Originally published December 7th, 2023.

A few months ago someone sent me a link to an article wherein Andrew Anglin, the creature behind the Daily Stormer, wrote that he was beginning to lose faith that Nick Fuentes was going to be the President of the United States of America. You should know who Fuentes is, but if you don’t, imagine an eternal teenager running a KKK that’s full of mulattos with an unquenchable thirst for boyflesh.

However, Anglin finally did break up with Nick Fuentes, for now.

I say “for now” because this guy has the histrionic emotional swings of a pregnant cluster B personality disorder starlet with a drug addiction. Trump was the biggest traitor in the history of the world, according to Anglin in October, 2021. In March, 2023 his twitter account only stopped promoting the guy’s presidential run long enough to run apologia for pedophilia and Harvey Weinstein.

Single Greatest Traitor in Human History: Donald Trump

– Andrew Anglin, October 2021

There are a lot of things you can say about Donald Trump, and many of them are true. But he loves America, and any real American has his back now.

– Andrew Anglin, March 2023

UPDATE: I think I might have found the original article, but I’m not sure. In any case, it shows Anglin professing his undying support for Nick Fuentes in just April of this year.

UNZ (April 21st, 2023):

It’s no secret I back Nick Fuentes fully and implicitly.

But I don’t think he’s going to do a revolution. Not now.

At one point documenting Andrew Anglin’s crazy moodswings and contradictory pretend beliefs was a fun rollercoaster ride. It got old halfway through the Andrew Anglin is a biological failure series. However, it has become relevant with the collapse of the NJP.

Gamer Uprising (Daily Stormer’s Forum):

Great idea.

Getting involved with Richard Spencer is known to have really good outcomes.

The context here is that Nick Fuentes did a livestream or something with Richard Spencer. Anglin, without evidence, claims Spencer is a fed. Calling people he doesn’t like feds is a pattern of behaviour for him, something we’ll cover in depth later.

It’s interesting that, after all these years, he still hates Richard Spencer, Christopher Cantwell, and the TRS guys, yet forgave Trump so quickly. That’s because those entities are business competitors, vying for the same market niche, whereas the Trump Cult is a large audience to be tapped into. Trump will therefore be forgiven for anything, while the others get slandered constantly and are the subjects of histrionic wallposts where Anglin believes every sentence of his deserves to be its own paragraph.

Anglin’s post is only interesting in that he confirms to us that he also thinks that Fuentes is a narcissistic fuckup, although he pretends that this is some new revelation for him.

Yes, you’re right. Nick is a messianic figure who can turn federal informants into useful figures in the right wing. It doesn’t matter how completely irrelevant the figure is, or how compromised he is, as long as he says nice things about Nick, Nick can lend his relevance to the fed and make him into a very useful person. It doesn’t even matter if no one knows who the person is, beyond media spectacle condemning him as a neo-Nazi and a homosexual.

Catboi Kami

The cool thing about being a serious genius is that Nick doesn’t need advice from anyone, because he has magic powers and is ordained by God to really make very good decisions, and anyone who disagrees with him is a shill or maybe evil. We know how effective Nick is with public relations because of his long history of really getting along will with others. He never creates lunatic,  bizarre debacles, never takes completely irrelevant figures and turns them into the center of his political movement.

It’s amazing the way he is able to judge people’s character, and extra fantastic the way he doesn’t ever get all emotional about some irrelevant freak he tried to be friends with and then spend months talking about him for no reason.

I’ve never seen anyone in my life so good at judging people’s character, and then making really good decisions when it turned out he totally misjudged a person’s character.

Anyone who questions him is an enemy, because everything he does is right because he does it. Reality bends around him, and every time there is a crisis that seems to have been caused by him, it’s actually caused by other people somehow.

This is all very reasonable and these are totally very good qualities of a leader. He has leadership qualities stacked on leadership qualities. He’s like a Jenga tower of very good leadership qualities. I’ve never seen someone so humble and willing to engage in meaningful self-reflection.

Universally, the number one quality that all leaders share is that they don’t ever listen to anyone else. They totally isolate theselves[sic], and if anyone makes a suggestion in good faith, they rightfully view it as an attack. It’s not about ego, it’s just about realizing that no one else in the world can possibly offer useful information to someone who is ordained by God as the master or reality.

If someone tries to suggest something to them, they are a traitor. All of the top leaders in history had one trait in common: they never listened to anyone else, and lived entirely in their own head, believing that God was guiding them and therefore they could never make a mistake.

I found a surprisingly cogent comment by one of those forum users on the subject of “America First”.


Has anyone anywhere made a fresh meme of Nick saying ‘You Are Jewish’ in the past, what, 3-4 months?

How hard is that task? I guess the kid hasn’t done much (like, not much at all btw) for a bit now, but is there not an even slightly active force within that movement driving the creation of even the simplest of new memes pushing the AF viewpoint?

Is it in fact not just filthy wignat insanity to say that these artistically bankrupt metro-sexual half brown kids indeed have zero creativity at all and have only ever been culturally coasting on the fumes of the faint artistic spark we depressed millennials struggle to keep alive amidst the tidal wave of literal hell on earth?

