Originally published December 2nd, 2023.

NOTE: This article becomes outright hilarious in light of Tony Hovater getting the axe just ten days later. 

Eric Striker has been squeezed out of the NJP, and the entire TRS network.

The official word, at least initially, was that he resigned, but make no mistake, Striker was canned. Luckily we have Mike’s Telegram statement from earlier that day to clear this up for us.

Mike Peinovich’s Telegram:

Parting ways with Striker is very sad, and I am sure comes as a shock to many of you.
There is no rancor in this, we simply had reached an impasse. Sometimes these things happen, particularly with strong willed and opinionated people. In the end it’s better to part as friends.
I bear absolutely no ill will to Striker. Strike and Mike was one of the best podcasts ever and I’ll miss it as much as you guys.
I will still be doing a Tuesday night livestream and show, so that much isn’t changing.
Bit short, considering this was a greater than half-decade long relationship and Joseph “Striker” Jordan is a founding member of the NJP.

The statement doesn’t explain much, but heavily implies that there were enormous and irreconcilable ideological or political differences that came between Striker and the rest of the NJP leadership. Let’s see if Striker’s statement sheds some light on this.

Eric Striker’s Telegram:

Important announcement.
There has long been tension between my vision when co-founding NJP and the party’s reorganization by Mike and Tony in the last year.
After many good faith attempts by all parties to try to work these differences out, we have come to the conclusion that our perspectives are sadly irreconcilable. 
I will be leaving NJP. Strike and Mike has also been cancelled.
I want to stress that I do not hold any rancour or grudges against these men, who I have worked with and been friends with for many years.
I feel great love and respect for the members of TRS and NJP, who I have had the honor of standing shoulder to shoulder with.
I want to stress that I have not changed or surrendered. I remain as committed to the mission to save our race and civilization as ever.
Thank you,
Joseph Jordan

Striker being ousted from the NJP is an enormous deal. Such a big deal that, on the day it happened, Mike Peinovich and Tony Hovater made sure to dedicate an entire two hour long show giving us the full explanation for Striker’s abrupt departure.

Just kidding. What actually happened was that Mike and Tony put out a two hour long show called “Mike and Tony” where they talked about Striker’s departure for two minutes, and then talked about Dune and Terry Goodkind, a fantasy author.

No, this is not a parody. You can find the show here.  The audience was, shockingly, displeased.

I don’t know what these Goys are complaining about. Surely I must have lied earlier, and this major situation was explained with the great care and detail that we deserve. It’s a two hour long show, right? Must have been two minutes of Dune posting followed by hours of Striker explanation.

Mike & Tony:


It’s unfortunate, but I want everyone to rest assured this is not a political or an ideological dispute that we had. Uh, this is really basically a personal issue about – and I’m not going to go into detail about that, because there’s really no reason to do it. But it was effectively an issue of people being able to get along and work in groups.

I was under the impression that, in the real world, you have to work with people you don’t enjoy playing video games with. Luckily, this is kindergarten, not a political party, and no one can be expected to suck it up and make it work for the betterment of the group.

It’s weird, because according to Moike’s original statement, the issue isn’t personal. Everyone loves each other. They just can’t work together in groups, for personal reasons.

The muscles that control my eyeballs are getting strained from all the rolling, but I’m sure we’re just a few seconds into an epic, hours long explanation.

Tony: Yeah uh I mean it’s – you know this has been an ongoing thing for a little while. And we tried to come to terms with certain things. And eventually, when you realize that can’t happen like the best thing to do is what happened.

Again, it’s like what you said. It’s not something ideological. There’s no issue with that. Sometimes some people can’t work together, it is what it is.

Mike: I know that’s going to leave people with more questions than answers and I’m sorry you’re just gonna have to be left with some questions because getting into the nitty gritty of this is something I think people should understand is not necessary or helpful at this juncture. But yeah, it’s a sad thing I guess but here we are and the NJP, the ideological direction the ideological purpose of the NJP and TRS is not going to change.

I’m gonna still be doing this stream, Tuesday nights. I’m gonna be doing it. I’ll have Tony, I’ll have whoever else, different guests around, and I’ll probably have a new permanent guest host by next year, which is only a few shows away.

Now I guess we can actually do a show.

*Proceeds to talk about Dune.*

You’re just gonna have to accept not knowing shit about the departure of one of the founders of the NJP, who was also the cohost of the second most popular show on TRS. I’m sure everyone will be pleased with this state of affairs. 

There are almost three hundred comments just like this. Those demanding an explanation, and supporting Eric Striker, get upvoted. Those sucking up to TRS get ratio’d like they’re a modern Hollywood trailer.

As bad as it is, it would be even worse without them deleting comments en masse. We’d have to check the server to see how many angry comments were left in totality, but it’s probable that it cleared five hundred.

