It was a great bit of fun writing about the Nick Fuentes Experience. Every now and then the Mixed Race Mexican TradHomo Manchild Saviour of the HuWhyte Race does something spectacularly gay, evil, or stupid, and I’ll cover it. The pace of such articles has drastically slowed down to less than one every two months, because I think I’ve said everything that needed to be said. Just look at the guy.

Even the alogs, like Mr. Metokur, have moved on at this point, although they do occasional chirp him when he does some new embarrassment.

Years ago Fuentes pretended to be the Serious Optical LOLcow. In recent years, especially after being explicitly disavowed by (((Paul Singer’s))) GOP, the Alt-Republicans appear to have dropped the act. They’re no longer pretending to be infiltrating the Gay Old Party, and are now simply being homosexual online.

Even before I started making fun of them, the writing was on the wall for Weimerica First. The Gayper Wars were years in the past, and as we found out later with Jaden McNeil’s Kino Revelations, the America First Students and America First Candidates programs, both of which would have had political potential if run by non-clowns, fell apart due to extreme laziness from Fuentes.

Simon: Somewhere along towards the middle of the year, I don’t know if you guys remember this, or how closely you were following, the whole thing about AF Candidates just kind of fell apart. Nobody talked about it anymore, Nick stopped talking about it. There was no really big effort to run candidates etcetera.

And we tried to hand Nick on a silver platter a political platform here, a political platform there, here’s an agenda, here’s a thing that you can tangible do to affect political change. And always the response we would get as we ran it up the chain to Nick was “not interested, can’t do it right now.”

[But] We can go on a seventeen day White Boy Summer roadtrip to embarrass ourselves.

At that point the political efficacy was dead, and I have never enjoyed being an alog of something politically irrelevant. Touching on them, sure, but writing article after article, day after day?

Starting in 2020 the Catboi Cult was all cucks ahead with Covid grifting, Republican Party Plantrusting, and Election hoaxing. They kept this up for years, especially the Covid-19 nonsense.

From greatest traitor to #FreeTrump

Nowadays they appear to have the memories of goldfish. I say “appear,” because everything they do is just Current Thing grifting. They latch on to whatever is happening at the moment, pretend that it’s somehow srs bzness, and demand that you go along with it. Every now and then they do a retrospective where they rehash the takes of TRS from a couple years prior, when The Current Thing was happening, mix in a little misogny and general idiocy, then hope their audience of retards forgets everything they’d written previously.

All of which brings us to Scott Greer. I never wrote about him directly, but Andrew Anglin did mention him a few times as being on Team Catboi during his suckjob of Harvey Weinstein.

The neo-Nazi movement has spent years attacking me, often over my lack of respect for women, and they appear to now be attempting to draw a hard line against me, Nick Fuentes, Scott Greer and others who refuse to respect women by defining their movement as a place for woman-respecters.

Below we see Scott Greer, a BaSEd WahMoN DiSREsPecTor and brave defender of Harvey Weinstein.

As an aside, the very same Adolf Hitler that Andrew Anglin constantly praised said, and I quote:

Believe me, a Dr. Heim may speak calmly of our “hysterical women,” but women once brought Christianity to the nations, and they will ultimately lead our movement to lasting victory. And wherever she was missing, not only the woman herself would be missing, but with her also the youth, and thus the future. Be sure of this: the movement that has the fewest women also has the least strength, which is why you will find only a few ladies in the Democratic Party, for example.

Anglin’s an incoherent mess, but he wasn’t wrong to include Scott Greer in his crew of Weinstein dickriders. You don’t need to go far to witness Scotty Greer doing the e-Right BLAME WAHMENS NOT JEWS bit, even to the point of absurdity.

Those damn wahmens who keep flooding our country with foreigners! Damn those wahmens, with their wahman brains and their hyperemotional biological programming! To think that these neo-natzees blame Jews, instead of –

These are exactly the kind of marxist feminazis that brave little Andrew Anglin fought so hard against. Sure, there might be some Jew organizations here or there pushing turd world migration. That’s because they have been taken over by wimmenz pushing the Woman Agenda.

Striker points out that the woman Greer is responding to, (((Phylisa Wisdom))), is the director of an organization called “The New York Jewish Agenda.” This was an amazing bit of journalism, where Striker had to look all the way over to the right side of the screen at the “Relevant People” section to find that Phylisa literally advertises this as part of her bio.

Check for yourself.

