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More than 1,000 service members of Ukraine’s 36th Marines Brigade have surrendered in the port city of Mariupol, the Russian Defense Ministry claimed on Wednesday during a daily briefing.

According to a Russian military report, the troops laid down their arms at the Illich Steel and Iron Works, a giant metal mill they were using as a stronghold against Moscow’s forces.

A total of 1,026 service members, including 162 officers, were among the captives, ministry spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov said. He said 47 of the soldiers were female. Russian medics provided first aid to 151 injured captives before moving them to a local hospital, the official said.

I haven’t been covering this war in great detail recently, because it’s not the most pressing issue that we face. Besides that, the only real valuable purpose is the ludicrous “Ghost of Kiev,” type propaganda that the WMD Liars are putting out. That and the Reddit Dilation Force getting Airstruck to hell, or the wannabe Marvel Superhero faggots. Cataloging that serves a valid political purpose, while endless military updates, which I can’t even properly verify, do not.

Having said that I will try to check back in every once in a while. What has happened over the past week or so, is the Russians retreating in the North, to really press hard in the South, and we’re seeing the results of that today. 

The report was disputed by Ukrainian officials. Presidential adviser Alexey Arestovich claimed on social media that the unit had performed a “difficult and very risky maneuver” and joined forces with the Azov Battalion, the Ukrainian national guard unit holding position at a different location in Mariupol. This “gave the 36th a second chance” and significantly boosted the defensive capabilities of Kiev’s forces in the city, he said.

I have little doubt that this twitter account will soon be censored, so I’m including a screencap from below.

So the Zelensky gov claims that the mass surrenders in Mariupol are fake news, and we see video of these surrenders firsthand. 

This isn’t even particularly new. The area controlled by the Ukrainians in Mariupol has been steadily shrinking for many days now. There was a surrender of over 200 marines about a week ago that I didn’t bother writing about.

The reports of a large number of Ukrainian troops laying down arms in Mariupol began to emerge on Tuesday. These were supported by footage from war correspondents on the ground, showing what appears to be groups of people wearing military uniforms in captivity.

The claimed mass surrender followed a report by the Russian Defense Ministry, which said around 100 Ukrainian marines had made an attempt to break out from the factory.

According to the Russian claims, about half of the Ukrainian military personnel involved were killed when their motorcade was attacked by artillery and warplanes, while the rest were captured. Ukrainian sources told the media on Tuesday that the breakout was a success and resulted in the troops reaching Azov’s positions.

Covering the War in the Donbas is difficult for me. The mass surrenders of the (((Ukrainian Forces))) I very much enjoy, because of how utterly obnoxious the Epstein Killed Himself Liars have been in promoting ridiculous falsehoods about how Zelensky is secretly winning. Or maybe if not winning, then losing with a stunning grace that borders on orgasm inducing

But war means murder, and in this case, plenty of our goys being murdered. And more of them will be murdered by GAYTO sending more small arms and other weapons into Ukraine, in order to secure Q4 revenue returns for General Dynamics, and prolong this war.

A desperate message was posted on the 36th Brigade’s social media channels on Monday. The text claimed the unit had been failed by the Ukrainian military leadership, who left the soldiers to fight and die without any assistance despite opportunities to do so.

“For over a month the marines fought with no supplies of ammo, without food, without water, pretty much drinking from puddles, and died in droves,” the message read. “Our wise generals are telling us to capture ammo from the enemy.”

It’s actually split into three tiny sections now.

Encirclements are not fun and games. I’ve covered this before, but it’s essentially the modern version of putting an army, and in this case a city, under siege. I’d love to blame Ukrainian high command, but I’m actually not really sure what they could have done. An airlift of goods doesn’t seem very possible, and there’s really no other way for them to get reconnected with the rest of the military. 

Encirclements are not a good way to die. These men were essentially starved, had no real ammunition to fight with anyway, and when they went to do a breakout, half of them died.

But to have the generals tell them to stay in their positions, when it was known for weeks that they were doomed is just too much. And defend these positions without ammunition, except what they could magically scrounge off of the imaginary bodies of the vastly better armed Russian forces. There was never any hope of them breaking out, or being saved by a Ukrainian counter-offensive. Instead, Zelensky decided to let the fighting drag on, let more civilians die, and cynically use that for propaganda purposes.

It’s quite angering.

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