but we’re totally on your side, Goy Whitey.


Yes, this is a Shultide post.

A cursory glance at Shultide’s channel shows him shilling for Javier Milei of all people, a mentally ill zio-shill. He also says that nationalists, which can be read as actually oppressed groups, aren’t promoted by the rigged system, therefore he’s FORCED to support these shabbos Goy candidates. It’s subversive, but so transparently so that it’s not even worth responding to.

Shultide remains shilling for ZOGkraine, even to this day, while calling Putin’s Russia a “Neo-Soviet BLM regime,”  unlike Weimerica or Israel. The specific arguments don’t even matter. What matters is that the Op known as “Thultide” has spent the past five years throwing up one tactic after another to try getting actual White advocates to not attack Israel.

Above Xir can be seen pretending, in 2023 no less, that if ZOG didn’t control our countries there would be other NGOs that shoved foreigners in that we didn’t want. Apparently the reason why we have all these foreigners here is not because of Jews, it’s because of NGOs that spring up from the ground or something else retarded like that.

The newest, and somehow most bizarre, defense of zionism is that Israel doesn’t matter to Jews. This is because zionists control more than the state of Israel, therefore it doesn’t matter. This is equivalent to saying that you have ten fingers, so having six of them chopped off shouldn’t matter. Or that destroying half of an enemy army doesn’t matter, because they still have the other half. It’s another in a long line of idiotic non-sequiturs from the Israel shill that falls apart when you think about it for literally one second. 

But this is Thuletide’s actual stated position. Having a state dedicated to serving your race, and excluding foreigners, isn’t important. Perhaps he can get literally any Jew with the smallest shred of institutional power to start believing that. Go get Anthony Blinken and Jonathan Greenblatt to believe that the Jew ethnostate isn’t important to Jew power first, and then I might consider engaging with the absurd premise.

Right now Big Schlomo is engaged in a massive prestige-losing genocide on behalf of their racial state, and the ones with political power are absolutely united in lockstep, and forcing our countries to get involved. When this cartoon porn enjoyer can convince literally one of them to stop supporting Israel, and especially to start supporting White nationalism – because apparently racial nationalism is no big deal now – then perhaps I could consider responding to the argument. Until then the only response is to chuckle and move on. 

The correct takes have never been more obvious. 

The time for giving these people the benefit of the doubt is over.

This will be the last time that I write about this particular group of the compliant e-right. I can’t alog these Hasbara clowns off the internet, but they also don’t do anything IRL, so who cares?

Start supporting Israel, Goyim. Justin Trudeau Joe Biden Anthony Blinken some random anonymous BLM accounts don’t like Israel. That means you have to.

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