The Jewess Phylisa Wisdom practically has a big neon sign over her head that says “I AM A JEW AND EVERYTHING I DO IS BECAUSE I AM A JEW AND I WORK WITH OTHER JEWS WHO ONLY DO THINGS BECAUSE THEY’RE JEWS.” Luckily, in the same way that Alex Jones sees through the Communist Chinese cleverly using the (((ADL))) as pawns, Scott Greer cleverly sees that the NYJewishAgenda group has been captured by the Pussy Mafia.

It’s almost impossible to satirize this kind of faggotry, but I will try anyway.

SCENE: Merrick Garland and Anthony Blinken are at a podium holding a press conference. The severed head of Joe Biden is on the podium next to them.

Garland: We’ve decided to drop any pretenses of Jews not running America anymore.

Blinken: It’s us, and everything we do is because we’re Jews.

Garland: We’re going to be opening up the borders even more, taking the racial discrimination against Whitey up to eleven, turning your kids into trannies, and drafting all of you into a war against Iran.

Blinken: Don’t forget ramping up the porn industry.

Garland: That as well.

Blinken: We can’t stress enough that we’re doing this because we’re Jews.

Garland: And you’re the Goyim and you exist to serve us.

SCENE: Scott Greer’s uncensored twitter account.

Greer: Typical women policies from the White House. Why are women so evil? The Vaginal Oppressor has even stooped to using poor, oppressed Jews as patsies. #HavingSexWithWomenIsGay

He She can’t keep getting away with it.

The one standard from the Alt-Republican sphere has been the ranting against women, especially White Women. Imagine soying out over Tucker Carlson using “Affluent White Female Liberal” as an insult.

He doesn’t need to name-drop Jew, Greer is satisfied with this.

It wasn’t hard to see more of Greer sniping against women. I found the above quickly while scrolling through his twitter, so I decided to search for tweets containing “women” from his uncensored X account.

Greer has been committed to the Serious Guy Good Optics Wannabe Republican bit for years, so he understands that nothing resonates more with the average voter than a man who has aged out of youth whining about women online. It certainly beats naming Jews if you want to keep your twatter account, and it leaves a faint possibility of Fox Jews giving you another TV appearance at some point. 

All of which brings us to his substack piece from a few days ago.

Scott Greer Substack:

“The GOP will never be the party of the working class,” laments the populist pundit Sohrab Ahmari in a recent column. The party rhetoric is phony. Republicans are not serious about helping Starbucks baristas unionize or securing more government entitlements for the underclass. According to the “post-liberal” Ahmari (who has changed his political views more times than America has changed presidents) the GOP is too wedded to its old ways.

In a way, Ahmari is right: neither the party nor the base care about his “economic populism” project. That should have been obvious to anyone who watched Donald Trump’s meteoric rise in 2016. Even then, economic populism played second fiddle to identity issues. Trump became the GOP frontrunner by calling illegal immigrants rapists and promising a Muslim ban. His campaign was an electoral spectacle that kept the country tuned in. (His first GOP presidential debate in 2015 scored a record 24 million viewers.) The median Republican primary voter connected with Trump’s most visceral material. They didn’t care about union bargaining rights or industrial policy. 

What the hell is Scott Greer talking about?

One of the fundamental pillars of Trump’s 2016 campaign was bringing back manufacturing jobs that had been outsourced, with implied threats to the CEOs who were outsourcing these jobs in the first place. It was such an important, consistent, and clear promise that shitlibs like Michael Moore were rightfully crowing about him breaking it. Moore claims that Trump was played by GM, as opposed to Trump playing his voters, but the point is that he absolutely broke his promise to his voters to keep their jobs, let alone bring back manufacturing jobs.

The cultural issues cannot be separated from the economic issues, whether that be (((Blackrock))) pushing DIE all across Weimerica, or outsourcing jobs from White People. This was by no means some sort of aside from trump, nor do we need quotation marks around “populism.” If you want an example of fake populism, you needn’t look further than the Covid-19 garbage that Greer’s fellow e-fags were promoting for years.

This was still apparent during Trump’s presidency. January 6th demonstrators were up in arms about the Great Replacement, not the wages of gig workers.

People get extra angry when their financial standards of living drop. Does Greer think that the Jan 6th protesters rolled up in Ferraris, or flew there on private jets?

Greer is writing an article denouncing conspiratardism. Because he’s retarded, he can’t just get to the point, and instead does a detour where he assumes an idiotic premise that people don’t care about their standard of living being eroded. He showed up up to the “Fuck Conspiratards,” party years late and is trying to convince us all that people really love international finance capital. 