Here are some more for your viewing pleasure. I honestly could have simply screencapped any random part of the commentariat, as the sentiment is universal.

Firing Eric Striker and then subjecting us to two hours of irrelevant content about Starcraft or whatever is an insult. Literally saying nothing aside from the statements on telegram would have been better.

Some annoying sycophants come out and defend this one-two punch of abrupt firing and then info cockblocking. I have never seen comments closing in on triple digit negative scores on TRS’s site before, although I’m not the expert, as I usually avoid the comment section.

Below, user Hhonor claims many people have met Striker, and find it difficult to imagine him being hard to work with behind the scenes. I’ve only ever had very limited contact with Striker, some DM’s exchanged on telegram during the Paranormies schizm, and some one-off conversations here and there. He came across as a normal, charismatic and passionate guy.

I guess we’ll have to theorize what THAT BITCH Eric Striker was getting up to. We’re not entitled to an explanation, for some reason.

Questions were asked of NJP leadership. Namely: does such a thing exist?

Clearly there exists some murky hierarchical structure. Without that we couldn’t have three of the seven founders, Michael McKevitt, Greg Conte, and now Eric Striker, get squeezed out. You can add Jazzhands McFeels to the list of recent departures, albeit not from NJP leadership.

This is a mess. Too many people have left with no explanation other than personality issues. After 109 exits I’m skeptical it’s those leaving whom are the issue.

– Wowbagger

I’d be lying if I said my thoughts are any different from these Goys.

Let’s put it this way: we’re led to believe that everything is hunky dory… until it isn’t. That’s why it feels as if there is a crisis of credibility.

– Gaza Chamber

I’ll circle back to this comment later, and deal with the one from Zyzz, seen below, first.

I have never agreed with not addressing internal issues publicly. All it did was allow our enemies to tell our story for us. Getting out in front of an issue and addressing it in an honest and transparent manner is the best strategy.

– Zyzz

It’s almost like major political moves require major announcements, no? 

Who could forget when, after the original Night Of The Long Knives purge, Adolf Hitler put out the following statement.

The death of Ernst Rohm is very sad, and I’m sure this comes as a shock to many of you.

There is no rancour in this, we had simply reached an impasse. Sometimes these things happen, particularly with strong willed and opinionated people. In the end, it’s better for us to part as friends, and we will all be happily attending his funeral.

Hold on a second. I’m getting a call from Jaime. She tells me that what they actually said was, paraphrased:

Ernst Rohm was a subversive traitor plotting against the revolution, and it was an absolute necessity that he be dealt with and brought to justice. Also, he was a gross faggot and we finally caught him with boywhores.

Striker gets the boot and everyone loves each other. There’s just some small, unimportant little issues that made it so that there was an impasse. These things happen with opinionated people. Sometimes they just need to be fired from the thing that obviously defines their lives and get kicked out into the cold, but we all love each other and we’re great friends and it’s great. Nothing will change now that a major contributor to the party just got axed. You don’t deserve any more explaining, peasant.


None of this would even be getting scrutinized if not for the “trust me bro, all these people who were good enough in January have to go now but I won’t tell you why”

Michael McKevitt, pre-horrible person days, being reposted by Mike.

Three of the seven founders of the NJP, Greg Conte, Michael McKevitt, and Joseph Jordan, have been squeezed out. Jazzhands has also left. Two minutes before they left, they were the 9000 IQ braintrust that was going to lead the Goyim to the promised land. Two and a half milliseconds after they left, it turns out that nobody ever liked them, they were alcoholic spergs, blah blah.

Trust the plan, Goy. Two more weeks ’till the NJP leadership is purged of the human detritus that’s been holding us back the entire time, yet was somehow put in leadership positions even though plenty of normal people are still waiting to be vetted.

Utopiate, continued

What happens when I don’t trust you bro? We have been burned so many times by shitty organizations and leaders. This disaster is an opportunity for a strong, decisive move as a leader. Admitting fault and owning mistakes occasionally builds credibility — it’s not a weakness!

Without a sufficient explanation, striker’s exit is damning. I’m not leaving over this but the way this was handled has shaken me. The stakes are insanely high. There is no room for doubt in my leader — why did you put us in this situation, Mike? We are serious people and adults, ffs I wear a tie sometimes. You look like a coward staying quiet and deleting comments.

Mike Peinovich is the man who will take on the Weimerican Empire and deliver us our salvation. You can currently find him deleting WhiteAsWayneBrady’s meanie comments on the latest Mike and Tony, occasionally being distracted for hours watching YouTube videos exploring the underappreciated works of Terry Pratchett.

Sensing that “Trust me bro,” wasn’t going to cut it with the hoi polloi (wow, REALLY!?), the next day Mr. Peinovich took to The Daily Shoah 1118 to explain that Striker was a mean, no good, catty, dramaqueen who was difficult to work with, ungrateful, and threatened to quit multiple times. Everyone thoroughly disliked him.

