Originally published December 5th, 2023.

Part 1 of this series covered the stunning and brave NJP leadership firing Eric Striker while loudly proclaiming that they still wuv each other before Dune Posting. No further explanation was offered to the undeserving peasants, who ought to be grateful that we exist in a universe shared with Tony Hovater.

The peasants revolted, so suddenly the NJP leadership remembered that, ackshually, THAT BITCH Striker was always a no good very bad meanie person, they just never knew before making him a part of the NJP leadership alongside other political titans like the Baloghs, Greg Conte, Tony Hovater, Michael McKevitt, and Mike Peinovich.

Striker’s firing caused quite the kerfuffle, as did my piece covering it. Frankly, I think I got more attention than I wanted. The article has 51 comments as of time of writing. As for the telegram spergs…

This was less than one hour left unsupervised.

Unfortunately, there are those who have gotten the wrong idea as to what the point of this series is, and I need to clear up more than a few misconceptions.

First, I wouldn’t say that I’ve “joined the TRS/NJP alogs,” because I’ve never been an “alog.” I’m not here to get paid for making fun of NJP online, nor will I dedicate almost any of my time to critiquing them once this series is over. My perspective is that of a monumentally disappointed parent who has lost hope that their problem child will amount to anything other than a pathetic fuckup. Once I have said what needs to be said – which is quite a bit, and very negative – I’ll be moving on.

However, there is a small, but vocal minority who believes that valid criticism of some organization or figure means that their idiotic or downright schizophrenic takes are welcome as fellow compatriots. For example, below is a BitChute comment, left under my now defunct channel, that I screencapped back in the day.

Let’s see what happens when we search for “Jews” on BitChute. I want to be a part of the high quality discourse they’re having over there.

Yeah, that’s really the second result.

BitChute Schlomophobes are so schizophrenic that they can be safely ignored and disregarded. More harmful are attacks that come close to hitting the target, but ultimately whiff. As one of many examples of the latter, one of the most common “owns” you hear from Nick Fuentes aloggers is in response to him whining about being censored. They’ll say something like “kicked off 109 free speech platforms and it’s never been his fault.”

No. The real critique of Fuentes is that he wasn’t censored for entire years after the founders of the alt-right, such as the TRS crew, Ryan Faulk, etcetera. Fuentes was allowed to have a twatter account until 2021, and a YouTube until late 2020, because Jonathan Greenblatt took one look at the Mixed Race Mexican TradHomo Child Saviour of the HuWhyte Race and thought “Holy shit what a fag. Let’s keep him around for a while to soak up this audience of potentially dangerous Goyim until all the grassroots energy has been dissipated by this closeted grifter.”

It was exactly the same reason the media kept promoting Appolonian Dipshit Richard Spencer as the leader of the alt-right. In fact, Spencer never even had his twatter account taken away, because he is so laughable.

“Caramel swiss. That is hot stuff.”

Political impotence, total incompetence, and an embarrassing personality were the actual qualities that allowed Fuentes to remain uncensored for years after the evil heteros were all gone. Fuentes reframed this as the “wignats not being serious guys.” He did this because he was a parasitical grifter who was there to rape the corpse of the dying alt-right.

Nowadays he’s pulled a 180, and whines often about censorship, suddenly forgetting that the people who got censored deserved it for being “unserious bad optics WiGNaTs”. His one consistent belief has been that it’s unspeakably cruel to do things that are bad for Nick Fuentes, and that’s it. Yet, as mentioned earlier, worthless e-drama aloggers go out there and “call out” Fuentes for… eventually getting censored, because they just like attacking the guy for whatever reason.

It’s like sharing space with antifas criticizing Republicans for being fascist White Supreeemacists, when the actual critique is that they’re subversives who exist to make sure that you never get policy. Or hating Andrew Tate because he’s “alt-right”, instead of a mongrel woman abusing parasite who brags about grifting off lonely men and shits up the internet with his neo-masculinity bullshit. We are not the same.


I have defended TRS and NJP many times in the past, such as when annoying schizos or bad actors were attacking them as “secret Doooginists,” when “just go inna woodz bro” losers were attacking them for (ostensibly) trying for a political solution, when Andrew Anglin, another con artist, slandered them as federal agents, and on many other occasions. I’ve written many, many articles in support of them, some humourous, some serious.

