Hopefully you have noticed that the output for this site has taken a nosedive for the past week or so. I’ve given myself a mini-holiday this Christmas, and am very much enjoying the time spent with my extended family. It’s given me time to reflect upon things, and reconnect with what’s important.

On a recent FTN Jazzhands referenced studies that show the harmful effects of social media, and went into detail on a group of young people in New York who have gone so far as to throw away their phones. As a result, they are enjoying their lives much more. I’m not going that far, and I do think there is still some benefit to social media, or else we wouldn’t have a telegram channel or Poast account. I’m also not recommending anyone give up the internet, as even the modern highly (((censored))) version holds much utility for us.

Having said that, the internet is overrated, and a constant online presence is even more overrated. Even at the height of no censorship, no cinematic masterpieces were produced on YouTube, no deep insights were ever created on Twatter, and few productive discussions were ever to be had on Facebook. That’s not to say that these sites were unproductive, they censor us because they have to after all. But I always had the opinion that getting big on Twatter or Facebook was a pretty homosexual means to an end. 

As for this site in particular, this break from writing everyday let me look back at the articles written this past year, and I’ve come to believe that the longer pieces are my most important works. This is especially true since Justice Report has started up and hit its swing. Before JR a lot of articles I used to write were little more than headlines, to be forgotten that same day. I’ve since started amalgamating various articles in the same vein into one conglomeration, such as my Clownworld Overdose series.

Looking back on the first full year of the Daily Rake it’s these series that I am most proud of. Not just the more recent Clownworld Overdose, but the series on jet fighters, Patriot Front getting gay op’d by the police and then cuckservatives in Coeur D’Alene, the biological failure known as Andrew Anglin, the Balenciaga Saga, the Eternal Bankman, Justice for Jupiter Paulsen, the Caylan Ford saga, our original reporting on Darrell Brooks, the antifa terrorist Dave Alexander Zegarac in Winnipeg, the Rob Hoogland trial, YeGate, Musk being a yarmaluke sucking LOLcow, the militarization of the RCMP, Canadian CuckFight2022!, the Canadian Military’s “White Fragility” seminar, The Toyim Know, Jussie Smollett’s attacker finally being jailed, the whole e-drama thing, and many others. And of course the excellent series of articles written by guest author Cooper and others including Thomas Manwise.

Among those others are my reviews of the absolute state of Hollywood. Not Harvey Weinstein so much as the cultural filth that the Weinstein types produce, excluding Gossip Goy. I’ve broken down Rangz of the Kangz ad naseum, Amazon Studios butchering of The Wheel Of  Time, Disney’s gay fail projects Buzz Lightyear (with AIDS), Strange World (with AIDS), and Billy Eisner’s Rom Com (with AIDS) Bros. Kangz of the Rangz was so much fun to break down that I made two videos on it, although I didn’t finish my video review due to being so late. The last video I made on the series can be seen below.

Of course there are other one off pieces that are extremely important, like my kill count calculation for the WMD Liars, or otherwise fun to write, like my “discerning Aryan Supremacist’s Guide to the Superbowl”, or Donald “Orange Faggot” Trump grifting his fans one last time. I don’t think I’ve ever written a fake celebrity piece that hasn’t turned out well, whether that be Emma Watson, Jordan Peterson, Kanye West, Elon Musk, Kyle Rittenhouse, or others. And I stand by everything I’ve written in the PSA articles

But I’ve also realized that I may have written more articles than strictly necessary, so much so that I’ve forgotten the vast majority of what I’ve written. Such is the downside of daily news, most of which is relatively unimportant. I strongly believe in having new content every day to keep people coming back to the site, and I’ll always have at least one article per day, and on some days many more than that. Having said that, it can be overwhelming when I want to work on a much longer piece, such as the upcoming Deboonking The Traffic Soyboys Part 2, but I feel a requirement to have a certain minimum amount of articles out per day. This is made worse because, while ClownWorld certainly provides a lot of content, it’s irregularly spaced, as I said above. Some days there aren’t really any habbenings of note, and the compulsion to force a story leads to less entertaining and politically important content.

I have decided that the number of articles written per day is going to go down. The amount of words written per day will almost undoubtedly go up, due to the average article being much longer. Some have complained that some articles are already too long, and I’ll freely admit my 7k start to the Traffic Soyboys Deboonking series may have been overly ambitious. Still, these long pieces can usually can be broken down into various parts, and some people have had their brains broken by social media and could use a nice therapy of long effort pieces anyway. Sometimes it takes a lot of words to say something worth saying. 

