Another guest post from Thomas Manwise, who is quickly becoming a fairly regular contributor.

UPDATE: After the NJP collapsed, I contacted Manwise. He wanted me to update his work with the following lead.

Thomas Manwise’s official prediction:
We’ve had cuckoldry with TWP and the Night of the Wrong Wives.
We’ve had cum hunting and pedophilia with Ali, Fuentes and America First.
We’ve had simping over a single mom and a threesome with McKevitt, Hovater, and the NJP (LLC).
The next WN is going to be felled by bestiality 
There. I called it. Contact me in three years when some upstart nationalist gets caught jerking their dog off.

Why Total “““Duginist””” Victory Is Inevitable

Subtitle: It’s over bro, just give up. Stop resisting and take the L.

By: Thomas Manwise

A little more than two weeks ago, I started a satire/meme page on Telegram called “NJP Propaganda Dispensary.” It’s still in its infancy, having fewer than 500 subscribers, but judging by its rate of growth I think I can expect it to cross 1000 subscribers within a few months so long as it doesn’t get censored by Telegram.

Most of the posts are memes. Some edits of Aleksandr Dugin here and there along with bad jokes about Mike Enoch’s crippling addiction to ranch sauce (it’s pretty bad–costs him 1K a week). However, in accordance with the name of the channel, we do post edits that could be considered actual, unironic “propaganda” here and there that we hope will be shared to help promote the party. We also make sure to share stuff that the official NJP page posts like the Justice for Jupiter protest1 in Fargo.

EDITOR’S NOTE: You can find our coverage of this here, and the backstory here.

The channel is unofficial and not endorsed by the leaders of National Justice Party or the TRS network, although I will say that Sven, Alex McNabb, Borzoi and Spectre did repost a meme I made about the audio quality of podcasts. Let me just say that I am still thankful to this day that Borzoi went and got a better mic. Now only if he could actually produce part two of the Hyperpodcastism on Wang Huning (we haven’t forgotten).


Although part of the reason why I started the channel was to have fun by seeing how many photoshops of Alex McNabb I could make before I ran out of ideas, my main intent with starting the channel was to express my support for and spread the word about the National Justice Party in whatever small ways that I could as a faceless anon in cyberspace. This is because, as an individual that has been in or adjacent to the Dissident Right scene for over half a decade, I see the National Justice Party and other groups which associate with the Party and its members as the inevitable victors of the ongoing infighting in our circles.

Or to put this point in other words, those who were slandered as “Duginists” by their detractors will claim leadership of the Dissident Right.

We need to build small, independent institutions and organisations”

Whenever I’m speaking with someone in a chat and the all-so-wonderful question of “What should we do?” rears its head, I hear this response or some variation of it:

We need to organise in small independent communities and build parallel institutions that are our own.”

Even typing that short little sentence right there made me want to vomit. “Form communities and build institutions” is the Dissident Right equivalent of “We need to make sure the economy functions for the middle-class” that you used to hear from Democrats back in the Obama years. Yes, that’s what we should be doing. However, just like how you’d tire of your favourite dish after having it everyday for all three meals (or six if you’re Rich Piana) for the past year, I’ve long grown exasperated at this response.

It’s 2022. Seven years have passed since the Brexit referendum and Trump’s 2016 campaign announcement. We are now halfway through Biden’s term in office. Although that’s a grain of sand in the hourglass of history, it’s plenty of time to have begun the doing the hard work that is necessary for us to win. Instead of asking ourselves “What should we do?” we should progress to “Who is building those communities, organisations, and parallel institutions and how can I support them?”

And if you were to look across the Dissident Right in its current state, you would find that most of those communities, organisations, and parallel institutions were built by or are supported by people who are “Duginists”.

Before I continue, I think that I need to provide a better label for the contingent that I am referring to than the pejorative that their opponents refer to them by. Speaking in the broadest of terms, I think that this coalition is composed of those who Keith Woods, who I also consider to be a part of this group, described as “Ethnonationalists” and “American Third Positionists” in this video2. This is by no means a perfect description since those labels do not encompass the full range of nationalities or ideologies that the individuals and organisations in those factions are a part of (for example, Keith Woods himself is a Third Positionist, but he is Irish and not American).

