For those who want the backstory on Patriot Front’s actions in Coeur D’Alene, you can go here. Today I’m focusing on a video, now over a month old, of a local Coeur D’Alene man speaking his mind to City Council.

The video here starts off halfway through the speech. As it so happens, I have a copy of the entire speech, which I will be reproducing below.

Two weeks ago I asked the political representatives of this city to align with the will and the values of the Coeur d’Alene citizens. I did not ask this of law enforcement because the duty of law enforcement is to enforce the laws and protect the rights of citizens regardless of their politics. Police Chief White on that day affirmed that sentiment, and promised all citizens here that the law would be enforced without bias, and the 1st amendment right to peaceably assembly would be protected for both sides.

Unfortunately, this turns out to not be the case. On Saturday’s pride event, there were at least 5 known Antifa members trying to gather names and addresses of protestors for the purpose of targeted harassment while professionally paid pornography content creators groped their groins while five feet away from prepubescent children. Not only did law enforcement that day not enforce public indecency statures, but some took pictures of the posing “artists” like wine-mom groupies at a Justin Bieber concert.

I’m trying to not interrupt the flow of the speech, but that line is particularly fantastic.

That would still be justifiable if the law was applied equally and without Bias to both groups, but it was not. Immediately, at least two Christian preachers were expelled from the event, one of whom was actually arrested not for trespassing. It was not violence which instigated this arrest, but constitutionally protected politically incorrect speech.

This moment corresponds to the start of the video.

Later on in the day Patriot Front was arrested before even assembling for “Conspiracy to riot”. “Conspiracy to riot” is a pre-crime charge which is notorious for being challenged on constitutional grounds and is never applied to the Left. Antifa and BLM are allowed to burn down city blocks and destroy property and commit violence without ever incurring a conspiracy charge despite having a history of Violence.

In contrast, Patriot front has a history of dozens of demonstrations in which no violence or destruction of property ever takes place. Every time they have a plan where they wave flags, give a speech, and then withdraw as soon as opposition is encountered. The one time they were detained during demonstration was when attacked by BLM and Antifa in Philadelphia. Even in that case Law enforcement determined they could not be held as they had broken no laws.

So why were Christian preachers and Patriot front detained for conspiracy to exercise their 1st amendment rights in one of the most conservative countries in the country, when the constitution was better defended in democrat dominated Philadelphia?

I can’t speak for Chief White, but I do know Sheriff Norris, once a LA Lieutenant, was funded by the leftist ADL to train in Israel with Mossad.

Now we all know that the hyper zionist ADL is a jew supremacist organization, not a leftist one. But I think it was the right decision by this man to call them a leftist org so as to not have to do a twenty minute diversion explaining Leo Frank’s murder of Mary Phagan.

But unlike Palestinians, Americans have a right to be protected by the constitution. When the police start arresting citizens for exercising those rights, while at the same time protecting the degenerate left, we have arrived at a state of Anarcho-tyranny.

Free citizens can not and should not be arrested for pre-crime and thought crime in order to protect the religion of liberalism, and that is what happened at the pride event.

In the future, I would ask that law enforcement enforce without bias, the rights and freedoms of all non-violent law abiding citizens. And refrain from the political persecution of the right. Thank you.

His time is up, his speech is done. We hear a hearty clap from the audience and the video ends with this shot of city council. 

Shot of city council.

A brilliant speech, although it’s always easier for us, having the truth on our side. After all, the truth is the best propaganda. 

As for tangible political consequences, that’s the responsibility of the NJP, not this one man. I do hope that the naked oppression of Patriot Front, as well as two Christian Preachers who were also arrested, contrasted by the total hands off approach by the Coeur D’Alene PD towards the creeps gyrating for the children can spark some serious political change in that region.

Nothing will come easy or quickly. We have to get organized and start contesting local elections, and using outrages like this is the way to go.

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