Nick Fuentes was a political vampire who destroyed the grassroots movement of the alt-right, turned it into obediently voting GOP, while making money in the process. That op is now over. So over that he’s barely even being made fun of on e-drama sites like KiwiFarms, which at one point dedicated an entire section, “Catboy Deconversion Therapy,” to him and his orbiters.

Andrew Anglin is a grifter with no real political convictions, other than “I want to rape 12 year olds.” It is therefore not particularly surprising that he would decide to break up with Fuentes now, as the guy has little left to offer him. It’s not for “working with feds,” or whatever else he’s about to say. This was a business decision.

Gamer Uprising:

Okay, so. Having slept on it, there are some things that probably need clarified here. Given that this has turned into a massive thing,.[sic]

tl;dr: I’m disavowing Nick as any kind of leader figure. I’m not saying I hate him or he’s my enemy or that people shouldn’t listen to him, I’m simply saying he is too irresponsible to be in any kind of leadership position. I still like him and think he’s funny.

It’s ogre. Now let’s skip to the relevant part with respect to the NJP.

So, at some point, I fully endorsed Nick as the heir apparent and de facto CEO of Antisemitism. Anyone can remember that I went hard on this. I said I would not tolerate anyone who was against him, and I used all of my influence to push this and to push out anyone who would challenge his role. I pissed off a lot of people and frankly it cost me quite a bit of money, but I believed very strongly that it was the right thing to do, and I know if I was in the same place again I would do the same thing again.

This is what I was referring to as the Fuentes/Optics Op. Starting around 2017, Anglin and Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer started constantly attacking everyone in the alt-right who didn’t want to obediently vote Republican. Later, it came out that Weev had connections to GOP operative (((Roger Stone))), and was just a malicious bad actor. His part finally ended when he told everyone to do terrorism on behalf of Republicans, becoming the only person I know to get banned from Poast.

Anglin claims to have lost money, utterly without evidence. This is pretty ridiculous, since his motivation was clearly to squeeze out his infotainment competition, stealing their audiences like he stole $150k+ of his own fans money for his fraudulent no-show legal defense fund. It’s also possible that he was just so weak-willed and easily manipulated by Weev, who he needs to keep his site running, that he did whatever he wanted.

The point was that the energy of the alt-right was being channeled into dutifully voting for (((Sheldon Adelson))), (((Paul Singer))), and (((Sam Bankman-Fried’s))) GOP. This got reframed as “the optics wars,” where these dishonest actors pretended that people leaving the Trump Train were fat, out of shape losers, and that you should be Serious Guy Chads who enjoy being pumped and dumped by zionists.

Weev looks photoshopped in every image that he’s in…

Not coincidental to this, Fuentes remained uncensored after all the original alt-right figures were long since holocausted from the public internet square. He used his platform to call his competition “wignats” who deserved to be censored for being “unserious guys,” while he happily stole much of their audience. This culminated in him telling everyone not just to vote Republican, but go to the capitol on January 6th.

Fuentes, left. Secor, right.

Some of his own supporters, such as Christian Secor, are now rotting in jail. Shortly after this, Fuentes briefly became the number one LOLcow on the internet. But now, like a star gone supernova, he remains only as a brown dwarf.

That backstory was necessary. Now we’re skipping all the way ahead to the TRS part.

I fell out with TRS initially because they rehabilitated FBI informant Chris Cantwell in this exact same way. TRS was later exposed as having an FBI informant working with them directly.

There are two different hitjobs here, Six Degrees of Separation From Christopher Cantwell, and Jayohgate.

I’m not going to go into the fed stuff with Spencer, because the proof I have is not stuff I can share publicly, and “trust me bro” is not an argument I use. Technically, I could use myself as a source, but I won’t, and I don’t want it to be some distraction point.

“I don’t ever use “trust me, bro,” as an argument, but trust me bro, Richard Spencer is a fed.”

I will say that Spencer sat at the snitch table with TRS, after they were exposed, and we go by prison rules, because that’s the only way you can run a right-wing political movement: you sit at the snitch table, you’re a snitch. Plus the faggot literally went all in with Matt Heimbach, and his costume Nazi brigade.

Richard Spencer is a fed snitch, because the TRS guys are fed snitches, because Morraiku is a fed snitch because he went on Cantwell’s podcast one time, and Cantwell’s a fed snitch because he sent the FBI video evidence of antifa committing crimes.

I’ve covered this slander before, and I’m not going to go over it in depth again. What I find interesting is how he doubles, triples, and quadruples down on his “sitting down at the table with someone who sat down at a table with a fed snitch makes you a fed snitch,” fake tough guy prison convict routine. This, despite shilling for Fuentes for years, a guy who literally sat at a table getting chummy with a federal informant many a time.

Milo Yiannopoulos is a homosexual zionist who bragged about secretly recording the private conversations he had with pro-White activists, and bragged about selling these conversations to (((Roberta Kaplan))) and the FBI.

Here an excerpt from his video announcing “The Vault.”

This is The Vault. This has shit on everyone you have ever heard of. Video, pictures, email, audio, text messages, phone calls. Anything you would ever really want to know about every public figure I have ever encountered. Most of the conversations I have ever had with people in a single party consent state. Recorded, archived. And I’m perfectly happy to start dropping it.

So I have a lot of crap on Richard Spencer and everybody else.