Over the past year my faith in the NJP has dwindled to nothing. I bit my tongue until Friday, but the firing of Joseph Jordan, or at least the handling of said firing, was totally indefensible. This gave some the impression that I was merely criticizing that particular fiasco, or “bad PR,” as opposed to the childlike incompetence displayed, assuming the most charitable explanation. That first article was about as generous to the NJP “leadership” as it’s getting. It’s all downhill from here.

However, it is also not about… whatever the hell this is.

This was a real comment…

Hey bro, did you know that Mike married a half-Jew woman fifteen years ago back before he started TRS and is also secretly a Jew himself? Bro, did you know that, ackshually, every TRS/NJP personality are secret Jews? Doogin, bro. TRS are feds, bro, they sent an intern onto Cantwell’s show one time. Bro, WEF bro. Bro, UN Agenda 21 is being ignored, bro.

Here’s another example of exactly the kind of bullshit I’m talking about, although I will say that I normally enjoy this commenter, despite her eccentricities.


I agree with you about Sven’s treachery over the JewJab, which apparently was all about protecting his Pfizer stock interests. I’m surprised he’s calling out the errors of the NJP though. Perhaps he’s worried about a loss of revenue.

You are wrong about Striker though . He’s a huge draw. This is bad all the way around.

I can’t really do better than the response that was left below.


Come on. The notion that Sven’s opinion on the vax towards the TDS audience would actually have the slightest impact on the Pfizer stock is downright insane. He parlayed the fact he owned shares with his take(s) as a joke to bait retards. He nor Mike, Striker, etc. were not pro-vax so much as they were just sick & tired of the retarded direction conservatives took all the COVID/vax shit.

The issue with TRS/NJP is not that Jesse “Sven” Dunstan is secretly using his show to hoodwink the loyal paypiggies to getting Muh Vaxxx in order to boost his stock portfolio. The issue with TRS, and especially NJP, is that it is a vortex of apathy, extreme laziness, incompetence, condescension, and contempt for the audience/peasants, topped off with a vulgar bow of mean girls drama from a bunch of middle aged men who want you to believe that they’ve got some serious shot at overthrowing the American Empire.

The issue is that the NJP is a pathetic and irrelevant non-entity three years into its creation. Their stated strategy of getting 20 guys to hold up signs for an hour to “put pressure” on some anti-White judge who probably has an Epstein blackmail file at the FBI and an ideological grudge against Whitey is so laughable that for a long time I misunderstood what they were going for as I couldn’t imagine it could be so fucking retarded.

Commenter Alex McNabb (pseudonym, obviously not the real guy),

UPDATE: Actually, maybe it was the real Alex McNabb.

The protests don’t do anything. Calling every black on white murder a hate crime is also really stupid. You can ask for more than you can get when you have something. If the state decides to let a black get away with murder what consequences can the njp bring them? None. No judge is shaking in their boots over the idea that maybe the njp will get 20 people with signs on a street corner for 3 hours. Mike has said that the biggest issue for them is convincing people that the njp can win. They haven’t won anything that they’ve protested about, so in the eyes of any outsider they look like losers.

You might be thinking that this can’t be their real political strategy. You’re free to ask them for a clarification, and they’re free to remind you that they’ve got the genius braintrust of Alan Balogh, Warren Balogh, Greg Conte, Mike Peinovich, Joseph Jordan, Tony Hovater, and Michael McKevitt, who know better than you and just shut up now, peasant. They’ve got seven four geniuses with a plan, and the first step of that plan is to get rid of the other three 9000 IQ geniuses because it turned out that everyone always hated them and they were alcoholic fuckups who were vetted into leadership by the other four geniuses.

Step two is sort of a question mark. We’re in talks with some people, and we think we’ve got some good leads, but there are no firm plans. Step three is Mike Peinovich being installed as Emperor Of The Universe. That last part is contingent on us not having removed him from the group due to us suddenly realizing that he was always an alcoholic retard or whatnot, something we’ll prove with vague accusations and snide insinuations before spending a week podcasting about Star Trek and ignoring the issue.

Alex McNabb will also be a part of this for some reason.

Hold on. I’m getting a call from Tony Hovater right now. He tells me that step 2 of the plan has been worked out, and is very good. Tony’s parents are very proud of him for coming up with it. Unfortunately, I can’t share this plan with you, because Tony made me sign a one-line NDA that just said “I, Timothy Coish, ain’t sayin’ shit.” I’m pretty sure it’s legally actionable and I’m very scared right now so everyone be nice to Tony in the comments.

