It’s been a while since we dunked on San Francisco. It’s always fun to do, and I don’t think that we do it enough. I’m not saying that the people of San Francisco deserve to live in a third world city that also has tons of the ultra rich, although some of them are truly insufferable. My point is that the city needs to be talked about more as a shining example of Globo Homo Capitalist Gayplex.

Someone posted the above video on BANG a few days ago. The first response was:

I heard it described recently by a guy dumb enough to still live down there as “a 4th world country”, and became as such in a handful of years.

Doesn’t surprise me. The Downtown Eastside (DTES) in Vancouver is the same. I talked about that extensively in one episode of the Traffic Soyboys series.

When tens of thousands of human feces deposits are cleaned up in a single year, can you really describe this as a first world city anymore?

The runaway leader in human feces is San Francisco. It was so bad that someone named “Jenn Wong” made an app to map all the human feces from 2008-2015.

Nowadays no one would bother, in part because that map would simply be the entire city, but mostly because much of San Fran is a Detroit-style ghosttown. Here’s another video from the same guy.

I can’t recommend enough watching at least one of these videos. Screencaps can’t do it justice, because there’s always a feeling with a screenshot that it isn’t representative of the true situation. It hits entirely differently when you hear mall music playing in an empty area before the camera pans around to show you that, yep, all the stores are closed and there’s no one there.

The place is so dead that it’s actually made more bizarre by the occasional straggler, or rare store remaining open but with no customers.

Everywhere he goes it’s just more emptiness. It looks miles worse than any area I ever saw during Covid-19. It looks like he’s walking through an Unreal Engine rendering of San Fran with the max NPC count set to very low.

All the stores are closed, just like a video game that won’t let you inside them, and there are just enough NPCs and background noise for your imagination to let you pretend that you’re walking through a real city.

Although one thing I have to admit is that San Francisco totally solved the traffic problem. Turns out the solution isn’t to, idiotically, make the main street a car free zone. The solution is to have a dying city that lost almost 10% of its population overall, much more from downtown, and has rampant crime so bad that most businesses have pulled out of downtown, giving people no reason to ever come. So you see the antifa urbanists solutions aren’t just for public transit, it’s win-win for drivers as well.

I really enjoy content from normal people. The relatively unpolished content has a more honest feel than any mainstream propaganda coverage. Having said that, even traditionally finkle-left mainstream propaganda publications are getting in on the action.

Above we see NBC news. Below, ABC News. Put both videos on 2x speed and watch them through all the way. The ABC News video is undeniably superior, since it shows the absolute hell that normal people have to go through with these coddled drug addict criminals literally shitting all over everything.

ABC News interviews an anonymous “Jane.” Below is what her street looked like in 2014.

Here’s that same street in 2023, and this is far from the worst angle. 

The camera crew went a few feet down the street and got to see the familiar site of garbage, probably littered with human feces, strewn about. I can tell you from experience, you can smell the feces the entire time you’re in one of these places.

At least their camera crew wasn’t attacked. That’s better than The Telegraph propagandists could say.

That video is unwatchable in its entirety, because The Telegraph is coddling the San Fran antifas/BLMers who are schizophrenic, obscenely anti-White, and absurdly entitled all at the same time. I had to tap out after just over one minute, but that was enough to see the homeless criminals break the back window of their vehicle, some red haired Black Womxyn poorly singing during a “Juneteenth” celebration, a “transgender district,” sign, and enough Monekeypox flags to wipe the streets clean of human feces.

You get tranny flags and human feces littering the streets is a two for one package deal. Sure, even the people who live in San Fran don’t like it, but the (((city leadership))) sure does.

Another commenter in the same BANG thread:

I went and looked at the Board of Supervisors for San Francisco and it is packed with kikes.

Connie Chan – Asian

Catherine Stefani – White woman

Aaron Peskin – Jewish

Joel Engardio – Fag

Dean Preston – Jewish

Matt Dorsey – Fag

Myrna Melgar – Jewish

Rafael Mandelman – Jewish

Hillary Ronen – Jewish

Shamann Walton – black

Ahsha Safai – Iranian

5 of the 11 members are Jews, in a city that’s about 10% Jew.  You want to know why San Fran is a shit show, just look at the people who are running it.

I never accept the Jewdar of randos online, so I went and looked it up for myself…


S.F. supervisors: Incumbents Aaron Peskin from District 3, Dean Preston from District 5 and Hillary Ronen from District 9 all are keeping their seats on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. Peskin, who got 55 percent of the vote, ran against Danny Sauter, who got 35.3 percent. Preston ran against Vallie Brown, and Ronen ran unopposed.