You can find this boastful federal informant bragging about collecting dirt on right-wing people he works with to this day.

Milo Yiannopoulous Telegram (April 3rd, 2023):

You know the funniest thing about Ralph, the inventor of the phrase “Master Milo” and my loyal GamerGate attack slave, is that I revealed the existence of “the Vault” on the Killstream and Ralph loyalists give me endless shit about it but the one person I’ve met that I just didn’t give the slightest shit enough about to collect dirt on was… Ethan Ralph. Never even occurred to me that it would ever be valuable or even mildly entertaining 😐 I went to look just now and alone among the entire conservative media galaxy there’s no folder for him

And yes, he sold his blackmail to Roberta Kaplan, after happily working with the FBI, specifically to persecute White activists.

Milo Yiannopoulos Legal Brief from Sines vs. Kessler:

Hi Michael. Thanks for the update. So far I’ve spent $3,500 on travel and associated expenses to review materials on your behalf. But many questions remain about the FBI’s desire to acquire them exclusively.

I am meeting my contacts at the Bureau next week in person and will be in a better position to answer you after that. As I’m sure you will understand I have been obliged to prioritize federal law enforcement over your civil action.

Since this has been revealed, Fuentes has completely shut out Milo. Any normal person would, but especially someone who believes that “to sit down at a table with a fed snitch is to be a fed snitch,” or whatever.

Just kidding, he’s invited Milo to stream on Cozy, his website.

Beardlet Beardly has promoted federal informant Milo many times. Anglin has this to say about him.

[Nick] became friends with Beardson Beardfather, who is one of the few people I’ve known in this game who isn’t a piece of shit.

Fuentes has done the same, on numerous occasions. He regularly reposted Milo on telegram.

He only stopped after they had a Kanye-centered fallout over who was more gay.

It was also revealed during the Kino Revelations, that Milo was behind the scenes at America First, doing who knows what. This was considered totally fine by Andrew Anglin and Weev. Again, The Revolutionary Republican Party Outsiders don’t promote Milo anymore, not because they care that he’s a federal informant who brags about blackmailing people, but because he outmaneuvered them with the Kanye thing years after being revealed as a blackmailing federal informant.

Anglin was completely fine with all this, because Anglin is a liar with no real political convictions. He never believed his own slanders of Cantwell and the TRS guys as federal agents/informants, just like he never really believed that Nick Fuentes was the future POTUS. Since TRS and Cantwell are competitors, he continues slandering them to this day.

I fell out with TRS initially because they rehabilitated FBI informant Chris Cantwell in this exact same way. TRS was later exposed as having an FBI informant working with them directly.

Even as I wrote the first entry in this series I knew that I would have to write a followup piece making it very clear that this site has not become a safe space for the typical low IQ bad faith attacks on TRS/NJP. Even after doing that, I still had to prune many a sperg seething about “muh Jew wife,” or “something something vaxxx.” This site’s trash folder is getting slammed like it’s a Michael McKevitt side piece, and telegram is what telegram always is.

TRS/NJP can’t be blamed for being slandered by Andrew Anglin and Weev. They can be blamed for their utterly pathetic and cowardly non-response, especially regarding Jayoh De La Ray.

For those of you who don’t know who Jayoh De La Ray was, he was one of the many characters in the early days of TRS. You can see him in the above parody video as the guy on the left.

He got axed when Anglin’s hitpiece on him came out. What were the damning revelations? In short, Jayoh De La Ray went on a libertarian podcast in 2012 and admitted to being a federal informant.

He also claimed that he studied at the University of Chicago, the home of his idol, Milton Friedman. He applied to Harvard while in the middle of a “horrifying 14 day blender,” on a gonzo journalism spree in Detroit. He got in, then spent his days doing drugs and banging trannies with razor blades before waking up to write a paper deconstructing Kevin Carson.

Unfortunately, someone snitched out his Harvard drug empire. He had to deal with 40 feds with APCS and AR-15’s, ready to burn his house down. They took him into rooms with no windows, no phone calls, no lawyers, not even any food. Luckily he got out, and hooked up with some anarchists on Facebook. They flew this random guy they’d never met out of America on their plane like he was James Bond. At some point he also met with P-Funk and redpilled him on anarcho-capitalism.

Crazy story, but you might be wondering how he escaped that prison. Turns out the feds were putting the screws to him, relenting only after he promised to flip on all his connections in the drug business.

Jayoh De La Ray, a tranny banging Harvard drug kingpin with a fetish for razorblades and federal informing. Working for TRS – and the feds – in between jobs as a mercenary with a mysterious White Nationalist project in South Africa that no one has ever heard of.

These were obviously things that never happened, and I stand by mocking Anglin for his hitpiece. Having said that, it always bothered me how atrociously TRS handled this smearjob. It was obviously true that Jayoh made up a bunch of stories. The line from Mike Peinovich was that he was LARPing. A more honest take would be that he was lying, doing something akin to libertarian, and later WN, stolen valour.

Jayoh made up ludicrous tales of trannies, heroin, razorblades, studying with Milton Friedman, feds, going on the lam, redpilling P-Funk, you name it, when he was in libertarian groups and wanted them to think that he was cool. Then he made up this ludicrous backstory of being a mercenary for some vague WN group in South Africa and stuck to the story for years, because he wanted WNs to think that he was cool.