A list of individuals, organisations and institutions that are a part of this group include (but are not limited to):

-The National Justice Party/The Right Stuff Network

-Patriotic Alternative

-Antelope Hill Publishing

-Imperium Press and ‘The Boys’ (Keith Woods, Joel Davis, and Josh Neal)

-Patriot Front

A term that best fits everybody above might be “Third Position Ethnonationalists” so I’ll be referring to them as that throughout the rest of the article.

Now you may have some qualms about who I am or am not including here. I could certainly expand who ‘fits’ into this group by including individuals who were published by Antelope Hill Publishing and Imperium Press. However, I think that I’ve covered most of the key players.

I need to make it clear here that not everybody on the list agrees with each other on everything. I certainly know that Joel Davis, Mark Collett and Eric Striker don’t see eye to eye on America First–an organisation which I will be addressing later on in length. And some of them, like Antelope Hill Publishing and Patriot Front, don’t post hot takes on the latest news or movement drama because they’re busy doing other (likely more productive) things. What’s more important than their disagreements is the fact that they choose to cooperate and support each other in spite of them. This cannot be said of certain *other* factions on the Dissident Right who seem to be engaged in a ceaseless cycle of backstabbing, but I digress.

These groups support each other because they know that the others are doing the good, hard, and vital work of building those parallel institutions, communities and organisations that anons in Telegram chats talk about creating. Ask yourself this: with the exceptions of America First and American Renaissance (both of which seem kinda yid-friendly) who is building pro-White dissident groups in the anglosphere?

I can think of maybe two. One is NSC 131, which is a Patriot Front splinter group based in New England. So far I think NSC 131 has done one protest in Boston; besides that I only remember them for eating raw meat while watching The Northman. The other is Counter-Currents Publishing, but as Greg Johnson himself has said it’s mostly a webzine, and the Third Position Ethnonationalists have many of those, including the very publication you are reading right now. Also, unlike Greg Johnson, the Amazing Broseph Jones happens to be straight. Furthermore, certain books that Counter-Currents have published would likely not pass the quality tests of Antelope Hill or Imperium Press3.

The two individuals (I bolded that for a reason) that I have most in mind while writing this, however, are Thuletide and Brandon Martinez, both of whom have attacked Third Position Ethnonationalists with accusations of “Duginism” and/or other similar smears.

Now ask yourself this: What more has Brandon Martinez done than be an unfunny and far less notorious version of GypsyCrusader? He has a “Who we are” section on his website, but all it lists is Martinez himself as the sole personality involved4. Thuletide has produced a lot of good work on genetics, but has s/he ever organised a demonstration protesting the slaughter of White children? Have either of them attempted to start a dissident-friendly business, be it a small press or even something like Grandma Towler’s Tea?


All they do is produce an endless stream of commentary, much of it complaining about or pointing the finger at those who are actively building our future. And all of this leads into my following point:

What will be left besides a wordpress page?

When I ask whether I should support a pro-White dissident in the current year, I ask myself this morbid but necessary question:

If this person were to die tomorrow, would what he built survive without him?”

Suppose for a moment that Mike Enoch tragically drowned to death while skinny dipping in a pool of Low Fat Hidden Valley®. Without him in the picture, would The Right Stuff radio network and the National Justice Party continue to exist without him?

Almost certainly yes.

With some help, Sven would be able to handle much of the behind-the-scenes stuff for TRS. The National Justice Party would continue on with Warren Balogh, Eric Striker, and Tony Hovater. All of this isn’t to say that the two orgs wouldn’t be greatly diminished without Mike–they certainly would be since he is the leading figure. My point though, is that what Mike has helped build goes beyond himself. Even if something were to happen to the Ranch Chairman that left him unable to participate in pro-White activism, TRS and NJP would continue to move forward.

