Sometime around a year ago I started the Normal People’s Party of Canada. Calling this a political party may have been somewhat ambitious, as the original purpose was simply to have an area for our guys to congregate and hangout. The long term goal was to eventually get enough critical mass to start doing real life activism and running for elections. I posted mostly on telegram, and even to this day that account only has 65 subscribers.

But even when I was stuck around 30 subscribers I had this guy start screeching, apropos of nothing, on either Christmas Day or Christmas Eve. It was the typical “Christ is just a jew on a stick,” tier nonsense, which, as you might expect, started a spergfight. I ended up having to ban him from the chat despite him being one of the longest term supporters at that point. 

Anyone who has been around on the internet long enough, especially in our corner of the woods, has seen this exact spergery play out many times before. The “Christ is Kang,” LARPers on the other side are no better, with fat midget Dave Reilly and tradhomo twink Nick Fuentes being the faces of that crowd. Actually, I forgot about Milo “I used to be gay” Yiannopoulos, who is probably an even better representative of the constantly online TradCath LARP.

I myself have never been a religious person. I have gone to church a grand total of one time in my entire life outside of weddings, and I only did that because I was trying to ingratiate myself into that group for political organizational purposes. That was an interesting experience that I probably have to write about at some time, but it didn’t work and I never even bothered trying again with some other church. It’s never much appealed to me to listen to some priest read from a book written thousands of years ago. I have better things to do.

Those better things are more “calling into the RCMP,” and less painting my face with wolves blood and dancing around a hemlock. Sure, that’s a strawman of Paganism, but I don’t care enough to know what Pagans are doing, and I’m not going to pretend to care. Me supporting Odin will not magically overthrow ZOG, just like more people praying on Sunday’s will not either. Or getting grass stains on their suits while holding a rosary. As far as I’m concerned this is all totally irrelevant politically.

Get grass stains on your suit for Jesus.

Don’t think that me smacking down the constantly online Pagan/Christian LARPers is me making any criticism of people who have certain beliefs or lifestyles. My point is simply that I don’t care, because it doesn’t matter. Infighting along these lines is annoying and tedious constantly online garbage that I don’t want to waste my time on. It’s not real politics.

Speaking of not real politics, I only tepidly supported the Finklethink Convoy. I thought the people running it were dumb or malicious, and didn’t think any serious political benefit would come of this. My initial support for them boiled down to finding it funny that Ottawa cunts couldn’t get a proper nights sleep because of their honking

And yet, when Dave Alexander Zegarac, an antifa loser, went two hours out of his way and then ran over four of the Trucker Convoy Protesters in Winnipeg, did the koshervative fags like Pierre Poilievre make a big stink of this? Of course not, and neither did the QAnon-tier “muh sovereign citizen,” weirdos. In contrast, I called into the Winnipeg PD, and got their bullshit justifications recorded. If I had all the resources that these grifters have at my disposal, I’d have done a whole lot more.

The Finklethink Convoy started out doing a totally Finkled opposition to Covid-19 garbage. No mention of BLM or mass migration continuing unchecked. No mention of hundreds of billions in “bailouts,” being given directly to banks. It was the kind of time wasting nonsense that I detailed here.

Then some antifa loser committed an act of terrorism against these protesters, and the Winnipeg PD refused to apply hate crime or terrorism charges, and even refused to explain to the general public what he was ranting about to the police as they arrested him. Months later, they denied bail to Pat King, a convoy organizer. Plenty of real outrages have spawned from the Trucker Protest, and I’ve covered them sympathetically as they’ve occured.

Similarly, while I absolutely did not support the Jan 6th Finkled protesters, I’ve never once been anything other than sympathetic to them being abused in prison, or murdered by the police. When the politics gets real, the grifters are nowhere to be seen.

Sure is weird how he never talks about Ashli Babbitt or the hundreds of his supporters being abused in prison.

Just because I never cared much for Christianity, doesn’t mean that I don’t recognize that antifas burning down and desecrating churches is an attack by Globo Homo Schlomo on us. I’m not going to be a sperg on the internet and post about how Christians are Christcucks who deserve to get their churches burned down or push any other weird anti-social narrative. Nor will I tolerate such misanthropic postings from anyone else.

Instead, I’m going to be calling into police departments and demanding an answer as to why no hate crime charges were ever laid after a clear and deliberate anti-Christian campaign that easily violates the letter of the law. In fact, I have already done this dating back months ago.

Did the constantly online TradCath LARPers do this, or did I, the totally irreligious guy? Despite the fact that I have been attacked as a “godless pagan,” by these e-boys in the past, I actually made a stink about churches being burned down to the ground while they were doing their all male tickle parties, or wearing suits while kneeling down on the grass and then calling Patriot Front feds while also laughing at them being arrested.

I haven’t had to deal with the Christian vs Pagan brand of infighting dipshits recently, at least not in the chat, but I have had my precious chat polluted with spergfights over Russia-Ukraine. I didn’t bother screencapping at the time, but I’ve come to my chat in the morning, or even after stepping outside for a few hours, to see hundreds of comments, the vast majority of which are two or three people sperging at each other with the e-knives out.

MFW I see the spergs have infested the chat again.


In a mirror of the Christian vs Pagan electronic Holy War, most of these comments tend to be low quality, but not quite objectionable enough to nuke in and of themselves. Well that’s changed, because I’m done tolerating this garbage on either issue. My chat exists for the audience to comment on specific pieces or forward me materials to write about in the future. To a much smaller extent, I’m happy to see general discussion. What I’m not happy to see is the chat getting completely taken over by a random topic that has nothing to do with anything.

I get that I wrote about the Azov e-fangirls. Then I wrote another PSA that made fun of the “More Hardcore Than Hitler” crowd. I get that some people interpreted this to be an invitation to talk about how “Putin is a secret jew,” or write apologias for Alexander Dugin. It wasn’t, and the window for this type of posting has now closed forever.

If enough people want to have a debate, then I’ll organize one, but I’m not having the chat polluted with this garbage any longer. There are some deal-breaking beliefs that people can have. These are not among them.

Someone having The Wrong Opinion on Christianity or Russia/Ukraine does not prevent us from forming a political party and winning elections. While I’m always hesitant to break out the permanent and irreversible telegram ban, the safety is most definitely off. I read every telegram comment, and I can’t be having my precious time wasted by this garbage any longer.

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  2. I hate that stupid, pointless arguing too.

    Regarding Russia, what do you make of these two videos? Maybe the NJP guys can weigh in?

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