This site covers a lot of different things. E-drama, international news, plane autism, and many other topics. Recently I’ve made it clear that this site will be primarily for Canadian news, so as to support a political party. But we’re currently experiencing the death of the Manlet Cult in real time, so I’m sorry, but I’m going to put everything on hold and break out the bamboo stick on the Cult of the Manlet one final time.

I never really finished my series on the Biological Failure known as Andrew Anglin. It was highly entertaining content, and very relevant politically. After all, exposing the completely ridiculous and bad faith attack on TRS from Harvey Weinstein’s dicksucker was extremely important work. Frankly, it’s work that should have been done years ago when most relevant, but better late than never. 

I’ve also covered the TradHomo Revolutionary TwinkCel Mixed Race Mexican Saviour of the HuWhyte Race Nicholas Juan Fuentes numerous times before. In fact I’ve even compiled a greatest hits. It was easier for me to write about Anglin, since I always thought that Fuentes was a complete and utter faggot. However, since Anglin tries to dicksuck the dying Manlet Cult movement for views, which we’ve found out is botted BTW, the two of them are tied at the hip.

Frankly, these tiny little failures are all e-people. Their entire existence is online. That’s why Weev, the tiniest loser of them all, unironically posted about how he seduced mad hawt married virgins with his yellowing teeth by reciting French Poetry. He lacks the real life experiences to even begin to understand how ridiculous he sounds to anyone with any amount of real world experience.

I swear, he looks photoshopped in every single one of his pictures.

I was originally planning on doing more content on the Manlet Cult. For Fuentes, while I had caught him in some explicit contradictions, I wanted to make a few edited videos of him explicitly contradicting himself, as well some other videos showing what a complete faggot he is. I mean, it’s really not that hard.

I was never all that motivated to continue with the Fuentes series, because I’ve always found the guy entirely unwatchable. Even back when I tepidly supported the Groyper Wars, being hopeful that something might actually come out of it politically, I didn’t ever watch Fuentes. That’s for a very simple reason, he’s a complete and utter faggot, who is also exceedingly boring. The guy is this tiny little closeted homosexual with an annoying voice and a second rate mind. And it’s hard for me to come up with good content on him, because I never paid any attention to him in the first place.

For good reason…

Andrew Anglin is more interesting, because I used to read the Deadmeme Cuckler religiously until Weinstein-gate, at which point I started checking in less and less, and then not at all. The series on him progressed up until the I thoroughly destroyed the Jayoh and Cantwell attacks, at which point the main political utility was mostly gone. I did a few more pieces here or there on him, when he was too much of a faggot to ignore, but I never really finished the series entirely.

Which is a shame, because his complete cucking to Tanya Gersh, after raising over $100k for his “legal defense,” is arguably more damning of his character than anything else. Chronicling his hilarious cuckoldry towards the King of Israel would have been hilarious, and destroy any pretense he had of being a serious pro-White activist. Similarly, his descent into insane vaxxx conspiracies, explicitly stating that all women who get the vax are going to be rendered infertile, would be completely discrediting to his imaginary credibility.

Although that was pretty much shot when he pretended that Weinstein being found guilty meant that we’d have an epidemic of rape hoaxes where literally every single man accused of rape will be put in jail. No really, he said that. And needless to say, that never happened.

But the problem I always have with these e-boys is that I’m not a tiny faggot. As a normal sized man with some attraction to the opposite sex, I don’t really want to dedicate my life to autistically a-logging these losers. I have better things to do with my time than detail how much of a faggot Nicky Juan Fuentes is, and there’s a limit to how hard I can go. 

Although considering they were promoting literal fed honeypots, you can make a serious political case for straight up murdering them.

Even still, there were definitely some good people remaining in the Manlet Cult. That’s how cults work after all. They take vulnerable people in, such as 15 year old socially awkward incels, give them a (fake) friend group, and tell them they’re a part of something larger than themselves. 

Don’t worry, they’re just “ironically,” in a cult.

His audience was, at least at the beginning, our audience. It was given to him by Google, Twitter, and the (((ADL))), by having us be censored and him not be censored. As bad as that would be in and of itself, the TradHomo Twink didn’t try to hide his giddy delight, and never failed to miss a moment to twist the knife into our backs as we were censored online and had our payment processors taken away from us. 