The same goes for Patriotic Alternative. If Mark Collett suddenly were unable to lead the movement, Laura Towler, Sam Melia and other regional leaders would be able to step in. Likewise for Antelope Hill and Imperium Press, which have multiple friendly people backing them.

In fact we saw a small-scale version of this play out with Patriot Front on June 13th, 2022 when Thomas Rousseau, the founder and leader of the organisation, was arrested alongside 30 of his followers. Even though their leader was behind bars, the organisation as a whole responded effectively and swiftly. Within hours, bail was posted and by Sunday all of them were out and about with smiles on their faces5. They are also already in the process of turning this “loss” into a propaganda victory by releasing video footage6 (NOTE: see here) that absolves them of any wrongdoing and not only makes the Couer d’Alene Police Department look like the upholders of degeneracy that they are, but incompetent as well; their searches were incomplete and the cops failed to find one of the cameras.

Now let’s contrast this with what happened to a few other people. I’ll start with Stefan Molyneux. Yeah, remember him? Stefan Molyneux, the Ayn Rand loving IQ obsessed ancap who managed to get Jordan B. Peterson, Noam Chomsky, and other mainstream names onto his podcast along with guys like Jared Taylor and Peter Brimelow. Molyneux had a YouTube channel which had 900,000 subscribers and tens of millions views, much of which likely helped to inform people on important topics like race and IQ–I can personally attest to this since I was one of his listeners who was red-pilled on that subject by him. However, ever since his bans on YouTube and Twitter in the summer of 2020, he has been reduced to a Bitchute channel that is less than tenth of that size which gets 5000 views if he’s lucky7. Molyneux is now utterly irrelevant in our circles except for the occasional “Not an argument” gif that gets posted as a react.

Now a large part of this is because Molyneux didn’t work on developing his audience on platforms that were less likely to censor him, but I think a large part of why he’s completely fallen off the radar is because Freedomain Radio was a one-man operation. Although the subheading proclaimed that it was “the largest and most popular philosophy show on the web” it really was just Molyneux with a white background speaking into a mic and not much more. He had no one at his side who agreed and amplified his ideas. He had no online organisation or think tank through which he could promote his ideas, let alone real-life, on the ground activists at his beck and call. So when the censors came for him he was wiped off the map easily, leaving almost no mark on dialogues in the current Dissident Right besides maybe a few stray racist libertarians in Telegram chats.

A second example is Andrew Anglin, a spiteful little cretin who is such a catastrophic failure at the biological level that he has to hire Filipina prostitutes. I mean really, he couldn’t even get a Korean or a Japanese woman, let alone a White one, but I digress since this isn’t meant to be a mudslinging drama post. The Daily Stormer, once one of the foremost publications in our circles that had big names like Eric Striker–who is a tireless warrior for our cause8–has now been reduced to complaining about women and kissing the boots of Nick Fuentes for crumbs of attention. Would this sort of deterioration have happened if the Stormer still had a robust network of editors and writers who could’ve stepped in and told Anglin, “Hey bro this is obviously going in the wrong direction, let’s course correct”?

Almost certainly not. Instead of remaining on top as a prominent White Nationalist publication, the Stormer was guided by Anglin and Weev’s incel spergery into obscurity and absurdity.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is also why I was so critical of the Daily Drama Queen’s decision to shut down the Stormer book clubs. Without those IRL groups, there was no real political foundation to Dur Sturmer, and no real purpose. Anglin simply became a guy who makes low quality content on the internet.

Molyneux and Anglin’s fates will be that of all other content creators and commentators on the Dissident Right who are not affiliated with organisations that go beyond the individual when censorship comes their way. It’s already happening to Brandon Martinez, who is bleeding Telegram followers by the thousands9. As for Thuletide, I suspect that s/he may be around for a year or two more before fading into irrelevance, leaving behind a wordpress blog with a couple of good articles on genetics that will probably be lost to time since they aren’t compiled in a book. It’s a shame really since there are a couple of publishers that could help him/her with that…oh…oh wait nevermind. They’re all controlled by Dugin.

