I never actually watched Paranormies. Dipshits who want to claim that dinosaurs aren’t real, the Earth is flat, the moon landing isn’t real, and every celebrity is secretly a tranny, don’t really captivate my imagination like they do for others. I’d like to say that we can all agree to enjoy our own content, but in this case I’m judging everyone who ever watched these people. If you like this kind of content then you’re a retard.

I was informed that these guys think that pretty much everyone who is famous is a tranny. This includes 6’4 NFL Quarterback Tom Brady. How crafty of these jews to turn the sex symbol of Aryan Supremacy into a monument to perversion.

Terry Bradshaw used the Alias “Tom Brady,” in 1983 when he was admitted to a hospital. And Jew sex pest Anthony Weiner used the alias “Carlos Danger,” when he was sexting his circumcised rod to plenty of Goy women. What this means is that Anthony Weiner and Tom Brady are the same person, and that person is Rosie O’Donnel.

Every time we look at this – complete reality break down.

That’s a quote from the video in the post I screencapped above. I clicked around for some sounds bites and it’s pure schizo all the way. I could probably find some better stuff if I bothered watching more than 10 seconds, but imagine doing that instead of something actually productive?

Apparently White People making rapid technological progress is something that is unthinkable to the people whose jobs revolve around uncritically repeating schizo conspiracy theories all day long. 

Ball Earth is one of the biggest lies ever told. – Johnny Monoxide

I really don’t think that this deserves critique, so I’m not going to waste my time. I tried finding posts that were only paranormies specific, where they weren’t reposting other schizo channels, and I got the above. But just like NJP guys repost each other, along with myself and Keith Woods type ancillary characters when important, the Paranormies are constantly reposting the schizo freaks of telegram.

These guys are such retards that I can just repost the videos that they post and it’s instantly satire. In fact here’s me doing that exact thing with one of the videos they posted on telegram.

My only real introduction to paranormies before this was seeing a clip of them while I was on Rand’s show. Johnny Monoxide tweeted out after Christchurch something to the effect of “I have literally no actual information on this event, but I guarantee you it wasn’t real.” 

Sven saw this when they were recording TRS and broke his keyboard in frustration. I don’t really blame him. If you’re trying to do actual politics these schizos can’t be associated with you. And they are in fact no longer associated with TRS, which leads us to our current e-drama.

Apparently Johnny Monoxide posted an audio clip of him claiming that Eric Striker force fed his son a steak at a diner and did cocaine with Mike Enoch at a children’s birthday party. Let’s check the veracity of those claims by perusing the Paranormies telegram channel a bit more.

Okay so Erik Striker does cocaine at children’s birthday parties and 5G is a secret Globalist plan to monitor the population.

Mike Enoch also does cocaine at children’s birthday parties, along with Striker, and Chris Matthews is the cross dressing head of Pfizer.

Mike Enoch is a jew, and free energy is real and Big Energy doesn’t want you to know.

There’s a synagogue a couple miles away from Sven’s house. This means that he’s a jew, and also Gisele Bundchen and all the Victoria Secret models are actually male to female trannies.

Striker has secretly admitted to being half jew and contrails are real but dinosaurs are fake.

TRS gets all their money from seed oils and also… honestly I don’t even know what I’m looking at here. Is he trying to say that Brett Kavanaugh and his accuser are actually the same person? This is too retarded for me to even make fun of. Get back to flat earth posting you fucking schizo.

Well anyway he went onto Ethan Ralph’s “Killstream.” If you don’t know who that guy is, I’ve written about him here, here, here, and here. He’s difficult to describe in words, so here’s a picture.

If you only had a mid section shot you would have no idea if the Ralphamale was moving towards or away from you.

And he’s also every single negative personality trait all rolled up into one snack sized landwhale. 

So how did the livestream show go? Well apparently not so well, judging by the live thread that Frosche made on Poast. Johnny rehashed some schizo attacks on TRS, and then we get to this.

Hold on a second. What kind of tiny little dweeb would be important enough in the e-World to just randomly call in to the Ralphamale’s show and bore everybody to death? I’m thinking Nick Fuentes, but this Frosche guy would probably know who that is. I’m stumped, who could this possibly be?

Oh, lol. This guy.

Make sure to check out my series on this queer if you haven’t already. This Frosche guy may have already read that series, since he makes a point I’ve made constantly.

Anyone who has been exposed to the biological failure known as Andrew Anglin knows full well what a slimy little weasel creature he is. Apparently this was on full display, and the little gaffer was calling TRS a communist revolutionary group that is funded by seed oil companies to get people to take vaccines and vote for Joe Biden.

Male to Female tranny Emma Watson

The entire livestream was ten hours long. When I asked the autists of Poast what happened the first response was the following.

Apparently it devolved into Ethan Ralph begging Randbot go on the stream. That never happened, so Johnny Monoxide got tired of the whole thing and left.

Well that was it, the complete destruction of TRS. It’s over, and you need to go back to the Catboi Cult, you goddamn Dooginist seed oil salesmen.

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  1. Is it just a coincidence that Anglin is a manlet and Johnny is also a well known manlet?
    Clearly there is a manlet conspiracy to fake the moon landing!

    It’s fairly good evidence that TRS are not jews running an anti-White op that they haven’t gone out talking about Johnny and his personal details. They were friends for years and TRS pool party guys helped him out when he lost his electrician job. Is he just mad that they were shitting on his pet conspiracy theories one too many time? It’s not a very honorable way to treat friends.

    I tried listening to the paranormies back when they were on TRS, but they were just going on about boring conspiratard crap with occasional racisms thrown in…

    1. I listened to their show for a long time. I started listening to them in the beginning, but somewhere along the way they lost the plot and I checked out. I think it was around the Christchurch thing and dogbot started coming on regularly.

  2. Personally I find conspiracy theories really interesting, but how fucking braindead do you have to be to consider disagreements about them so important that you turn on all your friends and start talking to Ralph of all people? So gay.

  3. Seeing as the gunt got named, it’s worth mentioning that the slut that Ralph (allegedly) raped may have given him HIV.


    1. What a nightmare.

    2. I would ask how he could get the hiv from a lady, but trust Ralph to have open sores on his junk…

  4. You ever notice that the people that talk about Fed or jewish gayops all the time are the ones that always fall for them?

  5. Also, there were 15 confidential human sources involved in the Whitmer case alone and that is frequently the case, so there are constantly a significant number of bad actors and CHS sell outs, people should always be skeptical. White people in general are skeptical and have self respect so they shouldnt just fucking eat up and pay for pro-white content because grifters bet on desperation. The basis of clown world is that there are non stop gay ops and grifters, so, actually, doing research on people, taking note of what people say and do to gauge if they are genuine, holding people accountable for grifting and narratives that aren’t pro white, putting hard questions on people that could possibly be bad faith or worse is just something legitimate white fucking people do and should never stop doing

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