That’s not the worst thing anyone has ever done, but it is very personally embarrassing.

I’m sure that it wasn’t pleasant for the TRS leadership to have to sit down and have a one on one conversation with their friend Jayoh De La Ray. However, we can say that they handled it with maturity, dignity, and panache like incompetent, conflict averse retards. Let me count the ways, but first, a little Inside Baseball.

I mentioned in the piece that Sven had reached out to me, and I was more than happy to print out a few quotes of his. He also told me that – and this didn’t need to be kept confidential – when Jayohgate broke they gave Jayoh a severance package, then signed an NDA basically agreeing not to badmouth each other, or even talk about each other.

Let me translate that for you. When the malicious actors at the Daily Stormer decided to defame them by exploiting a minor embarrassment, their first thought was:

Does anyone know of a way we can pay money to make it legally impossible for us to defend ourselves?

They also realized that if they shut down the comments on their site as Jayoh left, they’d look shady, like they were trying to hide something. So they went ahead and did that exactly that.

And actually, they were trying to hide something. That something being that Jayoh was a bloviating liar who wanted people to think that he was cool. Again, that’s not the worst scandal ever. They should have made a statement simply admitting the truth.

Instead they hid their heads in the sand, refused to respond to the slander, prayed that this all went away, told everyone that they needed to “pass the IQ test,” and pretended that Jayoh’s lies were “LARPs,” whatever the hell that means. No, I don’t have any screencaps of this, but everyone who was there at the time remembers this.

It is true that I had an easier job dismantling Anglin’s slander, since Anglin had been promoting the Milo/Fuentes collaboration for almost two years at that point. However, it wasn’t exactly rocket science responding correctly to this hatchet job by Anglin and Weev even back in the day. Don’t fire Jayoh. Don’t sign an NDA. Do explain to people what’s going on, do so in writing, do so constantly on the show, and don’t shut down the comments. You can’t just fire/resign* someone and then not provide any explanation.

*I can’t remember if Jayoh resigned or was fired, and I’m not even sure that I was told. In any case, it barely matters.

Admitting that Jayoh was a liar would have been a mildly bad look for them, so the TRS crew decided that it was preferrable to bury their heads in the sand, pretend that nothing was wrong, pretend that this would all go away, and adopt the tone that us peasants asking them to explain anything was a low IQ imposition on them. The only visible response we could see from TRS was that, post-hitpiece, Jayoh was gone, and the comments were disabled.

This is sounding somewhat familiar.

Mike: I know that’s going to leave people with more questions than answers and I’m sorry you’re just gonna have to be left with some questions because getting into the nitty gritty of this is something I think people should understand is not necessary or helpful at this juncture.

But it’s only partly the initial response that annoyed me so much, and annoys me even more in retrospect. TRS were podcasters. Everyone knew that they weren’t particularly adept political actors. It’s eye rolling, but kind of understandable that they fucked up beyond all belief when faced with a moderate unpleasantness that threatened to interrupt their cushy and lucrative podcasting gig, praying it would all magically go away.

Much more damning is them never going on the offensive against Anglin/Weev, and the rest of the Roger Stone operatives who were deliberately destroying the alt-right and turn it into obedient Revolutionary Republican Voting. Anglin should have been constantly attacked on their show. They should have paid someone to start up a daily news site to replace the DailySlanderer. They should have dredged up every single embarrassing and disgracing thing Anglin has done – and boy are there a lot of those – and have him disgraced and removed from public life. This should have been done from the start, but definitely as soon as it was made clear that Anglin had declared TRS as an irreproachable enemy.*

*They also probably should have filed a defamation lawsuit against him. They would have won, if for no other reason than that Anglin would never show up and they’d win by default, although I am not a lawyer so take that with a grain of salt.

Instead, after the unholy Catboi Respecting, Weinstein Defending axis of Anglin, Weev, and Fuentes declared war on TRS. Their response was to not even defend themselves against easily dealt with attacks, insult people demanding answers as “low IQ,” and send the occasional barb at them once every three months on the show.

It’s at this point that some “above it all,” NJP fanboys start pretending that responding to a malicious, constant, years long attack from (formerly) credible/respected figures such as Nick Fuentes, Andrew Anglin, and Weev, amounts to “e-drama.” I’ve seen this weird dismissal many times. No real arguments are ever presented, just snark, strawmanning, and pretensions of respectability.

In the past few days I’ve talked to a lot of different people who were formerly part of NJP, but left for one reason or another. The tale they tell is of rank incompetence, sociopathic bullying from leadership, apathy, laziness, mean girls petty drama, and of course the sex scandal. I welcome whatever they have to say, but always make a point to ask questions about the political direction of the NJP. What the plans are, how recruitment is, that kind of thing.

I’ll have a lot more to say about that, almost none good. Relevant to this piece is that everyone I have talked to says that they don’t know a single person who has joined the NJP after seeing a protest.

They don’t know a single person who has joined the NJP after seeing their “promat” stickers. Frankly, I could have told you that these stickers are terrible, for all the same reasons I critiqued WLM stickers years ago.

There are two and only two ways that people join the NJP. A small minority of NJPers heard about the NJP from someone they know, online or in real life. More efforts should be made in this respect, but that’s for a different article.

