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Alessandra Verni, the mother of Pamela Mastropietro, arrived at the Assize Court of Appeal of Perugia on Wednesday wearing a t-shirt that showed her daughter’s dead body after she had been dismembered by Nigerian Innocent Oseghale, who killed the 18-year-old in early 2018.

Because the killer was trying to appeal his convictions and sentences, Verni said she needed to remind the court of the terrible things he had done, hence wearing the shirt printed with the forensic images of the teenage girl’s brutalised body. Italian media reports Verni said of her decision: “Every night I go to bed to dream of Pamela. That’s why I decided to show that photo”.

The latest hearing, which disputes the rape charge Oseghale had been convicted of along with the murder of Mastropietro, saw the Nigerian addressing Ms Verni saying “no more judicial oppression,” to which Verni reacted by saying, “tell me, tell me what you want” before prison police intervened and remove him from the courtroom, the newspaper Il Giornale reports

The latest hearing, which disputes the rape charge Oseghale had been convicted of along with the murder of Mastropietro, saw the Nigerian addressing Ms Verni saying “no more judicial oppression,” to which Verni reacted by saying, “tell me, tell me what you want” before prison police intervened and remove him from the courtroom, the newspaper Il Giornale reports

“I expect justice from this process, what I have been asking for five years, justice. Life imprisonment for those who do these things, Oseghale and all his accomplices must pay,” Verni shouted in the courtroom.

“Pamela was raped, she was killed, she was beaten on the head, she was tortured, she was torn to pieces,” Verni said and added, “I expect that now the state, justice, and prosecutors do their duty because executioners cannot be allowed to go free in a city, in Italy, because in our country this cannot be accepted.”

This happened on January 27th, one day before our activism in Kelowna against the groomers. In it one of the organizers for the Action4Canada group told me that they didn’t want to print out or talk about any of the erotic cannibalism fetish videos made by the freak, Tyson Cook, who was the “drag queen” main performer, because it would be too inflammatory. Meanwhile Alessandra Verni, the mother of Pamela Mastropietro, shows up to court wearing a picture of her daughters dismembered body. 

The horrific murder of Pamela Mastropietro by some negro named Innocent Oseghale predates this website by over three years. It is not an exaggeration to say that this was one of the most horrific crimes ever, as the girl was allegedly dismembered while still alive.


The witness went on to add that following the initial stabbing, Oseghale left the scene to fetch another man to help him dispose of Mastropietro’s body and then “returned home, convinced him that Pamela was dead and started dismembering from the foot.”

The Nigerian is then alleged to have stabbed the teen again after she allegedly tried to cry out.

Left to right, Alessandra Verni, Pamela Mastropietro, Innocent Oseghale

She was raped, then stabbed, then had her foot cut off while she was still alive. My only hope is that she died soon after. Whatever her precise fate was she spawned Luca Traini’s shooting spree, where he shot six of these invaders. 

Luca Traini

National Vanguard (2018):

But the mother of Pamela Mastropietro, the 18-year-old Roman girl raped, murdered and chopped up by Nigerian drug dealers, declined to go along with the program. Instead, at her daughter’s funeral, held belatedly this weekend, she chose to make a bold statement of defiance to the Multicult. Many flowers had been sent in by sympathisers but she decided to personally carry the bouquet sent by Luca Traini, the “White Rampage” shooter who became a hero to many Italians after gunning down Africans at random in the wake of Pamela’s death.

Alessandro Verni seen holding the flowers given to her by Luca Traini.

Luca Traini was sentenced to twelve years in prison. But things seemed mildly promising with supposedly populist politician Matteo Salvini in charge. Around that same time, another Italian girl, Desiree Mariottini, was deliberately overdosed by migrants, before being raped as she died.


On 17 October 2018, Mariottini reportedly missed the last bus and did not return to her home, and was found dead one day later.

Mariottini was drugged and sexually assaulted in a “drug den” in the San Lorenzo district in Rome. While unconscious, Mariottini was assaulted multiple times by an unknown number of assailants. An autopsy showed she had taken drugs as early as the afternoon of October 18, and died later on the night of 19 October. It also showed that Mariottini was likely raped as she was dying.

On 25 October, two people were arrested for the murder: Mamadou Gara, 26 and Brian Minteh, 43. Both are accused, along other suspects, of gang rape, drug possession and voluntary homicide. The police are looking for at least two other men involved in the murder. The criminals were identified after a series of testimonies and findings made in the building where the body was found.