Remember, the tradhomo didn’t get his twatter censored until June 2021…

I distinctly remember one particular moment. Fuentes was doing some gay little e-debate, and someone else came on. So he asked Fuentes, who was whining about cuckservatives not debating him, “well Nick, why don’t you debate wignats then?” 

I’ll never forget the faggot twink’s response. Especially because it was spoken in the whiniest, most effeminate, and snarky way possible.

Well it’s cause you’re not relevant. You wignats just aren’t even relevant. I mean how are you relevant?

It didn’t matter that this argument could have also come straight out of Benny Shapiro’s mouth. And it didn’t matter that said “wignats,” a term for heterosexual lanklets, had much larger audiences on twitter and YouTube, before being censored. It didn’t matter that Fuentes was only “bigger,” because he was a good obedient little cucklet, and it certainly didn’t matter that these normal heteros were actually pro-White. 

When actual pro-White activists were being oppressed by (((the ADL))) and (((Google))) and (((Blackrock Capital))), Fuentes was there to steal their audience and stomp on their face while they were drowning. What a piece of shit.

Fuentes may never have been explicitly employed by someone like Peter Thiel, although I have my doubts, but his job was to serve as what Randbot refers to as the catchers mitt for young disaffected and mostly White men. The job of the Manlet Cult is to do nothing. To keep young men who are rightfully angry at, as one of many examples, Coca Cola’s “be less White,” mandatory employee training, and make absolutely sure that they get nothing. His job is to grift off of them, promise them the World (“Hitler 2, 3, 4, and 5”), and deliver them nothing. So that one day they get so disgusted and ashamed that they wasted their time and money on him that they ragequit out of politics entirely.

This guy explicitly told me that he was done with politics in a DM.

Someone needed to take him down. I’d done my part. The TRS guys had taken some snipes here and there. But to really destroy these faggots would require persistent effort. We’re talking a project that would take hundreds, if not thousands of hours. But who has that kind of time. And who is such a constantly online e-drama whore that they would be willing to do such a thing?

Above is Canada’s number one lesbian, PPP. His real name is probably out there, but I don’t actually care. It doesn’t matter anyway.

And here we have Andy “Race” Warski, a constantly drunk semi-tard who I think has cocaine possession charges and is basically a retard.

Truly, it takes an e-boy, to destroy an e-boy. And destroy him they did with last nights stream. 

The below list is just a small measure of the borderline psychopathic faggotry and sociopathy that we were treated to, because the two retards above had Fuentes’ top twink, Gayden TwinkNeil, onto their show, the Kino Casino, for a tell all.

Arguably the two worst, forcing interns to sign bullshit self-doxxing NDA’s, and completely shitting the bed on the AF Candidates program, aren’t even on here.

Almost six hours, close to five with Jaden McNeil and some other e-fag, Simon Dickenson. I watched it so you don’t have to. And let me tell you goys, it was pretty goddamn kino.

Oh my god was it ever.

But I can’t do it justice in just one piece, or even two. So stay tuned for the final Felting of the E-Boys in my career, since I don’t think I’ll have much more patience for this moving forward.

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  1. Man these shit-stains are weird.

    I was listening to Fuentes in the time before he “put the MAGA hat back on” because he wasn’t banned from jewtube (so it was convenient) and I wanted to understand if he had any sensible arguments for being “optical”.

    In that time he lots of gay US sabre rattling with China et al. because it was for some reaon good that America have respect on the world stage. I remember he also tried to formulate a defense of Trump firing missiles on Syria.

    I wanted to understand if there was some substance I was missing in the “optics” debate and why Anglin thought he was worthwhile…

    Then I got bored of him, and a while later I heard he “put the MAGA hat back on” and I was completely unsurprised this simpering faggot would do so.

    1. Yeah, he’s just a grifter who chose a smaller grift when he realized he couldn’t overtake Charlie Kirk’s much larger grift.

    2. BTW, I’d forgotten about the “America Respect,” posts, because it’s hilarious in light of his recent shilling for Russia against the US. I mean not supporting NATO is great, but he’s just such a contradictory faggot all the time.

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