However, the main recruitment pipeline for the NJP, by far, is not stickers, protests, or even word of mouth, it’s TRS. The more people watching TRS, the more people in the NJP. The health of TRS is the health of the NJP. Attacks on TRS are attacks on the NJP. Driving the audience from TRS drives recruitment out of NJP.

It’s true that there are a lot of unproductive distractions that happen on the internet. It’s also true that there are people who pretend that 20 guys holding up signs is going to accomplish something. There are unproductive things that happen IRL as well.

People using the internet to shuttle people into the TRS->NJP pipeline aren’t doing slacktivism they’re doing actual activism. You’d sort of think that the NJP would be doing this like, even a little bit, but despite them excusing their total lack of direct political action as “we just need to grow” – oh, and they’re not growing BTW – their recruitment drive appears to be both jack and squat.

Which leads us to this post.

If you go anywhere online other than bang and private telegram chats you will mostly find people making fun of us because our PR has been mismanaged all the way from the top. I say this as a die hard supporter.

“If you go anywhere online-I’mma stop you right there chief. Looking at feedback from Extremely Online international weirdos from God Knows Where isn’t a sufficient metric. Telegram is just not an acceptable place to do recruitment, period, end of story.

The reason why stay at home mothers don’t alog NJP is because they have never heard of the NJP, and if they did they would chuckle and move on. This is a totally irrelevant White Nationalist (fake) political party. They have zero political victories. They aren’t running anyone for office. They aren’t doing legal activism. They aren’t doing anything. In fact, they aren’t even registered as a political party.

Their activism consists of 20 guys holding up signs demanding something that they never get, thus making them look like impotent losers. When they aren’t doing that, they’re throwing conferences where the only attendees are their own supporters.

They’ve seen three of their seven founders leave this very year, and they officially have an embarrassing sex scandal where a lone single mother went to one of their events and got 10 different spergs to fall in love with her by saying hello, only to then have a drunken pseudo-consensual threesome with the only party leader who has an actual job.

If you’d like to see the chairman of the party speak, he runs a three hour long podcast three times a week where he sits next to a guy who says “I’m a genocidal maniac,” “every faggot, every kike,” and “fuck your small business.” These could easily be edited out, but there is an impenetrable vortex of apathy, laziness, and totally undeserved arrogance that permeates this entire clique, so that just wasn’t an option.

I think it’s undeniable that they’re going to be a hit with the locals at the church BBQ. It’s just these damn internet weirdos who need to get with the program.

If you wanna lob out a criticism, it would be more salient to complain that full spectrum seeding of various normalfag platforms has likely been underdeveloped. It might be unglamorous work, but every other little upstart wannabe player in any kind of space does in fact expend some resources trying to get their tendrils into TikTok/YouTube/Twitter/etc.

It’s not that it’s unglamourous work, it’s that it’s work, something the NJP is allergic to.

It’s contemptible to suggest that the NJP should start seeding themselves on various platforms as some new idea, because I remember a fan trying to do exactly that for them. About two years ago, back in the Hyphen Report days, some guy on TRS said that he wanted to help promote the show by clipping them and putting these clips up on TikTok and Instagram video. We had a few calls with him over telegram, and he got to editing and uploading like the eager beaver that he was.

I don’t mean to be too harsh, and we should all be thankful for his work, but I don’t think that he necessarily chose the best clips, or did a perfect job. As one tangible criticism, he didn’t catch and edit out all the racial slurs, which is kind of a non-starter on these platforms. Nevertheless, his first few posts got enormous engagement. After that he complained of shadowbanning, which probably happened, and he was outright banned not too long after that. He lasted longer on TikTok, and got more engagement, if I recall correctly, but was eventually banned from there as well.

That was two years ago. Today, NJP backup dancer Alex McNabb blesses us with the genius insight that perhaps it might be beneficial to try out various platforms in an attempt to bring people to TRS.

There is a question that keeps lingering in my mind every time I look at the NJP/TRS clique.

What do these guys do all day?

Why are there so many people who seem to work harder, at least for a short while, on behalf of the NJP, than the people paid to work for the NJP?

NJP Propaganda Dispensary, they stopped posting, because they got burnt out.

On the TDS where they “explained” why THAT BITCH Eric Striker needed to get got, we saw this exchange just before the 20 minute mark.

Sven: I just want to throw in there, I’m a little miffed. It’s like “okay, you don’t want to work with the NJP, why don’t you want to make the podcast?” That the thing why can’t he even do that either.

McNabb: We have such an easy job here, it’s so easy. All we have to do is log on, turn on your microphone, hit record –

Sven (Joking): No no Alex, this job is very difficult. We do a lot of work. We make it look easy, that’s the trick.

If only there was someone who works 9 hours a week who could spend a couple hours per week to clip TDS, Strike and Mike, Just Jesse, and Fash The Nation, edit them a smidge, and then upload them to TikTok or whatever. I can’t put my finger on it, but I feel like there might be someone in the sektur who matches that description.

Is it impossible for NJP to pay some guy minimum wage to spend 8 hours a day managing twenty different twitter accounts, trying to ingratiate himself with various groups online, before casually mentioning TRS to them? Would someone die if this happened?

