This piece was originally intented as a followup to the previous one on the so-called Suburban Ponzi Schemes. I started out by looking through the case studies that “prove” that small towns and suburbs are Ponzi schemes. Midway through writing it I realized that the pent up rant I had unleashed needed to be its own piece. That’s because there are two issues here.

First, there’s the more academic takedown of Strong Town’s Ponzi scheme claim. This has a lot of value, and the more thorough and dispassionate the deboonking, the more productive. Second, these people pissed me off to the point where I needed to go on a long pent up rant, and that needs to be as passionate as possible. They can’t co-exist in the same piece, so I’m sorry if this appears a tad abrupt, but we’re just getting thrown into it.

Charles Marohn’s piece references an unnamed small town in Minnesota. This triggered a memory of a Not Just Bikes video on the Strong Towns series, which goes into greater depth on this very same town.


An extreme case is the small town of Backus, Minnesota, which was at the end of life of its wastewater system.

But because this town was made up of sprawling, low productivity car-centric infrastructure, the wastewater system was sprawling and wasteful as well.

I guess the good people of Backus, Minnesota, should have instead built a tram system to get around their rural town with a population of 250. Then maybe they could have built some skyscrapers, because what works for downtown Manhattan should work for small towns as well.

This replacement cost was $27k per family, which was the median household income in the town. You can’t just tax people their entire yearly income.

Good thing Governments have ways of financing projects that spread them out over multiple years, or even decades then, no?

It’s highly likely that they still can’t pay for this project, it just annoys me how the traffic soyboys manage to get every last little detail wrong.

Of course, in any sane country a small low density town wouldn’t have a wastewater system. Each home would have its own septic tank, maintained by the household.

On one hand we can look at this claim from a consubversative perspective and nod our heads in agreement. After all, what he says here is superficially logical.

The house that I grew up in has been evaluated at more than $4 million. It’s located in the Vancouver suburb of South-Surrey/White Rock. This area, last time I checked, was the second wealthiest area of Canada and behind only Markham, Ontario, a suburb of Toronto. Despite this, a wealthy home in a wealthy area, our family home did not have direct sewer access, and we had a septic tank. That was fairly unusual in that area, but far from unheard of.

If wealthy suburbs with higher population densities have homes with septic tanks, then it appears difficult to justify why a very poor, small, and spread out town wouldn’t have one. After all, we can’t justify the cost of building subway systems everywhere, and we can’t justify the cost of a wastewater treatment facility everywhere either.

Except that we can.

But this is the problem with the American mentality around car-dependent sprawl. Everybody expects urban services with near rural densities.

Here’s how we justify giving poor White People in rural areas a really nice wastewater treatment facility. We make faggots like Jason Slaughter pay for it.

It’s starting to amaze me how much I hate this snarky faggot, and his tactical financial responsibility. That goes for all of these urbanite faggots. Here’s Alan Fisher’s laughable video justifying high speed rail. The thumbnail says it all, but to be clear I quote him at the 5 minute mark.


In the United States, and any place where capitalism is pretty much worshipped, there’s always an obsession to run the Government like it’s a private business. Which, when it comes to transit, doesn’t really make sense. Why is there never scrutiny about freeways, and it’s always about transit instead. It’s a weird austerity mindset, and it’s been beaten into our heads for years and we never really ask why.

Here’s a better question, you faggot.

Why are the urbanite faggots constantly applying tactical capitalist hyperscrutiny to small, 95+% White towns like Backus, Minnesota, and the largely White suburbs? Why is that? Why is it that there is not one infrastructure project, no matter how absurdly over budget, that benefits inner cities – California high speed rail being one of the best examples – that needs to justify itself to Xir Urbanite on cost, and yet poor people in rural towns apparently need to beg for these faggots approval in order to get a fucking wastewater treatment facility up and running.

How about this? How about Fuck You Pay Me you annoying little faggot. And that goes for you as well.

And this lisping faggot who had a soy fueled freakout at someone calling a parking garage “The Garage Mahal.”

And this retard who thinks that children played in streets right in front of Clydesdales. Or that skyscrapers have no purpose and people build them for no reason. Or that you can’t build the roads for the White suburbanites, because infinite “induced” demand for car transportation is suddenly a thing.