Anyway, my point is that individuals are fragile, while organisations are robust. Some, like Patriot Front, could even be described as anti-fragile considering how they are now incorporating what they have learned from the arrests into their strategy going forward, like how an immune system adapts to fend off a pathogen if it is exposed to it once.

To conclude this section, remember that the fasces is one of the most important symbols of nationalism for a reason. Every stick, like individual men, can be broken when isolated. But when unified, we are invincible.

AF: ‘America First’ or ‘All Fuentes’?

Finally, we’re getting to that part that promised you towards the beginning of this article: “If we are to support dissident institutions and organisations over individuals, then why should we support the Third Position Ethnonationalists over America First and its affiliates?”

First off, I need to preface this section by saying that not everybody who gets called a “Duginist” hates America First. Keith Woods, Joel Davis, and Mark Collett all still seem to have positive feelings about the groypers, even though Fuentes has ignored Mark’s advice to stay out of drama10 by hopping on Twitter with his burner account and spreading the lie that Mike Enoch is jewish11.

Actually, let me pause for a moment and talk about how ridiculous that lie is. If Mike Enoch were really jewish, why didn’t that come out with his dox? The guy has had literally everything about his private life leaked onto the Internet. We know that his ex-wife is jewish and that groups like the SPLC deliberately promoted this fact to try and tarnish his reputation in our circles. Indeed, the information was almost enough to get him to leave nationalism behind forever. Now if the malicious actors behind his dox wanted to destroy his reputation in our circles completely, why didn’t they release the information that he was jewish too? Doesn’t make sense now, does it?

Now back to America First. Fuentes’s movement does at first glance appear like a good movement to support if you are a nationalist. It combines White majoritarianism with Christian morals, both of which have broad appeal, and is focused on taking over the Republican party by flanking it from the right. Although there are certainly criticisms to be made of AF’s ideology and strategy, it has been ‘the thing’ on the Dissident Right since 2020 and only recently are we seeing it falter.

I hadn’t seen this before. What a little rat.

America First has hosted real-life events like the America First Political Action Conference, created the dissident-friendly platform, and is formed of a network of personalities who support each other. If we were to judge America First at the surface level it would seem like a much stronger horse to place your bets on than the National Justice Party and its allies, even when taking into account all of the recent drama within the AF movement.

If you’re the rare groyper zoomer who has not only managed to stumble across this article, but has had the attention span to read up to this point, I will first commend you for being able to demonstrate a level of concentration that is far above what is expected of our generation (yes, I’m a zoomer too).

Secondly, if you’re in the process of stalking me on Telegram or even just skimmed through the stories about Beardson Beardly (here’s part one12 and here’s part two13) that I’ve written and had posted to this website, you would know that I’m no big fan of America First and Nick Fuentes. However, I am going to refrain from Ad Hominem attacks on Fuentes in this article, and instead focus upon a critique of him and his organisation that is a tad more formal–and which also doesn’t require me to speculate on his sexual proclivities. Hopefully it will be viewed by men who can understand where I am coming from even though I definitely do have my biases.

Groypers would describe me as a ‘hater’–a label that I accept since part of being good is hating evil.

Okay, maybe it’s a stretch to call America First entirely evil. Though they can be supremely annoying in comments sections on social media, I’m sure almost all of the rank-and-file groypers have their hearts in the right place. An example of this I can think of is Smiley, a supporter of Nick who hung out with Baked Alaska once. Smiley is filled with genuine enthusiasm for his movement and, while a little childish, has the personality which could really help break the ice and help more socially awkward guys feel more welcomed in nationalist circles. Not all groypers are like him of course, but they all do seem to have a fervent, almost religious dedication to Nick’s movement. And even when their fervour becomes toxic and annoying, you need to keep in mind that many groypers don’t even have their licence yet. Their devotion to their movement isn’t an inherently bad thing either, since a deep belief in one’s cause is a prerequisite to victory.