Are we saying that there’s no one in Jackson Hinkle’s large audience of millions of twitter followers who could be receptive to the NJP’s message?

No one? Not one person?

Would the universe end if someone was paid minimum wage to spend ten hours a week clipping and editing TDS before uploading these clips to TikTok and trying to go viral? Has NJP put a sanitized version of their show on Rumble, to try and snag anyone who wanted something more real than Steven “Make the Argument” Crowder?

We’re not even talking about these lazy Goys making videos with some production value, specifically designed to get people from various platforms and onto therightstuff.biz, while getting a small army of their supporters to spread these videos. Clipping the show that they already make and editing out the parts most likely to get you banned is beneath the bare minimum, and they can’t even be bothered to do that. 

Two years after one of their fans already did exactly that for them, for free, they’ve realized that it might, maybe, be a good thing for someone else to do. Perhaps you could take some of your free time and do this while Sven browses Reddit, Mike watches YouTube, and Alex McNabb plays with his transformers.

UPDATE: After writing this article, I was contacted with another guy who had done video editing for a similar purpose about a year ago, trying to drive traffic to TRS. He repeatedly brought this project to their attention, and they were too lazy to even give feedback.

In the meantime you can consider yourself satisfied with their bloviations about growing the party, despite them never sharing any actual proof of this happening, and being too lazy and apathetic to do less than the bare minimum even in this respect. To ask the saviors of the HuWhyte race to work more than ten hours a week is to ask the impossible.

Let’s circle back to Jayohgate for a second.

Sven contacted me WRT to Jayoh, and asked me to print a few quotes, something I happily obliged. The rest of the call was entirely amicable. However, partway through the call, he spent about a brief moment assuring me that Anglin’s slander of TRS hadn’t resulted in even one fewer TRS listener. He even quite literally said “no one believed [Anglin], it didn’t work.”

Right. That’s why you’re contacting me asking me to print quotes for you. 

I nodded, ignored that, and remained cordial. It wasn’t like he asked me to sign a pledge or something pretending to believe him, it was something of an offhand comment, but it stuck in my mind that he would even try that when it was obviously untrue. 

First of all, Anglin had shown on his site that therightstuff.biz’s traffic had declined, although I can’t find the screencap right now. This could be handwaved away as some sort of botfarm manipulation, but there was no contrary evidence showing otherwise. Secondly, TRS had disabled the comments on their site when this happened, presumably because “no one” believed Anglin and everyone was thrilled. 

Third, “muh Jayoh” had lingered in the internet ether for years, occasionally shitting up this site back when it was Hyphen Report. We would get comments on random articles from obvious political enemies invoking his name and calling TRS/NJP a fed operation. I oven’d almost all of those comments back in the day, but was able to find a few that made it through the cracks. This one below was left under the Weinstein part of the Andrew Anglin series.

Those comments ceased almost entirely after I had written those two articles. I haven’t seen anyone bring up Jayoh since, on telegram or anywhere else, despite this being common before said articles. Additionally, we got a bunch of comments from people who had always assumed that there was something bad, and were glad to have it cleared up. Those were mostly in the Hyphen Report telegram channel, which I don’t have access to, but I did find an example on the site.

This site has a plugin that tracks views for individual articles. It’s more than a little wonky, and I don’t know the inner workings. On the first article in this series, I saw it had 15 comments, all from different people, and yet just three views, a clear impossibility.

The viewcount is unreliable, but appears to be unreliable in a consistent way. Articles with more views show as having more views, albeit not necessarily the correct number of views. 

Above we see the comment and view count from the first entry in the Andrew Anglin is a Biological Failure series. Below is the sixth entry, wrapping up the last of his defense of Harvey Weinstein. The viewcount is roughly one quarter of the first entry, and is typical for the rest of the series. 

Then we get to the piece debunking the slander of Jayoh, which has about two thirds the views as the first entry in the series, and is actually the second most viewed entry in the entire saga. This indicates that people have been linking to it from elsewhere.

It’s almost like people wanted to have an explanation for the vague fed accusations and sudden disappearance of Jayoh. So much so that they still wanted to know what happened five full years after the fact. But apparently the atrocious, pathetic response of TRS back in the day cost them nothing. 

The fourth reason why I knew that the slander had damaged TRS was because a former writer for Hyphen Report said that he had shied away from TRS/NJP, and leaned towards the Groypers, because of the fed accusations surrounding Jayoh. It wasn’t until early 2021 that he had listened to them enough to overcome these apprehensions, coupled with tiring at Fuentes’ antics, and realized that they were just being slandered as federal informants. 

But the main reason why I rolled my eyes on the other end of the call with Sven was because I had almost believed Anglin myself.

That might sound strange. I’ve said that Anglin’s hitpieces on TRS were laughable, and they are. However, Anglin benefited from the fact that he basically always wrote like a retard, so the accusations weren’t particularly out of place. 

It’s just a statement of fact that Andrew Anglin could never be described as a disciplined, rigorous, investigative journalist. The guy was basically Buzzfeed for Nazis, his writings tolerable only because they were interspersed with memes stolen from 4chan back when it was still decent. If you read his site you were accustomed to him not even coming close to proving what he was trying to prove, but going along with it anyway. When he was attacking Jews he was right often enough anyway. Every Single Time became a meme for a reason.