It is a ridiculous premise that suburbs, and now apparently small towns, are Ponzi schemes. I’ll deal with that in another piece, but that’s not even the most important issue. What’s more important is the powerful hatred that I feel for these totally uncensored fake revolutionary NPC antifa anti-White faggots who sneak in the premise that decent White People in rural areas and suburbs finally getting to enjoy a bit of their own taxdollars is a terrible thing. It isn’t. Fuck each and every one of these cunts for even suggesting that it be so.

Earlier in this piece I said that some people could argue that it was reasonable for my childhood suburban family home to not have direct sewer access. Except, my father paid way more in taxes to this zionist occupation government than he ever got in return. When I stop being a fifth class citizen I’ll start worrying about balanced budgets. In the meantime, fuck you, pay for our sewage mainline attachment, and pay for these rural White People in Backus, Minnesota’s sewage treatment facility you piece of shit antifa filth.

Not Just Bikes isn’t done snarkily lecturing the rural White People, even though he would never say shit about coloured migrant tax parasites, or niggers of colour on welfare.

But this is the problem with the American mentality around car-dependent sprawl. Everybody expects urban services with near rural densities.

Municipal water and sewer systems, burrowed electrical cables, traffic lights, garbage collection, fully paved multilane arterial roads to every neighbourhood, but they’re not willing to actually pay for it. The American Dream never said ‘nuttin’ about maintaining your own septic tank.

You’re right, I’m not willing to pay for it. You know who should pay for it? You.

Here’s Jason Slaughter’s LinkedIn profile. Yes, he puts his pronouns in his bio.

Here’s a screencap of his work history. Take a look at this and ask yourself what these jobs even are.

He has a degree in electrical engineering from Waterloo University. He started out as “Product Manager – Multimedia Software” at then ATI in 2004. This apparently qualified him to be the Director of Marketing and Product Management at DisplayLink. Then Product Management Consultant. Then VP of Product (WTF?). Then Product Management Consultant again, this time as a contractor.

The guy is a typical corporate fag, and I’m shocked to find out that he has a wife and two children. Or at least, he claims to.

People on KiwiFarms were talking about him having a job that pays him more than $300,000 per year, and being very sensitive when redditors brought this up. Taking a glance at his work history, bouncing from one corporate sinecure to another, this doesn’t surprise me.

What does our intrepid antifa do with all that money? Well he fucks off to one of the Whitest major cities in the World, because of course he does. Then he turns around and lectures us about how the financial problems with America stem from the places where White People live. 


This reminds me of something else I’ve been meaning to rant about, but couldn’t find the opportunity. I realized a little while back that I forgot to actually write the takedown of high speed rail for Canada/US. I wrote all those pieces about trains in preparation, and then got so wrapped up with the Suburban Ponzi Scheme nonsense that I forgot to actually sit down and deboonk HSR. When I realized my mistake I was quite angry with myself, thinking that I had somewhat ruined the flow of the series.

However, I’m now glad that I accidentally put it off, because this piece has made me able to articulate something that was gnawing at me. I couldn’t properly explain why I was so pissed at seeing the traffic soyboys cheerleading utterly moronical high speed rail projects. After all, their arguments are incredibly stupid, so it should be just as fun as dunking on them for all the other dumb and trivially fact-checked garbage that they say.

So, so dumb.

And yet, it just pissed me off. At the time I thought it was because Governments are actually pursuing these wasteful policies, as opposed to more out there nonsense. That’s certainly a part of it, but not the whole story. Nor is it the uselessness and extreme expense of high speed rail, although that’s a part of it as well.

I knew I was scratching at the surface when writing about the other bugcreature hating manned space travel, but I was too focused on prestige projects. I said at the time that the prestige projects that we should be working on should mostly involve space. Aside from that, there are certain architectural projects that are worth pursuing. Having trains that go somewhat fast, but are still tediously slow compared to planes and hideously expensive is a truly bizarre thing to get motivated around building.

But today it hit me. High speed rail is an extremely expensive boondoggle. Your taxes will pay for it, and yet it only has some extremely niche edge cases where it beats both cars and planes. Those niche cases are for downtown urbanite Eternal Tourists, who will find their lives very mildly improved. You pay for it, they enjoy it. That’s not a bug, it’s a feature.