Trump’s core message was centered on important identity issues, but there has always been a carnival aspect to the MAGA movement. Many ditched Trumpism as a policy agenda to join the three-ring circus. Early shoots of this outgrowth were found in QAnon. The Plan Trusters were loyal Trump supporters who ignored flagrant problems in America to spread wild conspiracy theories about mole children, secret military executions, and satanic pedophile cabals orchestrating world events. Shunned by conservative media, QAnon gained a large following outside of traditional venues. It influenced a sizable part of Trump’s base. QAnon’s run as a formal movement ground to a halt after Trump’s departure from office and the failure of their prophecy. But it’s animating spirit has a more firm grip on the conservative movement than ever.

QAnon ground to a halt because it was an op created to explain why Trump was backstabbing his supporters time and time again and it fulfilled its purpose.

This wasn’t organic, it was created because it served Orange Fag’s (((agenda))). Without Trump there would have been no QAnon, and we haven’t gotten to the election fraud stuff yet. 

If the people who get into conspiracy theories remained disciplined on identity issues, that wouldn’t be so bad. But the conspiracy theories often distract from what’s important. Counter-intuitively, conspiracy theories provide a more broadly palatable moral framework than the harsher, less extravagant truths of identitarianism.

Take the Maui wildfires, for instance. The disaster in Hawaii is a case study in the deep and startling ineptitude of minority-run government. Many of the island’s public officials were selected on the basis of race. M. Kaleo Manuel, a water resource manager on the island, advanced the sort of loopy theories on “water equity” and “indigenous science” that you’d expect to find in a satire. He reportedly refused to release water to fight the fires until he got approval from a Native Hawaiian farm. The delay may have cost lives.

This is good, so of course he follows up with a suckjob of the anti-White GOP.

This is America’s dark future when DEI is institutionalized and the low-functioning clients of the anti-white party are put in charge.

This is why we need more brave Republicans in office, such as the anti-White Republican Utah Governor who Stephen Miller had to sue because he was blatantly discriminating against White People in healthcare. 

Republican Utah Governor Spencer Cox

We sure to need more brave (((Republicans))) in there to push the exact same anti-White policies. Damn those anti-White DEMONrats!

But that wasn’t the predominant narrative on the Right. Instead, conservative influencers gravitated to tin foil hat speculation that “elites” set the wildfires (possibly using space lasers) to secure real estate deals for Oprah Winfrey.

Other times, the Insane Clown Party focuses on frivolities rather than what matters. The border invasion is still bringing millions of illegals to this country. Liberal prosecutors have indicted Trump four times on politically-motivated charges. But those two events elicited less outrage than a single case of beer. The Bud Light boycott didn’t convince Republicans to embrace diversity, but another event may push this insidious message to them.

That’s because the people who the servatives are supposed to represent, normal White People, have been inculcated with learned helplessness after years of constant betrayals. People got excited about Troon Light, because there was finally an issue that they could do something on, since they literally just had to switch their beer brand. Servatives like Donald Trump Jr., the son of the betraying clown that Greer keeps defending, and the Republican Party officially condemned the boycott, even going so far as to claim that Troon Light wasn’t woke because they gave money to Republicans. 

Because the average normie understands that they’ll just get betrayed by (((Republicans))), they don’t bother worrying about the border. Why get worked up over something that you know you’re going to lose on? When your (((leadership))) exists for no reason other than to stab their own supporters in the back on everything, the peasants stop caring about important issues.

Scott Greer is an annoying fag, and maybe the most annoying part is him pretending like Republicans care about things like open borders. Newsflash Scotty, the GOP is in on it. The GOP is in on everything. Not only do they not care, but their job is to make sure that you lose.

Remember when Serious Guys were telling us to support Blormph in 2020, because of things like the border wall? Since Orange NFT Zionist built the wall, how exactly do we still have a border crisis? Problem solved, right?

I remember, but Greer is having another goldfish moment. He’s forgotten that it was UBER IMPORTANT to have Orange Fag in office because he was going to overwrite birthright citizenship and build that wall.

This could change with good leadership. Trump and Tucker Carlson had the power to keep the base focused on what matters. Trump still demonstrates this capacity with his resistance to following the Right’s latest frivolous obsessions. He hardly noticed Bud Light and he wonders why conservatives say “woke” so much. But Tucker is off Fox News and Trump’s legal woes are keeping him distracted. Trump may end up in jail, which, naturally, would undermine his ability to lead the base.

Without leaders, the base turns into a directionless mob that’s easy prey for grifters and charlatans.

