Originally published on October 13th, 2023.

I’ve enjoyed writing the I Hate The E-Right series thus far. Frankly, it could go on forever, as there is just an endless pit of grifting and idiocy to mine. This time two of our previous grifting con artists, Andrew Tate and Jordan Peterson, make another appearance. In this case Andrew Tate calls out Juden Peterstein on his pro-genocide advocacy when it comes to Yidsrael. Tate is only calling him out to buy credibility which he’ll use to grift off his audience, but it’s difficult to find anything wrong with his take.

Tate: When [Peterson] says ‘give ’em hell, Netanyahu, give ’em hell,’ you are trying to advocate for genocide of millions of people. Innocent people who are just trying to go about and live their lives, because somebody else has made a move on the board.

I find it extremely hypocritical that people like Peterson will call for genocide, or for war, when truthfully he would hate to be anywhere near war. Jordan Peterson is not a soldier. He’s not capable of being a soldier.

For him to try to sit and try to advocate for destruction, when he can’t handle twitter haters and needs absolute piece of mind, let alone peace of physicality to sleep at night. I find that quite disingenous.

Tate isn’t even exaggerating. I’ve only covered a few of Peterstein’s online meltdowns at… drumroll please… people being mean to him on twatter.

What I do know is that children will starve. That is my view on the war. I’m gonna do my best to stop as many children from going hungry as possible.

A big part of Juden Peterstein’s grift is pretending to be a good, moral Christian. Meanwhile, the Tate Brothers brag about pimping women, and sucking money out of lonely men’s pockets. Despite this, Tate’s outward position, albeit disingenuous, is objectively more just and sane than that of Bibi Netanyahu’s bitch.

However, Peterstein would tell you that his venemous, genocidal hatred of the Palestinian Goyim is justified because something something baby beheaders. Or perhaps it’s the crispy fried Jew carcasses that Benny Shapiro found.

I’ll circle back to this ludicrous bit of propaganda later. The original tweet can be seen here, although I will remark that the community note has been removed, because Elon Musk is a fraud. In order to get there I needed to work my way through Ben Shapiro’s twatter feed, and boy was that ever a treat.

Shapiro has been retweeting up a storm, and the mask has fully dropped with regards to whom he retweets. Yair Nosenberg is a notorious ziotifa, familiar to anyone who has been around for a while. He shares space on Shapiro’s timeline with Deborah Lipstadt, instrumental in going after our Goys at Charlottesville, and the lesbian Jewess Bari Weiss. You see, Weiss’ problem with “wokeness” is that it might at some point in the future lead to less Jew supremacy if the golems turn on their owners. This is something that you, Whitey, should be invested in.

Yair Rosenberg is seething that the filthy, subhuman Goycattle are fact-checking hilariously fake slander that zionists invented to justify their mass murder of terrorist babies.

(((End Wokeness))) throws their e-hand into the ring shilling for the (((wokesters))). The narrative that they’re pushing is that the filthy Arabs aren’t helping the Jews racially cleanse the Gazans. This is enraging, but (((Mark Levin))), also retweeted by Shapiro, is pushing the same garbage, so we’ll cover that later.

Turns out the same (((activist investor))) who HellDweller covered in his Lords Of Porn series is also an activist investor pushing for the genocide of Palestinian Goyim. So weird to see this “leftist” porn Jew and Rock Ribbed Conservative Benny Shapiro teaming up together.

The anime teamups don’t stop there. Yet another viciously anti-White Jew is seething because the totally slanderous “Day Of Jihad,” eerily similar to the totally slanderous Day Of Hate that the ADL accused us of recently, caused him to play hookie and skip school. And speaking of that ADL…

I really ought to write an entire article on Jonathan Greenblatt’s genocidal rhetoric towards the Palestinian Goyim. The cliff notes is that, where he advocating for White People, he would be demanding that the Government of whatever country he resided in throw him in jail for disgusting hate speech that leads to the lampshadocaust.

Amazingly, the (((ADL))) is not the only “left wing organization” that is coming to the defense of the genocide state of Israel. Anthony Blinken is right there with Benny Shapiro and the ADL. Just behind them is “centre-left free speech absolutist,” Dave Rubin, who is celebrating France banning legitimately peaceful anti-genocide protests.

Next up, Benny Shapiro doesn’t care about the browning of America is fighting really hard against immigration now all of a sudden.

And of course, the problem of “wokeness” is because of all these rich, White white liberals, Goy.

I promised to circle back to the reframing of Arab countries not helping the zionists racially cleanse Palestine as “bro, even Da ARABS hate da Palestinians,” with Mark Levin’s tweet. I’ll transcribe this below.