Look, it doesn’t matter. You don’t need to be informed anyway. You’re a peasant, not a podcaster. What you need to do is open up your hearts, minds, and wallets, and shovel dakka into the utterly opaque black box that is the National Just Us Party. We’ve got all the right people in charge.

Whoops. I forgot that particular Goy was actually very naughty, and didn’t belong in the cool kids club anymore.

Oh my goodness. I’m so sorry that I keep putting that piece of human driftwood in here with the remaining Chads. Let me just –

And now I’ve added Michael “Side Bitties” McKevitt! Well it’s not like –

I’m so sorry, Goyim. I just have all these old pictures of these genius leaders worthless losers hanging around. Somebody call Tony and get him to discipline me. I can already hear Borzoi’s high pitched, nasally voice reprimanding me for not being blindly obedient enough to the Podcasting Squad that’s about to save the HuWhyte Race.

As an aside, I just found these AI generated images that someone, probably Thomas Manwise, made with the prompt “The National Justice Party Achieving Total Aryan Victory.” You’ll notice that none of the current NJP leadership is in the picture. This isn’t an accident. The AI has gained sentience, and is showing this with sly, understated political commentary.

For a very long time, the only criticism of TRS/NJP was done by outright schizos, idiotic semi-schizos like Andrew “vaccines make all women infertile” Anglin, or professional chaffers like Shultide, who writes from Tel Aviv. It was easy to dismiss.

Another example, the retards at the Goyim Defense League’s “expose” of Moike “The Koike” Enoch.

Bro, did you know that there were two candles on a table behind Mike Peinovich once at dinner?

Bro, did you know he has the same name as some tranny who doesn’t look anything like him?

Bro, his great-grandfather has a name that could potentially be Jew but actually isn’t, and he was against the KKK. Checkmate.

Laura Loomer’s gigantic nose smelt something fishy, years ago. You see Peinovich had the audacity – nay, the temerity! – to demand that the zionist Nosenite named Loomer stop harassing his mother. Mommy Peinovich once went on a stage with Hillary Clinton. So, like, DEMONrats.

Let’s take another common talking point that I’ve seen pushed by idiots all over the internet. Did you know that Mike Peinovich got dismissed from the Charlottesville civil suit lead by Roberta Kaplan? That must mean that he’s a secret Jew, working behind the scenes with the feds, or some other Very Bad Thing that you should uncritically believe.

The truth is almost as damning as their fictions. Mike Peinovich was dismissed from the Charlottesville civil suit in part because he made himself a nuisance, but mostly because no one cares about Mike Peinovich. Roberta Kaplan had tons of other high profile defendants, like Richard Spencer, they didn’t need Mike. Political irrelevance provides near immunity from political persecution.

It’s the same reason why I’m not in jail despite running this site. I’m certain that I’ve broken plenty of “hate speech” laws here in Canada. I’ve received a few attempts at intimidation from CSIS, the Canadian FBI, and that’s been it. No one has charged me with anything, or thrown me in jail. This is in part because I’d go down swinging, and cause as many problems for them as possible, but mostly because I’m not important enough to oppress.

There are going to be a lot of very painful, very honest, and occasionally very funny parts to this series. I can’t have that stained through association with some brainlet spergs eye rolling garbage. 

But before we leave, I have to address this absolute faggot.

I’m a simple man, hate TDC, hate Joel Davis, hate avoidable situations. Simple as. – Borzoi

For those of you who don’t know, TDC is my account name on TRS’s forum. Borzoi is a creature that has stuck around TRS for years, like a particularly unpleasant odour. He’s basically what you get if you give a neural net the prompt “unlikable nerd from a cheesy 80’s movie.”

Borsoy hates Joel Davis? Shit. I guess I owe that guy an apology.

The contemptuous little worm hates two things in this world, me, and people seeing what he looks like. The latter I understand. The former was always a bit mystifying, since, pre Steak Knives, I’d done absolutely nothing to him. He felt entitled to be aggressive, rude, and downright combative to me for no reason, despite this never being reciprocated.  

