There is a fine line between being an anti-social hermit at the family fiesta, and outright neglecting you, our treasured Daily Rake readership. But I find myself having snuck away from the rest of the Coish’s long enough to wish you a very happy Canadian Thanksgiving.

I know we’re not all where we’d like to be in our lives, but whenever you get a chance to hang out with your annoying extended family I’d recommend doing exactly that. Some of us have strained relationships with our families, and in that case things can be different, but today I got to talk to my nephew for the first time, with him finally being old enough to speak. I also managed to finally win a game of Trump, the card game, something younger me desperately wanted but could never do. Fifteen years later the taste of first victory is just as sweet, although I have managed to celebrate much more tastefully than my fifteen year old self.

As for the holiday itself, thanksgiving is ostensibly a holiday to celebrate the harvest and blessing of last year. In this modern world with refrigeration and international trade the Autumn harvest is not as important as it once was. Nevertheless, it should give us all a moment to pause and reflect upon this country and this civilization that our ancestors have built for us.

Unlike some fake refugees who have been brought into your neighbour hood by Soros types to parasitize off our country, our ancestors were brought to a land free of civilization. Where our ever-worsening, but potentially great cities now lie there was once little more than dirt, rocks and trees. As Paul Fromm said when I went to his event honouring Monika Schaefer, some of our anti-White “friends,” say that this country was stolen. Some of our guys say “conquered, not stole,” but it would be more appropriate to say “built, not conquered.” 

So consider this an opportunity to honour your ancestors. At the very least you can tell yourself you’re doing that when you indulge in that second serving of pumpkin pie with extra whipped cream. Enjoy your Thanksgiving.

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  1. We built the country. We cleared the forests. We cultivated the plains. we built built the cities. we established the laws. We carved the paths through mountains for roads and rails. We did. All they did was buy a fucking plane ticket.

    1. Or more likely some Jewish NGO got them a ticket lol.

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