Remember this faggot?

You think he’s losing sleep over your taxes funding his shitty high speed rail boondoggle?

Of course not. He gets a kick out of your life being made worse, just because Fuck You. And don’t think for one second that this is where your subsidies of these cunts ends. You know how these people love subway systems and mass transit so much? Who do you think pays for them? That’s right, you do!


In 2015, New York State and NYC gave the MTA subsidies of $4.1b and $1.4b, respectively. By dividing the subsidies by the number of taxpayers in NYS and NYC, each state taxpayer paid a $459 subsidy and each city taxpayer paid a subsidy of $825 (includes state subsidy).

The average New York State taxpayer gets almost $500 stolen from them – probably more now, this is from 2015 – per year so that urbanites can enjoy their car-free and child-free worthless existences with mildly more convenience, and the same is true everywhere else. You, surbanite – or ruralite – you get the privilege of paying for the transport infrastructure and subsidizing public transport for urbanites. You don’t get to use it. It’s not for you. But you pay for it all the same. 

The urbanites enjoy this situation. They think it’s funny that you have to pay for them, while they pull out some tactical fiscal responsibility in a bid to prevent the Government from giving you a single infrastructure project that might benefit you, and that your income taxes pay for anyway.

High speed rail makes absolutely no sense, compared to the alternative of just subsidizing air travel. The latter is much faster and far more convenient. And for the amount of money that high speed rail costs, you could give people near free first class plane seats. Hell, you could design entirely new planes of the same size, but with one quarter the seats, where the tickets cost $50 for a cross country flight. How’s that for a prestige project?

How’s that for something that will actually be a nice thing that improves the quality of people’s lives? And don’t get me started on the benefits of building more roads and highways.

But you know what else improves the quality of people’s lives. BUILDING SEWAGE TREATMENT FACILITIES IN SMALL TOWNS.


In his video he claims that the town of Backus, Minnesota eventually got a subsidy of just over $3 million from state and federal government for their wastewater system refurbishment. California high speed rail is now projected to cost over $100 billion. It’s estimated at $35 billion to build the first part from Bakersfield to Merced. $35 billion to build a train to nowhere.

In contrast, the wastewater treatment facility in Backus cost just $3 million, and it takes 40 years between refurbishments. You know what you can buy for the $100 billion price tag – as if it will actually be that cheap – of the high speed faggot machine? Over 30,000 wastewater treatment facilities for rural areas. And yet, if you build a single one of them, these snarky midwit fucks will make videos on their uncensored YouTube channels and bloviate about how this is “unsustainable,” using faulty retard logic and tactical fiscal libertarianism. 

Why don’t Americans have fast internet? Wouldn’t building fiber optic lines all throughout the continent be a productive enterprise? It would be, but these antifa cunts would hate it because now, all of a sudden, you can’t be subsidizing anything, provided that White People would benefit. There are lots of infrastructure projects that we could do that would benefit you, and improve the quality of your life.

Except, that’s the problem. The urbanite faggots don’t want something that improves your life. They want something that makes your life worse, and if it only has marginal benefit to them, then whatever. High speed rail only makes sense for ultra high population centers, which you probably don’t live in. It won’t even be convenient if you live in the suburbs of a large population center, compared to driving or even unsubsidized flying.

You will pay out the nose in taxes for their high speed rail. You won’t see any benefit from it. That is why they like it. Because fuck you.

Speaking of flying, planes are massively faster than even the fastest trains. But you can’t put an airport in downtown, with some extremely rare exceptions, they need to be built in the areas where the suburbs are. This means that these Eternal Tourists need to travel all the way out to the airport before getting on their plane. Therefore, you also benefit from air travel infrastructure, and maybe even more than them.

As if that wasn’t unconscionable enough, airplanes don’t need to follow set tracks. This means that we can build little airports all over the place so you filthy White small town ruralites and suburbanites can enjoy them, especially if we also build oil and fuel pipelines to them. But we might have to subsidize that infrastructure, so suddenly the High Speed Rail Enjoyers are to the right of Benny Shapiro on the fiscal conservatism. Suddenly there’s just no budget for that, you filthy suburbanite. Everything in society must pay for itself, but just this one time when it benefits you. 