This is starting to remind me of something…

It was always hilarious to me how every single time someone left the Catboi Cult I got to see a public trail of them and Fuentes loudly proclaiming their friendship, before suddenly THAT BITCH Jaden Twinkneil/Ethan Ralph/Patrick Casey was always a dumb loser and Fuentes knew right from the start. Really hammered home how unserious the Alt-Republicans were.

Anyway, Greg Conte, Michael McKevitt, Joseph Jordan. These are the names of people who were leadership material for the NJP and everyone loved, but actually everyone always hated them and knew they were terrible spergs who provided nothing of value and were net drains on the very productive National Justice Party which has yet to even field a political candidate, let alone win an election for local dog catcher.

Et tu Conte?

Shockingly, Striker didn’t enjoy being badmouthed.

Striker’s Telegram:

Not even 24 hours after Mike and I made an agreement not to disparage each other, he breaks his word to me.

This is just downright comical at this point.

The NJP braintrust is so naive and conflict averse that they make an agreement to not disparage Striker, apparently not foreseeing that this would piss off the entire audience which believes themselves entitled to a real explanation. However, at that point the damage had been done. They could have reiterated that they agreed not to badmouth Striker as part of his agreement to leave. Instead, they cave, and Mike spends fourty minutes talking shit about Striker on TDS 1118, using vague, unsourced examples of him being difficult to work with and accusing him of paranoia. 

I’m sure the people who can’t even keep their own paying supporters happy by handling a firing with class, dignity, firmness, and transparency are going to be a big hit when it comes time to run electoral campaigns in the face of a hostile media environment. Nick Fuentes is the future POTUS, and the NJP guys are two minutes away from leading a revolution against the United States of America. 

This fiasco is the political equivalent of an army that can’t stop accidentally artillery striking itself in training drills, but we’re supposed to have blind faith that things will get better once the actual war starts against the hostile opponent.

I remember in high school watching with amusement some drama starring two students a few grades under me. A fourteen year old boy got an enormous crush on a girl the same age, and was too head over heels to notice that she wanted nothing to do with him. This is in part because the girl didn’t want to explain this to him, because that was a confrontation that would have mildly stressed her. Instead, she ended up pretending to like him for months, while always having an excuse to not do anything with him, and eventually started dating another guy.

This ended predictably, with an explosive confrontation one day in the cafeteria. Half their grade was involved, siblings in other grades got in on the action – not even their siblings I might add – seemingly random people were extremely angry. There were tears, there were catfights, there were even real fights. There was unmitigated teenage cruelty on full display for months afterwards. I believe that some of those wounds never healed.

It was quality entertainment.

Anyway, it’s nice to see a political party that’s run by fourty five year olds who think that the way to handle interpersonal relationships is to make pretend-nice to each other for months or even years with no formal punishment. This is the strategy that mature adults use, and definitely not the counter-productive behaviour of immature adolescents who have never seen a relationship undergo explosive decompression due to built up animosity.

I also enjoy the complete lack of transparency. Not explaining shit is another example of great leadership. It’s even better when they start off not explaining anything, which could at least be construed as the classy approach, before folding to the pressure from the audience and shit talking their ex-friends/coworkers/party leaders in a snide, effeminate and one-sided manner, despite promising said person that you wouldn’t. This way you can piss everyone off while also showing the world that you can’t be trusted and don’t have a coherent plan for basic, trivial public relations.

Imagine failing at PR so badly that Sven of all people calls you out for it.

>Quote from Vasily on November 29, 2023, 2:
This thread is hilarious because it has a high number of people who clearly aren’t remotely involved in the party, vetted into supporter groups, ever worked with anyone in the party, know anyone personally, or generally have any idea what’s going on.  The irony about you bitches demanding for “more of an explanation” is that you wouldn’t need more of an explanation if you actually were involved at all.  You would just know.  The fact that you don’t know means you are outside the circle of supporters for whom the party limits the spread of sensitive information about the activity and disposition of the party.
This is absolute bullshit. The NJP elite are deliberately stonewalling their supporter group leaders and staff members because they don’t “need to know” and it’s disgusting. Vetted people are being kept in the dark because they don’t now how, after all these years, to deal with a negative outcome effectively. Silence, silence, pray it goes away, pray Sven rides to the rescue later so we don’t have to get our hands dirty.
Who is the NJP Elite? Currently it appears to be the Baloghs, Tony, and Mike. That may change by the time this article is published. You never know who the Totally Trustworthy Genius Leaders are going to be come next week.

I don’t know why I have to explain this, but if you are running a political party that is ostensibly fighting against the Weimerican Empire, the work that you do ranks among the most important work that anyone has done in all of humanity. That is not in any way an exaggeration, especially if the project is ultimately successful.

