It’s been a long time since I announced the Odysee channel. Once again, you should go and subscribe, and thanks to the 116 people who have already done so.

There were two things that were holding me back from making more video content. The first was that I just couldn’t embed Odysee videos properly. I saw that the NJP guys were doing this without problem, but I couldn’t figure it out myself.

With a roundabout and somewhat hacky method I’ve managed to do exactly this. This is crucial, since it means that I can start transitioning away from YouTube, which will inevitably be banned. After all, I’m already on my second strike, and have been for quite some time.

I was making videos, mostly of calling into police departments here in Canada, dating back to June 2020. I didn’t do so regularly until about November 2021, where I was pressing the RCMP over the lack of hate crime charges for church burnings. After joining Hyphen Report, I was told that it was TRS’s style to not self-doxx unless you have to. As a result I adopted the monikor “The Notorious Dr. Shekelstein,” which I then changed to “theTDC,” for this site.

Still, I never really cared much about hiding my identity, and have always believed that real change must be lead by people who are willing to put their names and faces out there. That’s not to say that I would ever shame the rank and file for not putting their identities out there, only that there is a hard limit to how high a movement can get when “lead,” by anons on the internet. Serious political activism requires risk, and anyone who is not willing to put their name and face out there is not someone anyone else should be following.

Again, not to say that people don’t have good reasons for anonymity. Thomas Rousseau of Patriot Front has his name and face out there, while the rank and file do not. Or at least they didn’t, until the Coeur d’Alene pervert supporting police department intentionally doxxed them at their most recent protest in Idaho. 

Remember, I pixelated this photo.

There were minimal benefits to me remaining anonymous. Frankly, I’m quite certain the government knew who I was from the very start. After all, my information was available publicly. I was even planning on re-doxxing myself weeks ago, but I had more crucial work to do that didn’t involve making video content where I talk. Since it wasn’t crucial for me to re-doxx myself, and it could have created a hassle, I put off doing it for a while. But with Raging Troon posting my face and the Azov e-Fangirls posting even more, any possible excuse to not produce video content is now gone.

Low quality video content can be produced quite quickly, but I respect your time too much for that. As a result, all the original video content that I produce takes somewhere between 10:1 and 100:1 in terms of time versus video length. So a one minute video will take me somewhere between ten minutes, and almost two hours to produce, provided that it’s original content.

In addition to that, I often write about the video content that I produce, which usually involved transcribing the video, or at least large portions of it. That takes about four minutes for every one minute of video transcribed, but is often necessary. As a result I can’t simply transition to pure video content all at once. I’m going to start producing videos, mostly of activism, whenever there’s a lull in the news. This will probably work out to about two videos per week.

I already make original video content, such as the video above, but what I’m thinking of is converting some of my articles to video form. Other people have suggested this and it’s a great opportunity to hit a larger audience.  

Eventually we’ll need a small team. As I basically don’t make any money from this work, I don’t have any money to offer people, but that will also have to change at some point in the near future. Preferably before the municipal elections being held in November for many provinces. We’ll figure that out as we get closer and closer to the due date.

For now simply subscribe to both our YouTube channel, as well as our Odysee channel. If you don’t have an Odysee account, make one, and then subscribe.

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