Canada’s population increased by more than a million people for the first time in history in 2022, almost entirely due to a surge in immigrants and temporary residents, Statistics Canada said on Wednesday.

Total population grew by a record 1.05 million people to 39.57 million in the 12 months to Jan. 1, 2023, and about 96 per cent of the rise was due to international migration, the statistics agency said.

National Geographic did a render of what Canada will look like in 2044 and it’s beautiful.

Or, at this rate, about three years.

The increase, which helped Canada retain its position as the fastest-growing G7 country, translates to a population growth rate of 2.7 per cent and such a rate would lead to the population doubling in about 26 years, the agency said.

In other words, the original population of the country will only be half the population in just 26 years. Thank goodness these migrants have “helped” us achieve this. And thank goodness that, while this is happening, the consubversatives are out there talking about how more migrants need to be brought in.

Over and over and over again they’re talking about how MOAR Migrants absolutely need to be shoved into your neighbourhood.

Above is a message I got on Poast from a fellow Canadian. I won’t give any more details about this man, and it doesn’t really matter. Tiny towns in Canada are getting Turd Worlders shoved into them. And this will only accelerate, in part because the cities are being increasingly ruined by mass migration and soft on Crimes Of Colour policies.

In 2022, Canada welcomed 437,180 immigrants and the number of non-permanent residents increased by a net 607,782 people. Both figures are the highest levels on record and reflect “higher immigration targets and a record-breaking year for the processing of immigration applications,” StatsCan said.

That’s the thing about “non-permanent residents.” They’ll do everything in their power to make sure they stay permanent.

And by they I mean the consubversatives. It’ll be something about Somalians being natural conservatives and having good family values. Or LibsR3. Or maybe they just won’t even bother giving you an excuse. 

The rise in international migration could “represent additional challenges for some regions of the country related to housing, infrastructure and transportation, and service delivery to the population,” the agency also said.

And multiple gunshot wounds might pose some interesting new challenges for staying alive. 

Migrants drive up the price of housing. This is one of those hate facts that economists refrain as “immigrants add value to the housing market.” The “value” they add is called “pricing you out of a home.


Ontario is set to double the number of economic immigrants it welcomes to the province under an agreement with the federal government to boost the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program.

In an announcement Saturday, Ontario Labour and Immigration Minister Monte McNaughton said the province will have more than 18,000 spots under the program in 2025.

B-b-but we’ve got Rock Ribbed Consubversative Doug Ford in there.

Oh sure, he’s dedicated his political career to enriching his friends, but imagine if there was a LeFTiSt in there? Imagine how much… the same literally everything would be. 

You can’t be throwing your vote away by refusing to support the brave consubversatives. I myself would love to die for these people. Maybe we should even pull a weev and do terrorism on their behalf.


The federal government continues to advertise on TikTok, despite having banned the China-linked app from all government devices late last month due to security concerns.

Below is the picture they use for their article header. 

Read A.Nonymous’ series on the Canadian Armed Faggots. Read all of his works. Then go take a look at the above ad of the Canadian Anal Furries, and ask yourself if the problem is them advertising on TikTok. 

I wrote more on this story and then deleted it. This is too absurdly Finkled in all aspects to be worth my precious time.

Montreal Gazette:

One woman was so shaken by what happened, she wasn’t able to leave her home for two weeks. Another couldn’t sleep for months, left feeling as though the accused had “infected” where he touched her.

A third woman, 20 years old, has felt the need to change the way she dresses ever since, ashamed of her body. None of them feel safe taking the Montreal métro anymore.

Looks like these women went through a traumatizing experience at the coloured hands of their oppressor. Is there anyone who will do anything about it?


“sexual harassment is a systemic problem, and it is unacceptable.” – Justin Trudeau, 37 second mark.

Lucky for us, we’ve got a male feminist in charge. It’ll be curtains for this rapist of colour, just you wait.

You see, it wasn’t in the rapist of colour’s interest to have his crimes punished with anything other than a touch of community service. And is it bad for the public to have this rapist walking around? Nah, it’s totally fine.

“Justice Suzanne Costom”

Normally it’s impossible to get pictures of judges in Canada. They are simply not publicly listed, in any place I can find, and I’ve looked up and down. However, this is the second case where I’ve found one solitary picture of a judge hosted on a site owned by Nose-Americans.


Join us as Justice Suzanne Costom shares with us her experience as a criminal Judge amidst the challenges and changes in the system due to Covid.

Jaime, can we zoom in on that banner there.

The subversion of your injustice system, powered by ShulCloud.

The women are now reluctant to use the métro and expressed feelings of shame, hyper-vigilance and distrust of others, the judge noted. They also missed school and work as a result. 

Woah. Looks like these bigoted monstresses have a White Entitlement Complex to not be sexually assaulted and molested by creepy brown sexpests on the subway. Get a load of this. 

Feminism is about aborting White babies, discriminating against peasant men who didn’t have daddy be prime minister, and being childless and angry at the world. Rape prevention? Absolutely not. That’s fascism, honey. Learn the difference. 

Canada continues to be an anti-White joke, although there is one positive.