The success of the project comes first, second, and third over not hurting people’s feelings. This isn’t minor league baseball where everyone can play, people are getting cut. If Striker, McKevitt, or anyone else wasn’t pulling their weight, then they have committed a grave sin of wasting everyone’s time, money, and energy. They should be turned into examples of what happens to those who don’t behave, not coddled with some “we love each other” nonsense in order to cover up their reason for firing.

What you definitely shouldn’t do is first make some milquetoast “mommy and daddy still wuv each obber, we just couldn’t make it works kidz,” corporate-speak non-statement, pretending to be above trashing your ex-friends, before trashing said ex-friends publicly. This behaviour is someway between contemptible and laughable. 

Perhaps it’s time for the early middle aged leadership to learn how to do basic PR and stop acting like fourty five year old preteens. 

And by “learn how to do PR,” I mean grow the tiniest amount of balls and make statements that might hurt a precious ex-friend/leader/coworker’s feelings. 

It’s not clear that rule by committee is even happening at NJP HQ, as we’ll see with the Michael McKevitt firing, but what is also not happening is any sort of coherent, agreed upon plan. It’s like the worst of all worlds.

Join the NJP. You’ll potentially face a massively lower standard of life after being doxxed and getting fired. In exchange, when they kick you out they’ll spread Mean Girls-tier gossip about how you were always a troublemaking, dumb loser that they hated. Who wouldn’t want to end up penniless and friendless? It’s all upside here. Just one big chain of winning.


When NJP asks people to become supporters, what they’re really asking is for people to become investors. When you become a “supporter” you are investing capital into the company (the party) because you have hopes that the product (the platform) they’re selling (promoting) will take off (becoming mainstream) and you’ll see a return on your investment (political success).

Imagine you’re an investor being asked to invest capital in a company that’s selling a new product and the before the company even launches the product in the market, they fire one of the main minds behind the new product.

I think people are justified in asking for answers before they’re expected to invest. It’s fair. If you’re already an investor, i.e. a supporter, then you’re already bought in – it’s kind of too late. But put yourself in the shoes of a non-supporter: you’re being asked to spend money and put yourself out there for an organization that just lost 3/7 of its leadership in like a year, and one of them was one of the main minds and public figures behind the movement that inspired the organization in the first place.

Mike has been talking recently about convincing the public not that the NJP platform (and WN, generally speaking) is acceptable, but that the NJP can win. People are cautious about supporting organizations and movements that promote these kinds of politics, not because they disagree with the message, but because they are afraid they’re gonna get burned because their support will amount to failure.

As far as my opinion on the whole thing, I knew of Striker before TRS and have been an enjoyer of his content since. People talk about how Mike was the main ideologue for them in their political journey, but for me it’s been Striker. So I’m not really happy with this, to say the least. Last thing I expected or wanted to see when I open bang for the first time in however long.

Guess we’ll see where things go from here. Politics is a rollercoaster to say the least, it’s full of ups and downs but if done right you’ll end up safely where you need to be.

There is no explanation for this that makes the NJP look good, or even competent, and that assumes the premise that Joseph Jordan needed to be removed for the health of the party. That’s at least believable, although I will note that not providing any real explanation – and even Mike’s 40 minute long ragging on Striker was vague, and not sourced with anything concrete – is never the “mature, reasonable” look that conflict averse people think that it is.

The point I’m making is that even after we completely accept the premise, the best we can say is that NJP leadership is comically, absurdly, contemptibly inept at public relations, and has blatant disregard for the justified concerns of their own paying supporters. That’s not hyperbowl, that’s just a fact.

And again, I haven’t even touched on the Michael McKevitt firing. We’ll cover that next.

I have tried ending this article on a more positive note many times, and slept on it for multiple days. Nothing has helped remove the feeling of contempt and disappointment. This was pathetic, and it only gets worse. The only silver lining is that it’s possible, three years after the formation of a political party, that NJP leadership will learn from this and won’t fail Baby’s First Public Relations the next time they need to announce bad news.

UPDATE: The original article had 64 comments as of December 23rd, archived here, many of which were great. Some of them were referenced in later articles, but it is not overly important to reproduce them here. I may screencap them later and shove the screencaps into the relevant work. 

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  1. RIP those 64 posts. All commented some, some commented all.

  2. The ‘Steak Knives’ series was/is great.

  3. From Striker Unfiltered:

    I will be writing regularly for a new publication, Littoria, which will include a combination of different writing styles with a podcast that will have various guests, monologues and so on. You can follow me here https://littoria.substack.com/

    The second announcement is that next week Warren Balogh and I will be launching a weekly live show.

    My social media use will be minimal going forward and most of my writing will be in the long form format.

    I have received a ton of support from friends all over the world, from Sweden to Spain, from Alaska to Argentina. Thank you all so much for the love and comraderie!

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