In the case of the groypers’ faith in America First, though, this faith is dreadfully misplaced. The reason why is because ‘AF’ doesn’t stand for ‘America First’. The true meaning of the acronym is ‘All Fuentes’.

If you look at how groypers discuss the movement they are a part of, they often refer to it as ‘Nick’s movement’. This is a fitting description of what AF is since Fuentes is far and ahead the most important individual in the movement, defining it ideologically, aesthetically, and strategically. To put this in perspective, the second-in-line on the AF pecking order is Vincent James, who is much less a personality (I don’t think many people find him entertaining) and more of a news aggregator and disseminator. And if you were to look any further down the rest of the AF totem pole–from Dalton Clodfelter to Franssen to Beardson–they all mimic Nick’s mannerisms, his (awful) taste in music, and parrot his talking points or suck up to him in really weird ways14.

It’s obvious that America First is Nick Fuentes. The movement lives or dies with him, which is why many of those who are opposed to America First don’t focus on attacking Nick’s ideology or strategy (which Mike Enoch did in Episode 891 of TDS, titled America Felted) but on going after Fuentes as a person.

Cum Hunter, two hour showers, tranny porn in his tabs, watching Euphoria, following “Aesthetic Boys” on Instagram, and even claims that he is not as devout in his Catholic faith as he claims to be. All of these allegations revolve around his supposed personality defects because they likely know at some level that AF was built upon Fuentes’ personal charisma, his ability to draw an audience and to inspire people to action (or at least get them to mass flag people he doesn’t like on Twitter and YouTube).

And I mean, It’s fairly common for political movements to be built upon the bold vision of an individual man. Lenin and the Bolsheviks. Mussolini and the Italian fascists. And of course, Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP. Putting aside the fact that the men listed above were all intellectuals and warriors unlike Nick (yes, even the jewish Lenin is more warrior-like than Fuentes), part of what drove people to their movements was their personality and will, and those movements were successful. My point is that you can have a movement spearheaded by a sole individual that is built upon his personal image and have it be successful.

Having your movement defined to a large extent by the personality of your leader isn’t an inherently bad thing for your movement, and in many cases it can be beneficial since many people may find a personal connection with the leader.

However, what you do need to watch out for is the content of your leader’s personality.

When you think about it, Nick really is like Josef Stalin. No, really. I mean it.

Nick Fuentes likes to compare himself to Josef Stalin15 an awful lot, which is pretty strange since the evidence for Stalin being responsible for the mass starvation of Ukranians in the Holodomor is pretty conclusive16 (as opposed to the dubious evidence surrounding another purported genocide in the early to mid 20th century).

Like Russia’s Man of Steel, Fuentes has full executive control over everything. An example of this power being exercised was the banning of Jaden McNeil from Cozy in the aftermath of Kino Casino Episode 1817, making Jaden the first individual to be banned from the platform. The ban was not for threatening to anally rape a woman18 or releasing revenge porn of an eighteen-year old girl 19, but for going on a drama stream and bad-mouthing Nick for a few hours.

I am not going to say that what Jaden McNeil did was okay from the point of view of America First. If (speaking hypothetically of course) Alex McNabb were to sour on TRS and the NJP and hop onto a drama stream to leak private information about Mike Enoch, he would obviously be kicked off the network, and stuff like that has happened in the past (although I will not get into it here).

However, you know what else would get you booted from the network? Being a self-admitted federal collaborator and informant20 and macing so many people in public that people can make 10 minute long compilations of it21. Oh, and doing revenge porn and making rape threats would also get you kicked, although in Beardson’s case I think his soundcloud alone22 would be enough of a reason for Sven to give him the boot.

Now I can already hear all the groypers saying: “Baked Alaska, Ethan Ralph, Beardson and Milo are NOT part of America First! And Milo isn’t even on Cozy!”

They say that do they…

Well even if they are not officially a part of Nick’s movement (although I don’t know what constitutes being an ‘official’ part of America First), Baked Alaska and Beardson were featured prominently in Louis Theorux’s documentary23 on AF and brought Jim Metokur onto Cozy in order to defend Ethan Ralph24. Regardless, the very fact that they are on Cozy is an indicator that he continues to tacitly endorse their egregious behaviour.

