We start off two days ago.

CBS News:

BOSTON — Three men were arrested in Jamaica Plain on Saturday after a white supremacist group called the National Socialist Club marched outside a meeting of LGBTQ community members. One of the men arrested is associated with the group, which is also called NSC-131.

The Civil Rights unit of the Boston Police Department says members of the white supremacist group were protesting during a drag queen story hour for kids at the Loring Greenough House.    

Witness video of the self-proclaimed Neo-Nazis shows the group of white men wearing hats standing behind a banner that said, “Pedo Scum Off Our Streets.”


Is this optics?

Yes, yes it is.

Boston Police say 23-year-old Christopher Hood, the leader of the NSC-131, and a counter-protester, 27-year-old Seth Rosenau, were arrested after assaulting one another. The fight was broken up by officers. Both were charged with affray and disturbing the peace, and they will both be in West Roxbury Court on Monday. 

21-year-old Tobias Walker of Roslindale was also arrested after striking a car with a metal object. Officers say he fled from police on a bike before being arrested. He is being charged with disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, and attempting to commit a crime. 

Of course they don’t say it, but it’s almost certain that Tobias Walker is one of the antifa losers. If he was an NSC-131 man, they’d have said it. Beyond that, hitting a car with a metal object before fleeing on a bike, only to get chased down by the police on foot anyway is the most stereotypically antifa thing ever.

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu released a statement about the incident, saying, “It’s no coincidence that these cowardly groups from outside our city continue to target Boston as we showcase how representative leadership, empowered communities, and bold policies can have immediate impact. We are prepared and will not be intimidated in our work to make Boston a city for everyone.”

Sounds pretty xenophobic there Ms. Wu. Also, I’m pretty sure that these gentlemen belong in the set of everyone, so we’ll just go ahead and pencil them in for a nice townhouse in Jamaica Plains just outside of Boston.

Suffolk County District Attorney Kevin Hayden released a statement about the white supremacist group, saying, “It’s clear that Boston is a way point in the crusade of hate launched five years ago in Charlottesville. The presence of white supremacists at a Jamaica Plain book reading today, like their downtown Boston march earlier this month, is at once a disgrace and a warning.  Society everywhere is targeted by these groups, and society everywhere must reject them.”  

During the Fourth of July weekend, members of the white supremacy group called the Patriot Front marched through the city with their faces hidden by white coverings. The Southern Poverty Law Center calls the Patriot Front a white nationalist hate group that formed after the deadly “Unite the Right’ rally in Charlottesville in 2017.  

NSC-131 and Patriot Front should be smug, thoroughly smug at engendering such a response from the enablers of the boy hungry pedophiles at Drag Queen Pedo Hour. I’m not going to rebut the SPLC and related whining above of course. To respond to these people with anything more than “LOL, stay mad,” would be giving them far too much respect.

But as stated earlier, there were three arrests that day, two antifas and one Good Old Goy from NSC-131. All of which sets the scene for the hilarious confrontation between antifas and NSC-131 men today at the West Roxbury District Court.

Let’s take a closer look at the video of this CHAD Rod Webber getting his head stomped in.

Well sadly Mr. Webber, who I’ve written about before, only kind of got his head stomped on. It was more like he got in the way of these men, which is assault BTW, before hurling himself at their feet. Webber is in the red shirt holding the “Chud Life,” sign.

Seriously, still images can’t quite do it justice, but there is no one around him as he throws himself down at their feet. I do like the little detail of the girl pointing at the fag because she’s confused as to why he’s acting like such a weirdo and thinks he actually fell.

The first guy in the convoy trips over him and accidentally knees him in the face. Then the second guy just steps around him. I think even if I was the last guy in line I might have accidentally fell down and kneed him in the face a few times, but in the interest of objective reporting I have to inform you that, regretfully, that didn’t happen.

That face though…

Because Rod Webber has a sexual fetish for being slighty roughed up by strapping young men, he’s back up, micropenis stiff and ready for some more mild abuse that he’ll no doubt exaggerate into a full on comic book style assault.

Sure enough Rod Webber is goes a-tumbling down the steps of the courthouse.

Call me Nostradamus, but it does help when you’ve already seen the full video. And boy does he ever keep rolling.

Once again screenshots can only do so much, but he was propelled ten feet down the steps by a police officer pushing him parallel to the steps.

You tell me how he ends up in a different postal code at the end of all this.

But his final destination is the courthouse because he got arrested.

The best part of the whole thing is when the spiteful mutants stop chanting “NATZEES OUT,” because they’re so privileged and coddled that they’re stunned by the site of one of their own being arrested. As hyper loser Rod Webber is arrested they start saying “are you serious, are you fucking serious, are you for real!?” It’s pure kino.

As was the aftermath.

There may be no better example of “the best optics is fighting antifa,” than this. I hadn’t really followed the NSC-131 guys before this. I’d heard there was some sort of confrontation they did with Patriot Front, but I didn’t write about it at the time and don’t want to accuse anyone of anything incorrectly. I never appreciated the aesthetic. But this.

This was pure gold.

Of course the corrupt system drops the charges against the two antifa scum, while keeping the charge against Christopher Hood, the Uppity Goy who defended himself against Roseneau’s attack. All in service of these child abusers.

I wish NSC-131’s Christopher Hood only the best in court, and will cover his case as more proceedings happen.

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