CTV News:

new poll conducted by Research Co. has found that the majority of Canadians support reinstating the death penalty for murder.

According to the survey, 54 per cent of Canadians support relying on capital punishment on murder conviction, up three points since a similar survey conducted by the group in February 2022.

Research Co.’s data shows that Albertans are more likely in favor of the death penalty with the highest percentage of 62 per cent.

Support for capital punishment in Saskatchewan and Manitoba are also high at 60 per cent while 58 per cent of Ontario and B.C. residents feel the same way. Over half (55 per cent) of Atlantic Canada and 43 per cent of Quebec residents said they welcome the return of the death penalty.

“Almost three-in-five Canadians aged 55 and over (59 per cent, up four points) would welcome the return of the death penalty,” Research Co. President Mario Canseco said in a news release. “The numbers are slightly lower among those aged 35-to-54 (54 per cent, up three points) and those aged 18-to-34 (50 per cent, up three points).”

Keep that in mind when you read story after story of the Democracy Class going soft on murderous criminals of colour. The average Canadian wants these people dead. That’s true of all age groups, and is even true for half of all the voters for the left-wing parties.

That’s what people want. What they get instead is rapists of colour being let out of jail to freely wander about. I really can’t stand this entirely fake and anti-democratic system pretending to be the rule of the people, when it is so obviously not. It’s not just the oppression, it’s the sanctimonious bullshit.

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  1. Is it better for americans to vote for the orange nigger or just not vote anymore?

  2. >Quebec Court Judge Suzanne Costom

    This brief Twatter thread asks what might the consequences be …


    … from the fact that over the last 50 years, law school enrollment in the US has gone from more than 10x men compared to women, to now 25% more women than men (an amazing transformation).

    I think this female judge is giving you a preview.

  3. [These are some of the consequences described by victims in the case against Moomen Rhouma, a Montreal man who pleaded guilty to three counts of sexual assault for touching women in the métro system.]

    Another confusing aspect of this story about a ‘Montreal man’: it appears that having a ‘conviction’ on his record would be bad for his immigration status, but being added to the ‘national sex offender registry’ won’t necessarily pose the same problem:

    [“A discharge is clearly in Mr. Rhouma’s best interest,” the judge wrote, adding a conviction could lead to him being deported from the country without the possibility of appeal.]

    What is a ‘conditional discharge’ in Canadian law? — what is being ‘discharged’? — did he admit the criminal sexual offenses or not?


    [During his probation period, Rhouma will be barred from using the métro, will need to complete 240 hours of community work and pay a victims’ aid group $2,000. Though he contested the measure, he will also be added to the national sex offender registry.]

    He agreed to plead guilty to certain offenses, but that is not a ‘conviction’? — what is the difference between him admitting criminal sexual offenses, and being ‘convicted’ of them after a trial?

    How can someone who hasn’t been convicted of a sexual offense be added to the ‘national sex offender registry’? — why would his lawyer agree to that?

    Canada is really fucked up, but then what Western country isn’t today?

    Reminds me of a somewhat similar case where a (Jewish) female judge in Boston helped a criminal defendant escape the courthouse via a rear door when an INS agent was waiting in the lobby to take him into custody for being in the country illegally — she was suspended (with pay), but the case was later dropped:


  4. This propaganda puff piece from 60 minutes is worth checking out just to see where the propaganda machine is heading. They fact they say the Chinese navy is larger because it has more ships but don’t mention they have far less tonnage (Chinese navy is mostly small ships that are suited to defensive work, not offensive work like the US navy) and try to talk about it like something other than a defensive/regional fleet… anyhow comments are like you’d expect, pro-regime comments getting promoted and other voices quieted down.

    “Is the Navy ready? How the U.S. is preparing amid a naval buildup in China”

    This lady spends most of her time showing off cool military toys and talking to White men…
    The segment was produced by Keith Sharman, I can’t confirm he’s jewish, but from his linkedin page I can be sure there’s no functional difference if he isn’t.

    I get the feeling that 60 minutes has been doing this “regime propaganda for boomers” thing for… probably forever, but I hadn’t seen it in 20+ years.

  5. This one trick makes cops and prosecutors angry and threatens to put them out of business. It is called 3S – shoot, shovel, and shut up.

    I am sure Judge Susie would love it, because it would allow foreign rapists to stay in Canada – permanently – all without burdening the taxpaying public.

    1. If only getting away with homicide was that simple.

      1. Hmmm, can’t be that hard either: https://globalnews.ca/news/3866025/vancouver-unsolved-homicide-rate/

        Regardless, 3S is being discussed – hypothetically – in certain quarters.

  6. Have you heard about operation choke point? Where the fed in the USA is going after industry it feels are undesirable, industries like: gas, oil, guns, ammunition, and even ranchers, due to cow farts potentially ending the planet if one to many cows rips ass. (gotta make us eat bugs somehow, and apparently thousands of pounds of parasite infested cockroaches don’t produce any gas 🤡)

    1. Leather Apron Club’s video on the grasshoppers was pretty great. Not surprised that these people are trying to shove it down our throats, literally.

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