After the BLM Christmas Massacre in Waukesha, which you can read about here, the NJP did a protest, which you can read about here. Then the NJP organized a flyering campaign, which I actually never knew about, but found out about due to someone forwarding me a message of this prime example of Peak Masculinity.

First of all, imagine even having a twatter account in 2021. But beyond that, using said account to whine about the Whitey getting all uppity over the Waukesha BLM terrorist attack. Calling them the American Taliban (based), but meaning it as an insult (not based). And do all this while scratching out the explicitly anti-White BLM terrorist’s face, just to protect the guilty.

Oh, and are so finked that you blame Trump for this.

I mean Trump kind of is to blame. If he didn’t spend his 4 years sucking circumsized cocks and done something about BLM those White People would still be alive, and we’d all still be finkled into supporting Republicans and not doing NJP stuff. But, you know, agreeing for the wrong reasons.

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