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An Alberta high school will host a drag event on Wednesday.

The event, which will take place at Eastglen High School in northeast Edmonton, is part of the “Courage Across Canada Tour” by a troupe of female impersonators. It is meant as a “celebration of the resiliency of queer, trans and non-binary folks.”

The school has defended its participation by stating that the event is optional for students.

“Students interested in attending require parental permission,” the school told reporters from The Western Standard. “Parents of students who attend Eastglen can choose to opt their children out of the presentation.”

“The focus of the presentation is to share the barriers and challenges the presenters have overcome in a student-appropriate context,” the school claimed.

Remember the Drag Courage Tour? We put out a call to action to see if we could snatch up all the tickets. That was a resounding success.

But it seems that Anti-Pedophobe Action is undaunted by our show of force. They want access to young boys, and by Yahweh they shall have it.

In Alberta, students typically begin high school at age 14.

The favourite age of the Groomers. Just ask totally not homo anymore Milo Yiannopoulos. 

Milo when he sees an unsupervised 14 year old boy who’s going through a rough time at school.

A quick look at their ticket page shows that the events are still sold out. However, they didn’t even offer tickets to the high school grooming sessions, for obvious reasons. Since the purpose of LGBTQ activism is to get the creeps closer to their targets, they want zero barriers to entry. 

According to their website, the drag queens intend to visit 10 different communities, hosting “educational” school shows by day and performing at local venues by night.

“The Courage Across Canada tour will be at Eastglen School next month & Edmonton Public Schools says the drag queen show is optional for students,” tweeted an outraged Twitter user on February 2. “Why are drag queen shows being held at schools in the first place?”

Because myself, Couragia Latinx, and my friends Sir Tina, Classi Latisha, Anaconda Dyck, Manuele Trannymission, Jeremy “Female Penis” Johnson, Loquisha Rapatrocity, Big Girrrldick Energy, Alotta BoyGina, AIDS Benedict, and Malestia UrChildren want access to the children, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

We’re not even getting to Moe Lester Unkonkwe and the rest of the gang.

“Absolute clown world,” tweeted another user.

“Question is: What is this need to push very Adult, very sexual content in front of Children,” asked one Facebook user in the “Let’s Talk Alberta Independence” Facebook group. “I don’t remember any parents EVER coming to school in lingerie and leopard print undies to tell us about or promote their sex life. Do what you want, but keep Adult only sexual things away from Children. They can decide when they are adults. Till then, let them be kids.”

Can we please stop with the pedophobia? All they want to do is groom them into being better, more pliant people. Sometimes your first anal prolapse can be an emotional experience, and they need an experienced AIDS-American guiding them through that.

The Eugene, Oregon pedo show.

It really is amazing how disgusting these people are. They’re still doing the tranny story time stuff, but this is a full on drag “show.” And it’s not the first time they’ve done this.

This kind of explicitly sexual content wouldn’t be allowed in schools if the performers were straight, and if I got a bunch of strippers to go and put that on it would be rightfully shut down. No, they wouldn’t accept “you need parental permission to go,” they would just shut it down. Because there is no purpose here other than sexual grooming.

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  1. Pretty sure I’d have not objected to strippers visiting my high school, but fags dressed as ladies would have certainly gotten a hard pass from everyone I knew… except maybe one or two fags, but even they might not have been interested in old fags.

  2. The parents who consent should be mocked and shunned. I mean really, who other than the mentally ill send their kids out to be groomed?

  3. Any such scene always features what I will call extremely low quality human capital — this whole drag scene is definitely primarily a pleb phenomenon — the lower castes always go for this kind of lowbrow, tabloid shit — it’s like pro wrestling.

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