Oh and also when White People in small towns get nice infrastructure. We’re also fiscal conservatives then. But subsidies that will benefit me, an urbanite bugcreature living in a cuckbox in Manhattan? More more more! 

And infinity migrants? Wakandians of Crime? You say those are expensive? Who could put money over people like that? What are we capitalists now? Pay for them to stay in nicer residences than you live in, Whitey. And don’t expect anything in return. Dontcha know that your lifestyle is unsustainable and subsidized by them already because they live in the cities?

I don’t know what to make of Charles Marohn. He might just be a dumb LOLbertarian guy who doesn’t get it. He was putting his ideas out there for a decade before they got picked up by the antifa crowd, so it could go either way. However, the urbanite antifas like these ideas because they let them pretend that “muh poor blax of colour” are secretly being forced to subsidize the below group of actually productive citizens.

Let’s pretend that these people’s neighbourhood is somehow subsidized in some extremely vague way. Are these people net tax-subsidized? Absolutely not. Now let’s look at these inner city Civil Rights Activists below. Let’s pretend that their neighbourhood is secretly overtaxed in some vague way. Are these people net tax-payers? Absolutely not.

Where do you think the welfare that Inner City Shaniquas use comes from? It comes from these White People in the suburbs. It comes from the income taxes that they pay. 

Or maybe it came from the income taxes paid by these White People in this small town.

How fucking dare these White People get some of their own money back and have it be spent on them, instead of Shaniquas welfare or Schlomo’s wars. The audacity of these uppity White People, making $27k per year median family income, to demand that the Government, for once in their entire lives, subsidize them for a change.

And even worse, the money might have come from some (((hedge fund manager))) who contributes so much to society, and is unfairly forced to pay $1 million in taxes on $800 million in capital gains created through concentric shells of offshore corporations.

How dare these peasants take some of the sweat off his brow? How dare these brigands steal his hard won bread? How dare they? How absolutely dare they?

Adam Something (Adam Kovacs)

Something something sustainable.

Something something global warming.

Something something math doesn’t add up for trucking/small towns/suburbs.

Something something racism of colour.

Something something I fucking hate these people. I despise them with a passion, and I hate everything around them. 

I hate that they pretend to be e-revolutionaries when they aren’t even censored. Meanwhile we just had our 881 subscriber channel nuked.

I hate their obnoxious midwit dumbassery, where everything they say is some “unintuitive truth that defies logic,” but is actually just wrong. I hate that they are explicitly or implicitly anti-White. I hate their nasty, low testosterone obsequiousness to (((The Narrative))) and the negative impact they have on the world, should people actually take them seriously. And I hate them for a thousand reasons that I can’t properly articulate, but that make me want to stomp on their necks to hear them squealing and choking to death on their own blood every time I see their faces.

That’s the Traffic Troons for you. A bunch of antifa-lite uncensored e-cunts who have never found a way to make your life worse that they didn’t approve of, and who have never found a way to make your life better that isn’t “subsidized,” “unsustainable,” and “killing the planet.” 

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  1. Awesome rant Rake – you should be leading a tax revolt!

    I think many White Canadians have had enough. They ask, “what’s in it for me?” and the answer is nothing, nada, a big honking goose egg. So they quietly vote with their feet. Disengagement manifests as chronic labour shortages; decline in military enlistments; expanding underground markets for goods and services (worth about $68.5 billion in 2021); etc…

    Anyhow, your rant resonates and reflects what’s going on out there irl – excellent writing, man!

    1. I am almost too angry at these people to even write the rant in the first place. They’re such a nasty combination of everything wrong.

  2. […] PSA: Deboonking the Traffic Soyboys Part 26 – Subsidies for me but not for Thee! […]

  3. Not Just Kikes likes to post this shit sometimes.

    “It’s good to put our a video every now and then that flushes the channel of neo-Nazis who may have subscribed. It’s like a spring cleaning, or getting the fatbergs out of your plumbing. 👍”

    Yeah, if you need proof this guy is an ANTIFA cock rider and hates White people, there you go.

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