While I stand by what I wrote below, I have decided that I was initially too harsh. I think these people had great intentions, only poor execution. I will be producing what I think is excellent marketing in the future, after site kinks and technical problems are fixed.

The shilling for the NJP aged spectacularly poorly. In my defense, I was trying to be nice to people who I thought were serious about actually running for office. 

Back in July of this year, I was introduced to “White Lives Matter.” Needless to say, I was far from impressed with their propaganda, or the organization overall, which many suspected of being a glow-op. Whether that’s true or not, I’ll be using their propaganda efforts as a great example of what not to do. Below is a poster they stuck on, I don’t know, some a freezer or maybe an electrical box.

The thought process behind this is apparently that some random White Person is going to stumble upon this in the middle of a Tuesday morning, and just… I don’t know, then the revolution happens?

This is basically retarded. It’s even more retarded because the gist of it “White People should organize,” is fine, but there are no links to some White Organization at all. So, it’s some weird, offputting poster saying that White People should organize along racial lines, that offers no actual solutions to people.

It also uses “White Lives Matter,” which is enragingly bad propaganda. BLM is an astroturfed organization pushed by the (((Privileged Class))). Calling your movement “White Lives Matter,” legitimizes BLM as a grassroots organization that you can emulate to find success. Beyond that, this is completely impotent and accomplishes nothing, yet can be directly compared to BLM, thus making White Advocacy more broadly look stupid and worthless.

This garbage manages to check off every single box on the “how to be negative propaganda” checklist.

1) It’s very weird, offputting, and anti-social. Literally if they put up a sign that said “Niggers, am I right fellas?” That would be better, because then it would at least not evoke visceral reactions in people. I mean it wouldn’t be productive, but it’d at least be kind of funny.

2) It talks tough (“sentencing us to extinction”) while doing absolutely fuckall. Don’t ever talk tough without doing something.

3) It accuses and antagonizes the reader. This poster basically says “you’re shitty,” not “here’s some anti-White propaganda, I’m on your side.” In the era of Critical Race Theory, “Whiteness Studies,” massive racial discrimination against White People, and even BLM terrorist attacks, as we saw in Waukesha, this propaganda… also attacks White People.

4) It doesn’t offer anything for the viewer. This literally just lectures the presumably White Viewer that they have bad views or something, talks tough, does nothing. There’s no “here’s what we’re doing for you.”

5) This doesn’t tell the viewer what they can do. WTF is anybody supposed to do with this poster, just enjoy it? This is what makes me think it might actually not be a gayop, because it’s just too retarded.

Do you see this poster? Do you see that while it’s trying to get the goyim to sacrifice for International Finance Capital, objectively the propaganda is done decently. Let’s compare this to the previous poster.

1) Happy, well drawn guy. Good lettering, nothing too offputting.

2) It’s part of a political movement/organization that actually has some power, yet portrays itself as needing the audiences help.

3) It flatters the viewer, and attempts to get on the viewers side. “Hey, you like America, look at this happy soldier who looks just like you. He needs your help against the enemies of International Finance Capital.” Okay they don’t say that last part our loud of course.

4) The implication of the lowly soldier, is that he is sacrificing and struggling for the viewer of this poster. I mean he’s not, he’s being sacrificed for Globo Homo Schlomo, but that’s the implication. So the service being provided is defending against the evil krauts, or whatever.

5) “Buy some bonds,” is essentially written all over the poster, and that’s the specific tangible action the poster wants out of the viewer. Prices are listed at the bottom. They also offer war stamps. It explicitly says “Buy War Savings Certificates.” It’s not unclear at all.

Let’s look at another propaganda poster.

I’m not going to go through the whole list of five, but this can be summed up as “you’re awesome, I need you, sign up for the military.” The context through which this propaganda would have been seen would have made it quite clear that the US Army was on the viewers side. Now let’s compare this good propaganda with another shit tier propaganda poster.

This one, while terrible, isn’t quite as bad. They at least manage to give the @ of their telegram channel, and tell people to go watch Europa: The Last Battle. I suppose this makes the entire thing slightly less bafflingly retarded, because at least there is a point, however stupid, to putting this in front of people. It’s also less cringe inducing, albeit only because of how low the bar has been set.

This same shit came up about two months prior, sometime in May, and many people called it out for being a fed op back then. As for myself, what I said back then was as follows.

Honestly I’m not a huge fan of this kind of thing. Forming political parties is great, and easily worth the risk. Doing specific protests for specific goals that are massively popular is also nice.

This is just… not appealing to me. It strikes me as cargo culting Black Lives Matters as some organic thing. It’s not, it gets 10 billion dollars of funding because it is a tool of the privileged right from the beginning. Us doing some “White Lives Matter” rally with zero institutional support is asking to get state repression for not much in return.

Actually, I need to expand upon my point here a little bit.

There are 100% popular rallies we can hold. For example, putting up signs pointing out that David “Weapons of Mass Destruction” Frum is not being sent to jail for lying our soldiers to their deaths is an okay thing to rally against. Rallying against massive ADL driven Tech Censorship is popular. Rallying against the abuse of orphaned 2 year old children by Wallace Wong and friends.

On a racial sense, rallying against anti-White hate speech is way more effective. Put up signs where BLM Toronto founder Yusra K. Ali says that “White People are Subhuman Defects that should be wiped out.” Rally against racial discrimination against White People in x location.