As for Milo Yiannopolous, even though he is indeed a part of the Church Militant and not America First, there is an undeniable alliance between him and Fuentes. It is like saying that there is no affiliation between Thomas Rousseau of Patriot Front and Eric Striker of the NJP–the connection is obvious and it’s disingenuous to deny it.

Now let’s pivot for a brief history lesson on Stalin. Stalin was really into purging people, if you didn’t know. So much so that historians refer to his actions in 1937-1938 as the Great Purge, where he wiped out large swathes of the politburo and the Red Army. Among those murdered was Red Army Marshal Mikhail Tukhachevsky, who was nicknamed the “Red Napoleon” and was basically the most competent guy in the Soviet armed forces. Stalin did this because he feared that a competent leader like Tukhachevsky could lead a coup against him. And as Stalin purged those who could theoretically oppose him, Stalin promoted Laverntiy Beria to the head of the NKVD, a sexual predator and paedophile25. Promotions such as Beria’s were based on who was most loyal to Stalin, and not out of competency.

Then, two years later when the Winter War broke out with Finland, the Red Army was constantly humiliated26 by the far smaller Finnish forces. And if you’re in this corner of the Internet, I’m sure that you know what would’ve happened to the Soviet Union if America didn’t send Lend-Lease aid to the communists.

The Red Army was a completely disorganised mess following the purges, requiring years to turn itself around. And even when the Communists did manage to beat the Nazis–thanks to billions of dollars of aid from the United States–the Russians were the ones who suffered the greatest casualties of the Second World War.

So now do you see where I’m going with this?

To put it succinctly:

Nicholas J. Fuentes is utterly incompetent at choosing the right people to surround himself with. A movement composed of bad people will, inevitably, fail.

If there’s one takeaway I want you to have from this section of this already far-too-long article, it’s this one single point. Fuentes has shown himself to be a remarkably poor judge of character. He certainly has the charisma to be a leader, but he consistently makes abysmal choices about who he keeps around him. Instead of James Allsup, he chose Milo Yiannopolous. Instead of Culture War Criminal, he chose Beardson. Instead of literally anybody else in the entire Dissident Right, he chose Ethan Ralph.

And if you don’t think a guy like Ethan Ralph can’t sink a movement under the weight of his wigger gunt, you might want to refresh yourself on what happened with the Traditionalist Workers’ Party, Matthew Heimbach, and a certain collapsing box.

The only other person I can think of who has criticized Fuentes on this point was Mark Collett, which was in this little segment towards the end of his review of the Theroux documentary when he said that Beardson was making AF look bad27, but I think I’m the first to describe this as one of the defining trends of Fuentes’ movement.

Nick will go and criticize Keith Woods and Joel Davis’ intellectual work as “dry” while platforming Ethan Ralph as Ralph goes on a spree of filing false DMCA claims. And this is all hurting Nick himself in the long run too, since the type of person who does that is also the type of fame and power hungry person to go and stab you in the back later on, just saying.

Is this a serious political movement, or a (failing) self-help group?

The National Justice Party/TheRightStuff network, Patriotic Alternative, and Patriot Front do not have these sorts of issues because the leaders of those organisations have the courage and decisiveness to remove problematic members, even if said members are important contributors/prominent personalities. I can tell you that these ejections have happened in the past with all of those organisations, although they don’t like to make a big fuss about it like America First does.

However, if I were to give an example of this, it would be Imperium Press’ decision28 to delist one of its most popular authors, Chris Bond, for engaging in a doxxing feud against neoreactionaries–who also happen to be Imperium Press’ ideological adversaries. Although this was a nasty situation all around, I’ve discovered an even greater respect for Imperium Press in the aftermath. Removing Bond’s book “Nemesis” was not only a cutting of personal ties, but would’ve been a financial hit as well. Despite many of his members having done far worse things than Bond, Nick Fuents lacks the decisiveness to remove the parts of his movement which are holding him back.