That’s three. What about Rafael Mandelman?


“I still believe in the value of a Jewish national home,” said Rafael Mandelman, a San Francisco supervisor in his third year in office, who went to Jewish day school at S.F. Brandeis.

Mandelman identifies as a “progressive Zionist” while acknowledging, with a chuckle, that might make him a “dinosaur” in today’s American left.

My version of Zionism is probably different from my grandmother’s version of Zionism as she was putting her change into the JNF box,” he said.

He described his version as “committed to coexistence with everybody else in the land” and one that “believes in civil liberties, free speech and the rule of law. That’s a kind of Zionism I can get behind.”

That’s four.

Surely, Myrna Melgar isn’t a Jew?


Myrna Melgar is a lot of things. Elected in November to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, she’s a first-time office holder; the first Latina elected to the board; an immigrant from El Salvador; a descendant of Jewish scholars; a mother; the child of an engineer and a communist militant; and a part of the local Jewish community.

And that’s five. Five Tiny-Penis-Americans, at least according to Rudy Giuliani.

Let’s circle back to Rafael Mandelman and hear what he has to say about his “Progressive Zionism.”

San Francisco is one of the most progressive cities in the country, and Mandelman’s district, which encompasses the Castro and Noe Valley, is no different. A massive pro-Palestinian protest on May 15 brought hundreds to the Mission, abutting his district; among the protesters were some friends, he said.

He did not attend the protest but “wouldn’t rule out” going to one in the future, while acknowledging that certain language at the demonstrations can be problematic — such as the common refrain “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” which appears to argue for the elimination of Israel.

“Free Palestine’ means different things to different people,” he said. “I agree if we’re talking about Ramallah. I disagree if we’re talking about Tel Aviv.”

While “it’s true that the narrative does sometimes bleed into real anti-Jewish prejudice,” he said, the protesters he knows personally “are not anti-Jewish. They are just horrified by what they see happening to Palestinians.”

He’s super anti-White and absolutely loves exposing children’s buttholes to anus hungry CSAM Enjoyers. But criticism of the genocidal apartheid state of Israel can sometimes be, like, problematic. Like, you have to affirm Jew Nationalism while pointing out that like, maybe Israel is being a bit mean to the people whose land they’re stealing as they murder their children.

That’s the kind of “progressive” politics you’re getting in San Francisco.

(((Hillary Ronen))), mentioned earlier, is just about the worst combination of an LA ditz with zionist politics. I guess her version of Zionism is making the city unlivable for the Goyim while also going on about her “immigrant” parents and keeping the “ethnic diversity of our city”. In the video above, made six years ago, she promised to “tackle our homeless crisis.” How’d that go?

San Francisco has probably had the worst fall from grace of any US city outside of Detroit. However, there is competition.


The dark, dank and dangerous New York City subway is back in the news thanks to the recent death of a Jordan Neely — a violent, mentally ill career criminal who terrorized commuters for at least a decade.

… *Article proceeds to show violence on the subway, something I’ve covered before*

And if you’re not getting beaten to a pulp on a city subway, you’re likely to be sitting or standing in utter filth and decay.

I can’t include every single image from the article, but no one who is familiar with a large North American city should be shocked at the utter filth that is on the train.

The mess on the floor is bad. The passengers are worse.

Imagine waiting on this third-world-looking platform for your morning subway train.

Notably, these same dangerous, filthy, and depressing conditions don’t exist in other big cities around the world. We scoured the internet and found photos of ten subway systems from around the globe, and you’ll be amazed at how distinctly different they are from NYC’s subway experience.

They reference Moscow, Milan, Lisbon, Warsaw, Munich, Dubai, Stockholm, Singapore, Tokyo, and the countries of China and North Korea. They all have vastly superior subways, being clean and architecturally beautiful. 

Even in Weimerica, and here in Canada, you can occasionally see the remnants of a functional and somewhat stylish public transit system. The problem is that it’s crawling with druggies and Crime-Americans. 

Moscow subway system.

What’s the butthole-left response? They’re doing another push for public transportation, with absolutely zero mention of crime. The problem is that cars == bad and crime is a figment of your imagination, fascist. 

Ultimately, you can’t have nice public transit without a nice public.

Weimerica continues to be a shithole.

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