It’s noteworthy that not a single Arab country has offered to accept Gaza Palestinians. Not one. And they are silent about Egypt keeping closed the main passageway for the Gaza Palestinians to leave Gaza, because Egypt doesn’t want Gaza Palestinians coming into their country. Want more? Hamas Nazi leadership in Qatar has not asked Qatar, or any Arab country, take any Gaza Palestinians. Nor have Qatar or the Hamas Nazi leadership asked Egypt to stop blocking Gaza Palestinians from leaving Gaza. Of course, the Egyptians could house hundreds of thousands of Gaza Palestinians in the Sinai Peninsula. And no doubt the international community would assist with temporary housing, food, etc. But this would mean that the Arab world actually wants to help Gaza Palestinians rather than use their propaganda machine to attempt to turn Israelis into oppressors.

You know what other country could house hundreds of thousands of Gaza Palestinians, Mr. Genocide Enjoyer? Israel. Or how about Palestine, in the land that they are currently on you piece of shit.

Mark Levin is such a genocidal monster that he simply assumes the premise that the Palestinian Goyim are to be racially cleansed by the hundreds of thousands. That’s not up for debate. No, the real horror is that other Arab countries are not helping the genocidal state of Israel racially cleanse these people from land that they have lived on for thousands of years.

It’s also noteworthy that the American and European media don’t ask the Biden regime or the other leaders of countries around the world about any of this; they don’t even report it. Yet, because the Arabs will not provide refuge to the Gaza Palestinians, and because the Qatar-funded and Iran-funded Hamas wages war against Israel, and Israel must now lose Lord knows how many soldiers in urban warfare in Gaza, the media will report numbers, Israel will be told its response to the Hamas Nazis should be “proportionate,” and Blinken will continue to lecture Israel about rules of war when fighting terrorists who — by the way — are an exception to rules of war.

This is not a one time thing. The evil zionist Mark Levin constantly makes this refrain as if it’s some sort of own, as opposed to a blatant demand for mass murder and racial cleansing.

Commenters in the original tweet point out the obvious.

But we’re finally arrived back at the main course, an overcooked brisket.

The original tweet is ostensibly from Bibi Netanyahu’s twatter account. We know he would certainly never lie.

To be clear, the original claim, from this Jew below named “David Ben Zion,” was the Palestinians broke out the Baby Beheader 9000, and decapitated 40 babies. The proof for this is… one picture, entirely without context, that shows an infant that clearly has its head, and then two lumps of charcoal.

David Ben Zion

That’s it, Goyim. They proved that 40 babies were decapitated. They’ve done it.

I honestly have no idea if the image really is AI generated or not. Even if it was real, we have no idea when the picture was taken, nor whom the victim was. Even if the images were real, they clearly do not show any baby decapitation, let alone fourty baby decapitations. They’re showing pictures of oranges and claiming they’re bananas.

I’m impressed that the commentary understand that this is simply slander used to justify mass murder, but it’s also worth mentioning that Ben Shapiro gives zero fucks about the murder of civilians anyway.

As for child burning, where was Ben Shapiro when the (((Hilltop Youth))) taunted an Arab man whose child was burned to death by Jew (actual) terrorists?

Times of Israel:

Far-right activists chanted slogans cheering for the death of an 18-month old Palestinian outside a courthouse in central Israel as the late toddler’s family walked near them following a hearing Tuesday.

Referencing toddler Ali Saad Dawabshe, killed in a 2015 arson attack carried out by Jewish terrorists, right-wing extremists chanted “Where is Ali? Ali’s dead,” “Ali’s on the grill” and other hate slogans.

Roughly two dozen youth had gathered outside the Central District Court in the city of Lod for a ruling regarding the admissibility of the confessions given by the two suspects in the firebombing of the Dawabsha home, which killed toddler Ali Saad Dawabsha and parents Riham and Saad Dawabsha.

Another son, Ahmed Dawabsha, who was 5 at the time, underwent months of treatment for severe burns sustained in the attack.

Two kikes firebombed an Arab family. They murdered the two parents, as well as the eighteen month old toddler, and caused serious burns to the body of the other. Then, because Jews are the light upon the world, the Hilltop Youth kikes showed up at the trial for the kikes who did it and taunted the Arabs by saying “where’s Ali? Ali is on the grill.”

Ben Shapiro was all over that, right? Of course not. Ben Shapiro understands that White identity politics has gone too far, but Jew identity politics? That’s in a really good spot right now.

The real problem now is that Hamas doesn’t care about the truth, unlike the guy who retweets AI generated pictures of brisket as proof that 40 Jew babies were decapitated.

I have never bothered doing much of a critique of Ben Shapiro, because he is so obviously a fraudulent little zionist.

I’ve focused my efforts on the alt-lite types, and we do see the occasional e-rightoid cucking up a storm on telegram. Yes, there are still a few shill desperate to find some excuse for why we shouldn’t support the Goyim in the Middle East as they fight against the most anti-White people on the planet.

I’ll cover them in another piece, but it’s just going to be a quick dunking. It’s not like this kind of garbage deserves an effort post response in 2023.


New meme format dropped.

Here’s a better pic summing up Dave Rubin.

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