Getting back to the creative disaster that is modern Hollywood, I can’t just make my own $100 million production, even assuming I could write the script. I can’t make my own $100 thousand production for that matter. What I could do is write the script, or write a novel of my own. I have been encouraged to do the latter by others I know personally, and one of the very earliest articles on this site was a play in that very same vein, which a fan turned into a video for us. I figured that one of the best ways to make fun of the lampshadocaust would be to imagine the conversation between the natzees who had to come up with such an absurd plan in the first place.

Contrary to the cuckservative impulse to whine about how Hollywood is too “political,” where they pretend that it is the abstract concept of politics as opposed to Big Schlomo’s specific politics that is the problem, all entertainment should be political, or at least with a strong and clear morality. Without a social purpose for a particular piece of entertainment it is little more than asexual pornography. And with our enemies purposes in mind it’s this garbage.

It is no accident that all of Hollywood is putting out this AIDS-ridden garbage, just like it’s no accident that all major corporations go “woke” at the same time. This has to be controlled centrally, whether that be from (((Blackrock))) or other deca-trillion hedge funds with controlling interests in major corporations, by (((Bob Iger))) re-assuming direct control, or (((Jennifer Salke))) vowing to rape Tolkein’s corpse from now until all of eternity. Were one of them to break script, they would become massively popular, which is why that cannot be allowed. It’s also why, even in an apolitical sense, they produce incomprehensible and unwatchable drek that is so bad that it harms their politics through association. It’s already a cartel, it doesn’t need to be good.

This is the part from the Bros trailer where the family, toddlers included, start singing “bottom dick,” while waving their asses around.

Kangz of the Rangz was unwatchable garbage. Wheel of Time was much the same. I could only stomach sitting through one episode of each because I was getting content out of it. Even ignoring the offputting Globo Homo politics, this trash would need to be essentially rewritten from scratch just to be watchable, let alone good. And ultimately, good writing is difficult. 

Aside from the aforementioned lampshadocaust play, and numerous fake sit downs with celebrities, I wrote a 5k fictional piece for the Antelope Hill contest that was run in April of this year. I haven’t mentioned it before, because I didn’t feel that it was very good. I procrastinated writing it until the day of, and then it didn’t end up being what I had hoped for. Upon rereading I don’t think it’s terrible by any means, but I can do much better simply by giving myself more time.

And in fact, I have already done better. I cheated with that competition and used it to write a small segment of a book I’ve had my mind set on writing for quite some time now. While that chapter will be re-written, or even skipped over entirely, I’ve already written over ten thousand mostly unedited words fleshing out other chapters and the overall story. I can say without reservations that it’s turning out quite well. I’m usually quite harsh on myself, but this is already clearly superior to the writing disasters produced by modern (((Hollywood))), although that’s quite a low bar to clear. Frankly, the ten hours of work piece I submitted for Antelope Hill – the one that I’m not happy with – was superior to whatever Kangz of the Rangz was. The point is that the upcoming work will be of at least a minimum quality where I am pleased with it.

I’ll be scheduling a weekly time for rough drafts of individual chapters to be released, which I will tentatively pencil in as the Monday morning scheduled piece each week. I will also be taking Sunday off, aside from the scheduled morning piece each week, and spending the whole day working on said upcoming chapter. The novel is growing to some length, but at about 5k words per chapter we should wrap this up in less than half the year so as to start focusing more on other political things. It’s unrealistic to produce a masterpiece as a first novel, but worst case scenario we should have something mildly interesting to read, and best case we’ve got a solid cultural product for us to enjoy, potentially one that actually makes this site some money. It’s also something I need to get off my back anyway, so we’ll be breezing through it.

It’s been a site re-adjustment a long time coming, shifting the focus from relatively mundane daily news, which we will still cover of course, and to more long term productions, whether that be non-fiction series or my upcoming work of fiction. All of this will be put on hold when any major habbenings occur, the time will be stolen from the less unimportant articles that take up much of my time. As always, I am more than happy to receive guest reader submissions, and will edit them to the best of my ability.

To another year.

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  1. I’m not surprised about those New Yorkers enjoying their lives more. I de-Zucked myself way back in 2016 and it did wonders for my mental health.

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