These are popular, many of these are massively popular. I’m not going downtown to be one of 5 people holding up gay WLM signs, just so that the police can arrest me after I defend myself from Antifa. This is fucking retarded. This is so retarded that it’s actually enraging to me.

The entire “White Lives Matter,” shit is run by either some of the most anti-social weirdos ever, or is a complete glow-op from the start. Possibly a mix of both. To any decent people caught up in this, go join the NJP instead.

We are literally in the middle of average everyday people encountering “Critical Race Theory,” a clear and obvious racial attack on White People, that’s so bad and undeniably anti-White that even randos are calling it “anti-White.” That’s so bad that parents are going to school boards and demanding that they stop teaching their children this shit all across the country.

We just had an explicitly anti-White terrorist attack in Waukesha, Wisconsin, which you can read about here. And when the NJP did a protest a video of theirs got posted by some instagram account and got over 1 million likes.

I like everything in this picture, especially the Hate Crime Charges sign.

So let’s totally ignore that, because those concerned moms or Waukesha Residents are just NOT HARDCORE ENOUGH to spontaneously throw the revolution.

Pictured: Orthodox Christians who love adultery.

I think there’s this very wrong idea that some people have in our movement, that you need to put up posters and do activism that’s “super hardcore,” and by super hardcore I mean really anti-social weirdo loser shit that turns normal people off. You see, Minivan Moms just aren’t HARDCORE enough to spontaneously throw a revolution because some fat losers put up some embarrassing posters that are somehow dumber and less dignified than (((Hollywood))) works of fiction designed to make White Advocacy look stupid and evil.

The reason some people have this idea that activism has to be anti-social weirdo loserism is because up until the past few years, those have been the people doing activism. It doesn’t, and those people have to be brutally chased out of any actual serious political movement. If you don’t, they’ll only stop LARPing as Orthodox Christians for long enough to commit adultery. And stop LARPing as a “White Race Warrior,” or some other retard shit, long enough to sign up for “life after hate,” or some other anti-White hate group, where they can stab you in the back for a few shekels.

If all of this is too long, let me make it shorter for you. Effective propaganda needs to do two simple things.

  1. Tell the audience “hey, people you should like are doing x specific thing on your behalf.”
  2. Tell the audience the specific actions they can take to support them.

That’s it. I don’t want to read any cringy shit about “you are being sentenced for extinction White MAN.” I don’t want some faggots doing “Super Hardcore,” retard shit. And I definitely do not want these anti-social losers pretending that I or anybody else who has the apparently mythical superpower of being able to talk like a normal person, just don’t have the balls to… I don’t know put up retarded, impotent propaganda posters.

If you find yourself disagreeing with this, here’s some required reading for you. Beyond that, I want to stress that there are some people who try to cargo cult Nazi Propaganda, which was extremely effective. Except they don’t seem to realize that:

  1. Actually, the WORST Nazi propaganda is probably what you’ve been exposed to. There is a reason after all, why the History Channel never translates Hitler’s speeches. The idea that average everyday Germans were just falling all over themselves for Hitler talking about the supremacy of Aryans, as opposed to the injustices faced by WWI infantrymen, is retarded. Don’t be a fucking retard and believe Schlomo propaganda.
  2. Adolf Hitler was a highly decorated WWI infantry member, who would have won three purple hearts had the German Army had such a thing. He won multiple medals for excessive achievement and bravery, including for throwing himself on his commanding officer during an artillery barrage. That guy can be a whole lot more intense than the average person, because he’s earned it. You talking like that is anti-social and weird, unless you’ve earned it.


I’m going to start a fairly regular series on how to do actually good propaganda.

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  1. This is an amazing article. I hope everyone in the movement reads it.

  2. Nice hit piece Striker nazbol clown boy. WLM does 100x what NJP does. NJPs only stance on COVID is whites should of gotten the vaccine first which means NJP supports white genocide from Jewish vaccines. Striker clown boy constantly denies the great reset and everything going on with covid while he guzzles President Xi for everything. Striker isn’t even white, he is a mutt from South America who needs to be deported ASAP. Striker and the NJP expect to win a political election? Lmao, no white man is going to support midget striker. Striker should take a gun and put it to his head and pull the trigger.

    1. ur mom is gay kid

    2. “Muh vaxx genocide.” “Chyna Baaad.”

  3. This whole thing is retarded as fuck. I know people are always throwing the “glowie” label around these days, but this is such a ridiculous hit piece that it’s hard to avoid the suspicion. One cherry-picked sticker out of many is singled out and criticized. It’s not even valid criticism, either. The criticism is that it doesn’t single-handedly kick off a fucking revolution. What idiocy. The concept of reprogramming fellow Whites, one meme at a time, is utterly lost on the author.

    Also, a sticker with “nigger” on it is going to generate a *less* visceral reaction from the average normie than “White Lives Matter?” The author obviously lives exclusively in an echo-chamber bubble and has no awareness whatsoever of the thinking of the average normie.

    Furthermore, protests are useful? Repeating shit everyone already knows and whining in public is *more* productive than trying to genuinely redpill our fellow Whites? Basic statements of truth are “cringe,” “anti-social,” and “HARDCORE?” WTF?

    No way this author could generate a more effective propaganda campaign. They just shit on the efforts of others, while having nothing to show for themselves. Attacks never come from above.

    1. Im inclined to agree on some of what you say but theres no denying that walls of text are far from the best way to convince the uninitiated. You gotta be short and snappy like the “It’s ok to be white” posters.

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