Around October 26, two more arrests were made in the case; Alinno Chima, age 40, and Yusif Salia, whose age was not specified.

Desiree Mariottini

Of course, Salvini did the most bitchmade possible tribute to her possible.

On October 24, 2018 interior minister Matteo Salvini, the leader of the anti-migration Northern League party, went to the abandoned building where the girl’s body was found.

Residents of the San Lorenzo district prevented Salvini from placing a rose outside the building where the victim was found, feeling Salvini was exploiting the young woman’s death. He returned later in the day unannounced and placed the flowers in front of the gate.

You have to give Salvini a break. He may have been the Deputy Prime Minister at the time, but he couldn’t stand up to a bunch of deranged anti-White losers. He was tired from pleasing Schlomo so hard. He just didn’t have the energy to actually do anything for Italians, you see. 

FTN was onto this kosher faggot starting from early 2020. He promised to deport 600,000 Africans and then didn’t. At best he redistributed the filth over the rest of Europe, or pretended to, which is exactly what (((Republicans))) like Ron DeSantis do here. Basically he was Pasta Orange Faggot.

From one post on BANG.

Salvinis party was elected on a platform that included a referendum to leave the EU. In power, Salvini quietly cucked on this because big business in Northern Italy lobbied against it (they are heavily integrated into German industry). Popular sentiment on EU membership in Italy isn’t easy to gauge, but periphery polls show that most Italians say they are poorer and more powerless under the EU than before.

The understanding people had with the League was that they would deport all the fake refugees. Instead, Salvini burned his bridges with other “populists” by demanding the other nations in the EU, including Hungary and Poland, take them.

Salvini and the League could’ve agitated to change EU policies on migration and Dublin II regulation. Instead, he used his political capital to try and get permission for more tax breaks for billionaires, even though Italy already has one of Europe’s worst wealth gaps.

Trump quoted Mussolini as well. With Salvini, the rosary clutching (he was never known for being religious) and Duce quoting is red meat for Italian nationalist voters.

Salvini is another Trump. Fly paper to intercept a nationalist uprising, and reroute it back to cuckservatism. Salvini’s second go at government after getting greedy and trying to depose his left-wing coalition partners (because they didn’t like his tax-cuts for the rich or attempts to drag Italy into Israel’s Middle East conflicts) was to return in a coalition with the infamous Washington owned kleptocrat Berlusconi. Without the power of Salvini’s personality and the illusions he has tricked nationalists into, the center-right in Italy would’ve fully collapsed after numerous dismal showings.

Koshervatives are a truly disgusting and enraging group of faggots. Imagine seeing two teenage Italian girls be brutally raped and murdered by migrants and thinking “oh man, this is great. I’ll be able to get elected and then do things for my Jew owners and Goy billionaires while doing nothing for the people.” Meanwhile this is Luca Traini’s reaction.


On taking inventory of the woman’s mutilated corpse, police further found that certain parts were missing, including the victim’s neck and a portion of the genital organs. They are now looking for a second Nigerian accomplice believed to have participated in the macabre murder.

At a court hearing on Tuesday, 28-year-old Luca Traini confessed to carrying out Saturday’s shootings in revenge for the murder. He said that his only regret after his hour-and-a-half drive around Macerata shooting at dark-skinned pedestrians was that one of his victims had been a woman. All six of those injured are expected to survive.

“I was in the car, I wanted to go to the gym, I turned on the radio and I heard for the umpteenth time the story of Pamela. I felt an irresistible impulse: I returned home, opened the safe and took out my gun. Then I went out to hit them all,” he said.

According to law enforcement officials, Traini fired some 30 shots out the window of his black Alfa Romeo as he drove about the city. The man is unemployed, having failed in a run for local office, and had been kicked out of his gym last year, reportedly for his “fascist views.”

Whatever one thinks about Luca Traini, there are serious people in politics, and unserious people. Serious people show up with pictures of their daughters dismembered corpse. Unserious people self-censor in order to avoid being too inflammatory.

Every now and then it’s good to be reminded of how normal people, like Alessandra Verni, behave when they don’t have subversive cunts called conservatives getting in the way. And what they do is shove gore pictures of murdered children in the faces of anti-Whites and give flowers to men who go on unapologetic racial shooting sprees. 

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  1. I’m glad Luca did what he did, I hope he is let out of prison soon. I just wish he had been more deadly against the pavement apes. Hopefully though, the survivors of his rampage will be all fucked up for life.

  2. If Luca were running Italy there wouldn’t be any more Italian girls getting massacred.

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