Remember when a con man told everyone that he didn’t really lose an election before grifting $300 million off them and getting thousands of them arrested? 

Remember when he focused the base on “lowest black unemployment?” 

Remember when he tweeted “Law and Order” dozens of times as the country burned?

When he wasn’t tweeting about the NASDAQ, of course.

I could not agree more that good leadership is a must in any political endeavour. I’m happy that Scotty and I can finally agree on something.

They’re a good audience to make money from, which is why even mainstream cons like the Daily Wire play up QAnon talking points. The strange scandal surrounding Vivek Ramaswamy touching on 9/11 Trutherism shows how Republican politicians may do the same in the future. They could stick to the old pre-Trump Republicanism, but simply add pledges to investigate the death of JFK Jr. and whether Bigfoot is a demon to win over the Insane Clown Party. They could ignore the identity issues so long as they entertain random conspiracy theories. And there would be no Tucker Carlson on Fox News to call them out.

I could not agree more that LOLbertarian conspiratardism is absolute cancer. That’s why I spent the Covid-19 years covering BLM’s “fiery, but mostly peaceful protests,” and not Klaus Schwab and UN Agenda 21.

I didn’t have a site back then, but here’s a BANG post I wrote back in March 26th, 2020.

I mentioned even back then that any serious response to a viral outbreak would see the borders closed immediately. Somehow, someway, the Serious Optical Fags never demanded that Orange Faggot close the borders. They understood that he was too busy letting out crack dealers and pardoning Democrat Party megadonors like (((Rubashkin))). Oh and also vaccines cause autism and microchips blah blah 5G steals the oxygen from your blood, you know the rest. 

Oh, and doing an amnesty. How could I forget that?

Hopefully the base can get back to the good leadership of the NFT salesman.


Greer’s overall point, that conspiratards are cancer, is obviously correct. He’s written a few substack pieces on the topic, and they’re probably mostly over the mark. It’s hard not to agree that Klaus Schwab is a cartoon villain for idiots, that’s why I and others have been saying that for years. 

Scott Greer is continuing the Revolutionary Republican Party Outsider strategy of going along with Republican nonsense for years before eventually meekly counter-signaling in order to maintain some bit of credibility. He wraps this up with yet more advertisement for the glorious GOP, as if Mitch McConnel cares about anti-White discrimination and hate propaganda on college campuses, or Kevin McCarthy wants the borders closed. 

What’s funny is that Greer is the only one left doing this bit. Reading his substack was like going into a time portal back to 2019 at the latest. The Republican Party is done pretending to care about the border, but Scott Greer is not done pretending that the Republicans are pretending to care about the border. What’s he going to rant about next, counter jihad stuff?

The Republican Party is done pretending to care about anti-Whiteness on college campuses or anywhere else. Greer rags about the online commenters talking about space lasers, but doesn’t mention that literally no Republican is making an issue of the anti-White policies in Hawaii that exacerbated the fire. Somehow they get a pass, but the internet commenters don’t.

Never forget that the greatest achievement of the Optical Women Hating Fags was getting Kanye West, dressed up in a gimp suit, to go on Alex “dickpill salesman” Jones’ show and say “there’s a lot of things that I Loovvvvvvvvve about Hitlerrrrrrrr.” 

They don’t do anything political, and the GOP is done pretending to care about the things that they tell us the GOP cares about. Even the other (terrible) Optics Fags have moved on. Greer remains as the last of a dying breed.


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  1. Orange Retard Nigger Faggot Kike

  2. Of course Greer is a lying sack of shit gatekeeper. He needs an image makeover, one involving a steel pipe sticking out of his skull.

  3. Scott Greer was purged from the Daily Caller in 2018 when his Alt Right activities were leaked by traitor Katie McHugh. This should have been a lesson to him and all of us that the GOP and Conservitard Movement will always stab White people in the back.

    He wrote articles and maybe podcasted back in the early years of the Alt Right. He is 100% aware of the jewish problem. Him now dodging the jewish problem to whine about wahmens is a cowardly grifter move to attempt re-building a career as a conservitard pundit.

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  5. Hey TheTDC, you’re just lucky I’m on the other side of the world right now because I should be making you bite the curb for all this shit you say about me and my boys.

    1. To really sell the Anglin impression, you’ve got to pretend to think that I’m secretly a women. For those who don’t know, the actual Andrew Anglin once did comment on this site, pretend that I was a hot seventeen year old girl, and then say that he wouldn’t have sex with me because my memes were too cringe.

    2. bro you’re a homosexual andrew.

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