There is a highly relevant old Cultured Thug video29 on leadership. In it, CT shows how the principles of good leadership are timeless by revealing the commonalities shared between the virtues expressed in two books that were written 2000 years apart; “Cyrus the Great” by Xenophon and “Extreme Ownership; How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win” by retired Navy SEAL officer and podcaster Jocko Willink. Yup, I know Jocko is big with the normies, but the principles he expresses are pretty good. And when it comes to America First and the direction it is going in–off a cliff–I think that this following excerpt from Willink’s book expresses who is responsible:

On any team, in any organization, all responsibility for success and failure rests with the leader. The leader must own everything in his or her world. There is no one else to blame. The leader must acknowledge mistakes and admit failures, take ownership of them and develop a plan to win.

When subordinates aren’t doing what they should, leaders that exercise Extreme Ownership cannot blame the subordinates. They must first look in the mirror at themselves. The leader bears full responsibility for explaining the strategic mission, developing the tactics, and securing the training and resources to enable the team to properly and successfully execute.

If an individual on the team is not performing at the level required for the team to succeed, the leader must train and mentor that underperformer. But if the underperformer continually fails to meet standards, then a leader who exercises Extreme Ownership must be loyal to the team and the mission beyond any individual.

If underperformers can’t improve, the leader must make the tough call to terminate them and hire others who can get the job done.

It is all on the leader.

It’s all on you, Nick.

Conclusion: Rolling with the Punches

This article is already nearly 5000 words long, so I’ll (try to) be brief. As I said at the beginning of this piece, it’s been seven years since the Brexit referendum and Trump’s campaign announcement. It might feel like a long time because so much has happened in that timeframe; Charlottesville, the rise of AF, COVID lockdowns. the Floyd riots, January 6th and so much more. But it really isn’t a lot of time, and slowly but surely, the organisations that are doing good work will grow.

Our enemies, in their attempts to hold onto power, are throwing gay-op after gay-op at us, but none of them are really landing like they used to. If we tough it out for just a few more years, we could start seeing some big results. What matters now is who can take the punches and keep on getting up.

Individual content creators will get snuffed out one by one.

Organisations like America First, which are made up in large part by less-than-savory characters due to the weakness of its leader, are in the process of imploding.

Who does this leave standing?

The “““Duginists”””.

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Thanks again to Thomas Manwise for this article. It’s a serious departure from his decidedly satirical articles on Floyd, Beardlet, Thuletide, which I enjoyed for what they were. I linked this earlier, but you can find Manwise’s telegram channel, “NJP Propaganda Dispensary,” here, as well as the old George Floyd Creepypasta channel he was a part of here. You can also find him on Poast as well as Odysee.

From the NJP Propaganda Dispensary

May skyline chili flavoured NazBol Dooginism carry the day into the great Eurasianist future.

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  1. A worthy article that lifted by the roots those that claim to be that which they are not. Great article as a group we need to have action and not just talk.

  2. I thought it was funny how Borzoi pinned the poast about the Wang Huning podcast…. But then weeks or months later it disappeared.
    One problem was the quality of the translation is very poor, which lead to a number of misinterpretations on the podcast.
    If they do ever get back to it they should get on someone who can read it in Chinese (I don’t really qualify myself because my Chinese is good enough to get the gist, but not much more)

  3. The funny thing about Dugin hysteria is that he is —

    1.) A Russian boomer who believes in colorblind multi-ethnic civnatism.

    2.) A totally mainstream academic who regularly speaks at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and who writes mainstream college textbooks in polisci.

    3.) A person who has zero influence on the alt-right or American white nationalist movement, as you can easily confirm by reviewing the history of American white nationalism since the Spanish-American War era. WN was always isolationist, anti-imperialist and “third worldist.” The Rising Tide of Color Against White World Supremacy was a prediction about the fall of European colonialism in the 20th Century and a white nationalist manifesto.

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