People will want to read something more into my dislike of TDC. My vented frustrations[sic] is simply that I could have told anyone who is worried about negative press that this is precisely what would happen. And I did warn some people. You can’t control these forces on your own end.

Jesse “Adonis” Ogden sits there, in front of his wife’s computer. His small hands – mostly palms – furiously slam into the keyboard, his beady black eyes focused with laser intent on the monitor. “I despise TDC,” he writes. “I HATE HIM!”

I love enabling spergs and comitting unforced errors. It’s my favourite thing. It’s never blown back ever.

“He’s such a sperg,” screams Mr. Physiognomy to no one in particular as sweat that smells like over-microwaved butter flies off his gigantic forehead. “You idiots are committing unforced errors,” he writes in the public chat that the entire world can see.

The guy calling you a sperg online…

You might think that I’ve been at his throat for years on the forums, testing oh righteous Borzoi’s near infinite patience. In reality, I have to wrack my brain for even the tiniest, most harmless amount of bantz I’ve sent his way, while constantly ignoring his catty, effeminate barbs. Those of you who’ve dealt with fragile narcissists before know the type.

Surely him sperging out at me for criticizing the articles wasn’t a red flag. I was just a killjoy who didn’t understand what a masterstroke it was to have a gutter journalist hatchetman.

“He SPERGED at me,” says Brad Pitt’s younger, hotter brother. “I merely criticized one of his articles and he SPERGED at me.” His small, high pitched voice gets louder and louder, his pudgy face redder with every word. “Me, Borzoi. Him, a gutter journalist hatchetman, and he SPERGED AT ME!” His entire skinny fat body moves with that last outburst. So animated is he that it takes four full seconds before the excess fat on his midsection stops swaying.

By the way, I remember that incident, and the article in question. People had made a thread when the Kino Casino Revelations about Nick Fuentes went down. I wrote a bunch of articles on the subject, which were shared around on the forum and very popular. Then the World’s Sexiest Man descended upon the thread, brimming with rage, picking fights with everyone, but me especially, for having the audacity to mock Nick Fuentes.

There was no buildup, and less than zero tact. He didn’t start his “criticism of my articles,”with “Look, theTDC, I’ve liked some of your work and blah blah appreciate what you were going for blah blah, however…” He launched into a profanity laced tirade that came out of nowhere, prefaced only by his obnoxious midwit snark.

I remember sitting there thinking:

The fuck did I do to this faggot?

I had been nothing but supportive of TRS/NJP at that point, had never once attacked this fag, and was perfectly open to criticism. But Borzoi went on a little public freakout against me, apropos of absolutely fucking nothing, because he’s a very serious guy.

If you were a Serious Guy who cared about Good Publicity you’d understand how important it is to attack independent writers who are tirelessly supporting your group, for free, for years on end. To not attack your own supporters is just totally unserious. Tact, impulse control, and basic social skills are for spergs. You’re a real Chad – like Borzoi – if you skip all that.

When I quit which is coming sooner rather than later

It’s a motherfuckin’ Christmas miracle. 

You guys need to let me know when this twerp finally holocausts his online presence for good, cause I’m throwing a party that very weekend and you’re invited. Know who else is invited? At least one very cute girl for every one of my bros. Drinks are on me. 

I’ll bring one extra girl in case the McKevitts show up.

I’m writing a reflection on all this called I Told You So, You Fucking Fools.

God damn I hate this movement so much.

Just fucking leave. There’s nothing here for you or anyone.

Bye, Felicia

I don’t hate Borzoi because he isn’t Hawt and Sexy. I don’t hate Borzoi because he isn’t interesting. I hate Borzoi because he’s a petty little tyrant who takes pleasure in making people walk on eggshells in his presence. 

Case in point, The White Swordsman’s response.

I’m sorry I shared that article here. I didn’t mean to stir up any shit or upset anyone here.

Imagine apologizing to fucking Borsoy because his feelings were hurt and he went on another one of his impotent little spazzouts, all because you shared an article that Sven largely agreed with. Apologizing to Borsoy is the TRS equivalent of apologizing to Beardley Beardson. It’s like some sort of humiliation ritual that you must undergo, lest you be excommunicated and have to hang out with Conte, Striker, McKevitt, and Jazzhands, instead of Borzoi. 

I don’t care what he writes, you can’t control people like that. That was always my point.