It’s true that Anglin appeared to be having a meltdown when writing those hitpieces, but at the time that could be explained by him being angry and shocked that TRS had a federal informant as the “head of security,” and all the other stuff he made up. So yes, it’s funny that he felt that every single sentence of his deserved to be its own paragraph, but no one ever thought he was Shakespeare. 

I have to believe that they don’t want this.

And yet, this is happening.




Seriously, what the fuck is going on here?

– Andrew Anglin

In the meantime, people who debunked Anglin and Weev’s hatchejob on the old DS forum, The Goyim Know, were quietly censored for “shilling for feds”. Eventually this happened to me, when I made fun of Anglin calling TRS feds for not supporting Donald Trump. No one got a clear explanation, because TRS was too much of a clown fiesta to provide one.

It was one thing for TRS to be slandered and not defend themselves. I get that infotainers can be weak, conflict averse pussies who want to pretend that they’re above what they erroneously label “e-drama.” Once they decided to start a political party, where the vast majority of recruits come by way of TRS, it was totally unacceptable that they didn’t make a concerted effort to steal back the audience that they had lost and then some.

These aren’t exactly cold calls. Anglin did his slander specifically because the people in his audience had a massive overlap with the people in TRS’s audience. The same was true for the America Firsters, especially back when Fuentes was pretending to primary Republicans. 

I got the following screencaps from KiwiFarms right after the Kino Revelations, and have written about it before. I’ll transcribe them below. 

In full honesty, I was a fan of America first while posting in this thread. That’s why my early posts in this thread were so comically exagerated. That was at the very beginning, but this fucking kino casino stream was the last straw. I will never put any confidence into Nick again. It almost makes me want to cry. To me, and many groypers, this was the only movement which had some modicum of success, so it was necessary to stick with it no matter the cost. And I know many will remain ardent supporters in spite of these revelations because of this belief. But it really is over. I gave Nick the benefit of the doubt every step of the way. Facing all this, I really can’t believe my eyes.

That’s true. I was young when I started following him, a lot of groypers I know are young. We can only hope that some of the better among them will stand up and get out. Moving away from Nick first is a part of maturity.

The most damning revelation revealed by the Kino Casino wasn’t that Nick Fuentes was a weirdo who hunted for his friend’s cum with a blacklight. The most damning revelation was that Nick Fuentes had people desperate for change slaving away, trying to get America First Students and America First Candidates up and running. Both projects failed, because Fuentes was too lazy and disinterested to actually do any real political action, so he let them die on the vine. 

Yes, there were weirdos in America First who pledged to “kill, rape, and die for Nick Fuentes,” and all other manner of weirdness. There were also a lot of normal, idealistic people who put up with Fuentes’ shit for a very long time, since they believed that he was their only hope at getting political victory. I know, because I engaged with a bunch of them. With the revelation that he was just a grifter, with no real political aspirations, we had what looked to be one of the biggest recruitment opportunities for the NJP since its inception. 

The next day, TDS 891 drops. Mike Peinovich, the leader of the National Justice Party, doesn’t even want to talk about the disintegration of a rival group that has been attacking his organization for years, totally unprovoked. He whines about Sven making fun of Fuentes, before Sven basically tells him to shut the fuck up and stop being so annoying. Eventually, the saviour of the White Race goes along with the program, for the first hour. Hour 2 is Star Trek or something else, no one can remember.

That was that.

Actually, it’s worse than that. I can’t remember exactly where, and I can’t remember the quote perfectly, but Mike said the following.

Jaime was telling me “Mike, it looks like America First is disintegrating. You could try to recruit from them” 

And I’m like “NO, we don’t want them.”

You do if you’re running an actual political party. You do if you are trying to get recruits and grow. No one is saying to skip vetting, although everything I have heard about the NJP vetting process is that it is a complete and utter joke, especially because the people they let in are Gayper-tier spergs. 

At the time I was just blown away by this. Why the fuck was this inert blob just sitting there? Why was there no action taken by the NJP to reach out to these people, and try identifying the genuine ones who wanted serious political action. They couldn’t at least get them to listen to TRS?

Mike gave an answer that puzzled me at the time. In retrospect, I find it utterly infuriating, especially coming from someone who is pretending to be the leader of a national political party that is excusing its total lack of political action with “we just need to grow.” 

Look, we here have a small, loyal audience, and we’re happy with that. 

Fuck. Your. Small. Loyal. Audience. 

Know what happened to most of the Groypers who quit after it was revealed that Fuentes was a fake political actor? To be clear, I’m talking about the ones who actually wanted policy. The ones who got into Fuentes back when they were mid-teenagers, and either didn’t know about any alternatives, or didn’t have enough life experience to know better. 

Most of them just quit. They dropped out. They moved on with their lives. What they most definitely did not do was join the NJP, although in retrospect that probably worked out for them. 

I remember talking to this guy. He just quit politics.

Mike Peinovich doesn’t care. Mike Peinovich doesn’t need new recruits. He’s got a very loyal, very obedient collection of paypiggies who are fine with him posting about Star Trek and Dune, and occasionally doing a protest with ten guys that “puts pressure” on judges and politicians who laugh it off, to the extent that they are even noticed at all. He has carefully curated a core audience that is fine with him not explaining shit to them. Fall in line behind the guy who works ten hours a week.

