Originally posted October 11th, 2023.

CBS News:

Social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter) said it is removing accounts affiliated with Palestinian terror group Hamas in an effort to curb the spread of “terrorist content” online.

X’s safety account said late Monday that posts from daily active users in Israel have increased since Hamas launched a surprise attack on the country over the weekend. Users have also shared more than 50 million posts related to the attack, X said. Some of the posts mischaracterized video or showed graphic footage and have driven the spread of misinformation on X and elsewhere across the internet.

There have been plenty of deboonked slanders of the Palestinian Goyim on twatter. I covered the Rave LOLocaust earlier, but have you heard about the Baby Beheader 9000?

Charlie Kirk is here to make money repeating this very real propaganda.

No, there will be no photos of the decapitated babies. A guy who knows a guy whose cousin is in the military said that he might believe it to be true. Only a Schlomophobe wouldn’t believe this particular Incubator Baby.

Under its “Violent and Hateful Entities Policy,” X said it will remove newly created Hamas-affiliated accounts and take other steps to stem the proliferation what it referred to as terrorist content on the platform. Those actions include addressing and removing certain posts that include graphic media as well as violent and hate speech.

X also said it is monitoring the platform for antisemitic speech.

Thank God Elon “cuck me Daddy Greenblatt” Musk is getting rid of all these outright calls for genocide and mass racial cleansings that I’m seeing on “his” twatter x

Looks like the plan is to commit mass murder of the Goyim in the Middle East, then ship the survivors to Whitey’s neighbourhood. For some strange reason, every single consubversive whines that we need to have a welcoming attitude to foreigners, while simultaneously cheering on the mass murder of Palestinians. What a strange coincidence that I’m sure has nothing to do with them being the property of Schlomo.

I’m sure that Elon Musk will be getting rid of this immediately, especially the calls for genocide part. After all, twatter has a policy against hateful and violent speech, Goy.

Senator Marco Rubio has just called for the Palestinian Goyim to be “eradicated,” after being asked if there was a way to destroy Hamas without causing mass casualties against children. Thank God Elon removed his account after –

My bad. Turns out this very serious Christian who calls for the Jews to commit mass murder against a population that is 30% Christian still has his twatter account. 

At least Musk will remove the twatter account of Israeli defence minister Yoav Gallant. After all, this guy is talking about abolishing all rules of warfare, and not having his soldiers be held responsible for any of their future atrocities. 

This is after he called the Palestinians “human animals.”

The New Arab:

Israel’s defence minister Yoav Gallant labelled Palestinians living in Gaza as “human animals” as part of his announcement of a total siege on the coastal enclave, as the fighting between Israeli forces and Hamas militants enters its fourth day.

This is genocidal rhetoric. So I’m sure that Musk will – 

Turns out his twatter account is still up there, Ukrainian flag and all. 

Of course it isn’t just the consubversives who are baying for the blood of the Palestinian Goyim. Above we see (((Yakovolf))) expressing his dismay at the meanie people who want to deport foreigners. That would be cruel, and Yakovolf is too kind for that.

He’s a good-hearted, morally superior Genocide Enjoyer. All he wants is to entirely genocide a race of people. It’s not like he’s one of those Aryan Supremacists who wants to (gasp) deport foreigners from their country.

 I mean, he also wants to do that, but that’s for the Jew ethnostate. It’s different, Goy.

Weirdly enough, the highly censorious Elon Musk has yet to censor the Jew who explicitly called for the Palestinians to be genocided. 

Despite said jew also explicitly saying that civilians must be targeted for murder because they voted for Hamas.

Musk’s twatter helpfully recommends similar genocidal Jew supremacists that you can follow, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Seeing “left-wing Jews” screaming for the blood of the Goyim isn’t a new experience for me. Remember Chad Felix Greene from the East Jerusalem racial cleansing of 2021?

He was really angry that the Chinese were imprisoning the poor, downtrodden Uighurs and also might makes right, Goy. Jews committed mass murder and now they have land and they are going to continue committing mass murder and stealing more land and also putting people in camps is bad. You’re entitled to anything you steal, Goy.

Or at least Jews are. If other groups try the same thing Mr. Greene will look at that on a case by case basis. 

Juden Peterstein appears to be going on another meltdown. 

I think he’s broken.

And Benny “White identity politics have gone too far” Shapiro is so assblasted at the zionist occupiers of Palestine getting what they deserve that he did his very first show without ads. 

It’s almost like he’s a Jew supremacist whose only job is to subvert the instincts of normal White People while making money off of the bullshit he peddles. It’s almost like that, because it is that. 

During this timeframe, Musk has been very busy victim blaming the Goyim for Zionists engaging in a process of slow motion genocide, mass murder, and racial cleansing. 

YouTube is, of course, no better. Since video is a far better propaganda form than gay little tweets, the censorship at (((YouTube))) has always been far more extreme than on twatter.

Jackson Hinkle is an annoying Thiel-adjacent Russia shill who whines about the “Ukrainian Natzees,” constantly. However, he was giving the correct take on the Zionist occupation of Palestine, so it’s adios to that YouTube channel. Similar characters in the anti-war left have met the same e-fate. 

The absurdly one sided Jew supremacist bias of twatter on the question of “is it okay to call for the genocide of Palestinians,” really puts into perspective the utter impotence of #BanTheADL. I said at the time that the ADL allows you to impotently tweet #BanTheADL, because it is so impotent and pathetic. Ben Shapiro even got in on the action, because it’s fake and gay. Then something important happens and it’s srs bzns.

I could honestly continue for another ten thousand words cataloguing all the explicit pro-genocide posting coming from Jew nationalists and promoted on Twitter and YouTube. It’s worth documenting, but I think we all understand how controlled these platforms are. 

Although twatter is not completely worthless. 

NOTE: A great comment was left by “Dane,” on this post.

Talk is cheap – not going along with the pro-genocide narrative until I see some serious residential school building. Schools staffed by Catholic nuns. All followed by a TRC, with Israel paying Gazans infinite shekels, forever. Anything else is fake and gay.

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