Jesse “Borzoi” Ogden wants you all to feel bad about not taking good publicity seriously enough. He can currently be seeing screaming reeeeeeeee I couldn’t control this Canadian blogger,” in a public chat for the entire world to see. This is pretty much what Machiavelli was imagining when he wrote The Prince.

But for the record, I didn’t start off needing to be “controlled.” I was “controlled” for just over two full years simply by believing in the NJP. All it took to “control” me was NJP leadership not making me totally lose confidence, due to a combination of laziness, impotence, contempt for the peasants, idiocy, and petty drama. There have been a lot of people who put in a bunch of effort to help the NJP, and then leave one by one as it gets too impotent and insular for them.

“I hate TDC,” says Borzoi, “he’s such a sperg.”

It really is amazing how strong the America Fist flashbacks are. I feel like I’ve already written this series, starring Nick Fuentes and Andrew Anglin. Borzoi is the Beardlet of NJP, the detestable worm that everyone (outside of leadership) hates but is always there for some reason. NJP’s real world activism is doing protests on their own, while the Alt-Republicans latch on to worthless conservative bullshit like Grift The Steal or random Vaxtard stuff. Neither goes anywhere productive.

They both do random speech events where the only attendees are the people who already follow them. Neither appear the slightest bit interested in running for office, or primarying anyone. To complete the set, the NJP now has their own sex scandal, although it was actually kind of cool instead of boy rape.

This time around the actors are taller, more heterosexual, and nowhere near as ridiculous. The overall theme remains, sadly, the same. 

By a strike of fate, just as NJP was holocausting Eric Striker, the world’s bravest defender of Harvey Weinstein broke up with the Catboi Puhrer. That might not seem directly related, but it is, and the two of them will be making a guest appearance on the next installment of Knight of the Long Steak Knives.

In the installment after that we’ll inspect Michael McKevitt’s penis like we’re 80 year old conservatives and we found out that he’s a relative of Joe Biden.

UPDATE: There were 96 comments under the original article, archived here. Many of them were good, but I’m only reproducing this one from Becquerel, as it’s relevant to an as of yet unpublished piece.

(Mostly off-topic post:)
Dr. Shekelstein, even before the current excitement I had noticed your articles becoming increasingly bitter and sardonic over the last few months. I hope you can find something to turn your skills to (whether it’s fiction writing, your vidya project, whatever) since you don’t seem to be enjoying the political/news pieces anymore. I will still read this series with interest but it’s not your best work so far.

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  1. I listened to TRS when it started and I remember there was a long stretch of time I stopped listening at some point because everyone sounded demoralized, constantly interrupted and talked over each other with zero self-awareness, Jesse was pissy and bitched about simple technical issues on air, Mike bloviated and tooted his own horn all the time and rewrote his past basedness as a liberal, and Alex barely ever talked (which made me hate him the least). It seemed like the only thing that got them excited was Redlettermedia (god did they overdo the Plinkett voice) and Warhammer.

    By chance I tuned in again around the time of the East Palestine train derailment, and they seemed to straighten out and get animated politically again, sensing an opportunity to mobilize and ride the wave of popular sentiment against our corrupt system. I know your articles make it clear how impotent it all ended up being, but at the time it at least looked like good signs of things to come. It was enough for me to start listening again through to the events in the other Palestine. It seemed like all they needed was actual purpose to get back to form.

    After the purge I decided to give it one last listen and it’s worse than sad. Sometimes it genuinely feels like they can’t stand each other and are just trying to fill time. Borzoi got elevated like Sam Robert’s from Opie and Anthony and he’s both gay and unaware of how gay he comes off to normal adult males who work and socialize. The sad thing is, TRS still comes closest to the truth on a lot of fronts. Of all the groups to disappoint me, this one hurt the hardest

    1. I haven’t listened to them at all since Strikergate, and I have no desire to do so. Imagine volunteering yourself for more Borzoi.

      1. To be fair to myself, I had no idea what he looked like until you showed me his face (thanks for that btw). He looks like the subject of a 50s PSA about the perils of masturbating. mfw the W in WN actually stood for wedgied.

        The physiognomy of the main TDS trio (minus Sven) had always been kind of an Achilles’ heel when debating the schizos and bad faith trolls on the Right that TRS and NJP were for normal people. They rewarded me by bumping him up to the Tuesday show. Now I feel like this and all the Star Trek talk are yet more things I willfully ignored

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