Fascism means blind obedience to podcasters. 

A Canadian blogger has destroyed the very serious National Justice Party by pointing out the obvious online. 

There is a pattern of behaviour here, shown time and time again, of extreme laziness mixed with bizarre, totally undeserved arrogance from the non-existent NJP “leadership”. I started with Jayohgate, in part because TRS was legitimately the victim of a very organized and lengthy defamation campaign.

Their response, both immediately and in the long run, was lazy, apathetic, stupid, self-defeating, and arrogant. When presented with an opportunity to recruit from the audiences of the people who had attacked them for years, Peinovich decided that he wasn’t really vibin’ it, and had to be cajoled to sit there in silence while Sven attacked them for an hour before they returned to Trek posting.

People compare this guy to me?

This is not really about Nick Fuentes, Andrew Anglin, or Weev. This is about NJP “leadership” being too conflict averse to defend themselves against malicious slander. This is about them being too complacent to clip their own show and upload it to TikTok to see what happens. This is about them being too lazy to edit out Sven screaming “I’M A GENOCIDAL MANIAC,” right next to the leader of the very serious, totally going places National Justice Party. 

Because I’m sure that clip will be hilarious when CNN and Fox News plays it over and over and over again on repeat. I’m sure that Mike Peinovich, a guy too lazy and arrogant to do basic PR, even when he’s 99% in the clear and his opponent is a retarded potato named Andrew Anglin, is going to suddenly start completely owning the multi-billion dollar disinformation machine that is the mainstream media. I’m hearing through the grapevine that he has a plan to get ten guys to hold up signs a quarter mile from CNN headquarters that say “please stop being so mean.”

That’ll really put the screws to them.

I used to be unimpressed with the NJP. What I feel now is a sort of dark contempt. 

Anyway, next up it’s the Michael McKevitt firing. It’s bad, and no one in particular comes off as particularly innocent. It’s a dirty job, but we’re getting balls deep in this story like it’s a single mom and our wife is in the other room. 

UPDATE: You can find the archived original piece here, with the 77 comments lost to the void. Particularly good were three comments from “Eric,” that I have amalgamated into one in this comment section. 

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1 Comment

  1. The three comments from “Eric”, reproduced below.
    The protests can be effective. However, the main issue is that NJP does not invest enough money into getting supporters out to the event. You could easily mobilize over 100 people if you said that half of their travel expenses were covered, and you had cheap lodging. Does this ever happen? No. There is a call for LOCAL VOLUNTEERS to come out.

    The funding and manpower is there. Why aren’t the protests bigger? There is no opsec issue with the SGs. There’s no reason they cant to national calls.
    The NJP should and could just pay people to attend protests. The Sturmabteilung was successful in Germany because they provided food and housing for their men, who were often unemployed. There are thousands of NJP supporters, and the money and infrastructure has always been there to coordinate cheap ways to host local events and protests without people having to spends hundreds of dollars on travel and lodging.

    The logistical planning and strategy just doesn’t exist. It does have to do with both incompetence as well as a lack of commitment by local leaders. We always had to just coordinate this stuff between the individual non-leadership supporters.

    I’ve personally attempted to bring these issues up, and it has never gone anywhere. I always disliked the majority of the “promat” material, and tried to present better propaganda that I knew actually would leave a mark on “normies.” What the fuck is a normal White American going to think when they see a sticker that says “WHITE UNITY”? “It’s Okay to be White” was ONE THOUSAND times better, and that was mostly just a meme that was effective because it trolled anti-White leftists.

    Currently, recruitment is non-existent. And I don’t mean that there aren’t people who want to do something. I mean the recruitment process just isn’t effective. Like I said before, JUST PAY SOMEONE TO ANSWER VETTING REQUESTS. PAY SOMEONE TO GO OUT AND VET PEOPLE.

    I want to see NJP succeed. The org did very well getting to this size, but it has seemed to level out, and is probably bleeding a lot of supporters over this bullshit.
    The most dependable people in the NJP are the lowest level supporters and volunteers. The volunteers are the people who make the events run smoothly and go out to protest.

    The NJP, like any fraternal organization, is supposed to be run like an army. There are ranks and standards. However, modern armies only function because of the competitive and constant system of rank advancement and competition. When you join, you are a private, regardless of if you were from a trailer park or the owner of a car dealership.

    The issue with the NJP is that there is no clear method for advancement, and no open and explicit system to ensure competence.

    This is an even larger issue when you realize that there are essentially two different types of people who are attracted to WN movements: men and women who are altruistic towards their racial survival and are very high trust, and men who are attracted to systems of power and authority. Of course, there can be an overlap. There are plenty of honest authoritative types. But there are more so that are not.

    I’ve seen this issue firsthand on more than one occasion. Once I even had to step in on behalf of a younger supporter who was being subject to peer pressure (it was vaguely in regard to a dispute over travel expenses, not anything too malicious, but I did not want him to get the bad end of the stick).

    I don’t want to sound like I’m suggesting that NJP is filled with malicious predators. It’s not. The vast majority of people are cool to be around. But there comes an issue when you build a movement around what should be a great life and death struggle, yet do not adopt the required checks and balances, per say, to ensure competence and order.

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